expired 20% off DVDs and Blu-Rays at JB-HiFi for Wicked Wednesday


20% off DVDs and Blurays including 4K at JB-HiFi.

Live online now, in-store from tomorrow (thanks @xpwdx!)

As advised by staff member it's part of the Wicked Wednesday promotion. Discounts on other items will come, however, those discounts will only be for Wednesday whereas this will be available until Sunday so it deserved its own post.

Advised by a staff member in Brisbane CBD.

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    Wow, they must be really worried about the Amazon effect. This is the third time in less than 2 months.

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      20% off sales have been happening regularly long before amazon.


        Should have consulted my Back To The Future Crystal Ball, as dates last year were:
        So no impact from Amazon.


    Looks like you can get an extra 5% off everything (not just BluRay and DVDs) if you're signed up to the newsletter.

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    Looks like it’s live online now.


    Last year they had very good discount on camera. Let’s see what they have tmr.


    Have received Code for 1 e-mail address, if I get it to 2nd e-mail, happy to give 1 away. Will update as soon as I receive 2nd e-mail.


      Don't normally have a conversation with myself, but I did end up receiving 2nd 5% off code & even though it might be a bit late for store use, can still be used online. PM me if you would like it, 1st in best dressed!


    Haven't recieved my coupon yet :/

    EDIT: Literally got it 30 seconds after posting comment hahah


    Apologies for the double post but just wanting to see if anyone else has encountered this:

    I remember buying some CDs a few weeks ago and being able to specify whether to click and collect or have the item posted for EACH individual item within a single order - however, I can't seem to do it on the website now.

    I'm finding that unless all your items are available for click and collect, you have to get them ALL posted. This isn't great if you are buying say 2 DVDs for $20 and only one of them is available for click and collect.

    Anyone able to split an order into click and collect AND delivery?


    Is the 5% coupon sent with the 'Stack' newsletter or separate? As I have not received it yet, thinking it maybe targeted?