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Terramaster F2-220 2Bay NAS $289.99 Delivered @ Terramaster Amazon AU


Hi all. My first post so be nice.

Was looking for a cheap NAS that will Plex stream my mkv videos to my Apple TV. Found this while browsing the Amazon Australia website. Do you guys think it's a good deal?

Not too fussed about 1020p transcoding. My current media player is the old Philips one from Dicky Smith which had served me well and also streams my Asian RMVB movies. Never tried Plex but its supposed to be good.

Any recommendations for a cheap 10TB drive to go with it?


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Any suggestions for a nas that allows virtual machines to be loaded? I don’t want to buy a desktop and built it myself.

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      buy a small HP server (intel) and load the free version of VMware …. then you use open source NAS software and load what ever you like.

      Why are people transcoding, the $40 Android TV boxes play any format you want off your local network (Kodi, VLC, etc), and you need to get from your network to the TV and HDMI connector anyway.

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    This thing is a pretty bad idea for Plex unless you strictly use OpenPHT to stop transcoding.

    No Android/iPhone/Xbox/PS4 or most devices really.

    This thing couldn't transcode a potato.

    • I agree. I tried plex on an underpowered synology nas and it takes forever to load even if you chose to passthrough

  • PLEX works fine from my HP GEN8 only with the stock 2gb Ram, SSD and Win10, I'd buy a GEN8 any day over this.

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      I went the HP micro server server path ….. if you aren't happy with a software option, you can always try another.

      It's all about software, and this unit doesn't have glowing reports on software maturity.

      also the cheaper NAS systems don't use an Intel processor though this one does , (usually ARM), the so limited in software options to reuse hardware.

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        what system are you running on your microserver?

    • Glad the gen8 worked out for you man.
      I went the gen8 path and it was biting off WAY more than I could chew. A friend who works in networking got it up and running with win8 on it and it was amazing … until 9 months down the line the SSD burned out and I was back to square one and just out warranty support. Couldn't get LiLo to do anything. Couldn't recognize drives anywhere (neither via the ODD connection or the HDD bays). Couldn't even connect it to HP's servers to upgrade Lilo or even upgrade it from microSD. Little (profanity) sitting in the corner for couple of years now - either I hire someone to try and fix it or I sell it to someone who might want a (completely broken?) one.
      If I knew that was going to happen I would have gone the NAS path for sure. Maybe I was just unlucky or quite a ludite compared to the typical ozbargain/whirlpool crowd … but jeez the gen8 was not worth the trouble in my case.

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    +1 for the HP microserver route, I don’t recall seeing them on ozbargain for a while. Probably worth looking when a 20% ebay sale is on.

    • I just had a look out of interest and there are actually heaps of second hand ones going pretty cheap.

      Mostly the older models, but they'd still be far more capable than this NAS, and they're cheaper.

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        I couldn't find any cheap one on Microserver Gen8
        That is the top value one at the line, you can upgrade CPU.

        • no doubt the second hand ones are there because people are upgrading to that.

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    Running HP gen 8 with 8gb RAM and 2 4TB reds. Bought as G16010t and 4GB ram and added extra. Waiting on my i3 3240 to come for a massive cpu upgrade. Think I bought it for 300-330 during one of last years 20% off ebay sales. The software side is simple enough. If you are familiar with Synology DSM there are ways to get that installed for ease of use.

    • SO when can I have my server CPU upgrade bro!!!

  • Thanks for all the replies. I got an AppleTV 4k so i can play 4k videos recorded from my Woolies Oppo r9s but couldn't find an easy way to just play stuff from my NAS drives.

    I'm in the market for a new NAS anyway as my old Buffalo Linkstation and Dlink Sharestation are pretty full, obsolete, slow and not being supported anymore.

    I tried setting up Plex from an old Windows 8 laptop but never got it to work with the apple tv so my chances of getting a sucessful setup on a HP Microserver are pretty low.

    I think there's a big enough community using these NAS in the US so i might just give it a go. For under $300, and a market previously dominated by expensive Qnap and Synology here in Australia, I'll give it a go.

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