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20% off Samsung TV’s @ JB HI-FI


First time posting take it easy on me.

20% off samsung tv’s!

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    Extra 5% off for members too and discounted gift cards if you can get them.

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    Everything about this is wrong. There is no ****** and you didn't put *******. I found it 8 cents cheaper here ====> (Link) if you use the secret code i had sent out that. Save an extra 14 cents if you are prepared to pick up in Norfolk Island.

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      …I’m confused

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        I think he's just stirring because it's OP's first post.

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          Because when you first post everyone trashes you. I am trying to be supportive and make light of that fact.

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          [@walescott]@voltex: online is a nasty nasty world… one mistake that's it you are gone! :( lol

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          Wtf?!? Do I get 6 or 7 cents cash rewards for this ?!??!!

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          @T1OOO: that's obviously a joke lol

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      Lol. And some of the most critical people here have 0 posts on Ozbargain.

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      its Waley not Wally

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        Well are you Welsh or are you Scottish?!

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          Strewth mate geez i rekon im Aussi

  • Reckon the 55 inch is big enough for sitting about 2.5m from the TV? Gonna use that PS4 from the deal a couple days ago.

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      65" better

      • in this case, size does matter

      • Bought the 65" MU6100, cheers

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      Yes, definitely big enough. But, you always wish you went bigger in my experience.

    • I have a 50 inch and it is big enough lol but as always go bigger if you can afford it.

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      Someone told me the optimum size is 2-2.5x the distance you sit/stand away from the screen. So 55” would be ideal for 2.5-2.8m distance away

    • I've got a 55" (Sony 4k) and it's about 2.5m away. Definitely big enough… until my parents recently bought a 75" 4K Samsung and I'm like… I WANT THAT. Dad was perfectly happy with his 50" Kogan, but they moved and decided to upgrade (based on my advice of course lol…) and was complaining about how expensive it was initially and it didn't need to be that big etc… and now he absolutely loves it.

      So yes go as big as you can afford (without taking out a second loan lol).

      • My 42” is good enough for 2.5-3 except for movies with envelope bars.

        • Like "You've got mail"?

    • Have a 55" Samsung, sitting 2.5-3m away and it feels really nice in the room. One positive I found of the 55" is that it looks nice in the room (especially without bezels) and doesn't make the living room look totally dedicate to the TV.

      That said, due to another tv in the house dying, we're rotating the 55" out to another room and I'll likely replace it with a 65" - hopefully it won't look too big.

    • 65" for 2.5m is good, sure 75"or even 85" is better but you might need to swing your head to look from corner to corner…

      • Nothing says bogan like a TV too big for the room. Well, that and Pandora… and Commodore

  • Any one know what the qled tvs are like? Looking at the 55" q7 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/hd-televisio...

    Or should I spend the extra couple of hundred on an oled?

    • QLED is just Samsung trying to pretend they have OLED TV's when only LG do. Nonetheless they wont suffer burn in that is common with OLED, and wont have true blacks like OLED.

      • I have a 3 year old OLED TV that I regularly use for gaming and it has no sign of burn-in. As the newer OLED models have even better burn-in protection, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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        Burn in ??? 😂😂 its samsungs marketing they realise they lost by not switching to OLED tech just like Sony and Panasonic have done. Even plasmas hardly even burn in. Also my 3 years of selling LG OLEDs since the FHD model i have not seen one come back with burn in :)

        • Burnin exists in ctr’s, double check with the sales rep just to make sure he isn’t pulling a fast on and selling u one of those. They are hard to tell apart.

        • Whats an AMOLED? Samsung have OLED tech, they used to make OLED TVs.
          OLED IMO is too unreal. The real world looks washed out, OLED makes it all stupid bright like an ad for colourfast bleach.

        • Samsung cant actually make OLED tv's weirdly enough. I believe LG has the only patent.

        • @vee124: correct lg has spent alot of $$ in R&D years ago and both the pana/sony are OLED panels

        • @Tuba: Just like any other TV, an OLED TVs picture will be as realistic as you set it up to be. Like most TVs it has a Vivid (aka 'Torch') Mode that turns everything up to 11 and looks fake. Some people actually like this mode. But if you're like me and you want realism, set it to Cinema or Expert. I think you'll find with a bit of tweaking the picture looks very life-like in these modes. If anything the OLED has the potential to be more true to life than LCD, since unlike LCD it can natively display true black.

        • Samsung USED to make their own OLED TVs. They stopped using OLED in TV, but continued to use it in phones and tablets, amOLED. They absolutely would still have the right to make OLED TV.

          @Ryballs: Yeah, Ive seen the other settings. Its kind of like looking at Techniclour of the 1940s or whenever it was. Cartoons looked awesome, films less so but better than b&w. Black is good, but you know, hype and all that.

        • @Tuba: Samsung did make one OLED tv years ago but it was something ridiculously priced and didnt go into their line up

        • @solidussnake: Apparently Samsungs OLED TVs didn't have the longevity of LG's WOLED so they stopped making them.

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      OLED mate.

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      OLED 100%. Some of the older ones have a bit of input lag though so if twitch gaming is a thing for you check that out on rtings.com first.

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        Thanks. Bit the bullet and bought an LG c7. Am currently copping it from my wife haha

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          Congrats on your purchase. Just tell your wife an OLED TV is a high-yield investment.

        • Also recently switched to LG OLED C7. Wife was hesitant but is now in love. Those blacks!

    • The QLED is noticeably brighter. So for viewing in a bright room it is a good choice.
      OLED has blacker blacks because it doesn't use a backlight, so better contrast, better in dark rooms.

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    Does anyone know the difference between the MU6100 43" and the [MU6103 50"] as they have the same price. Normally, one would go for the bigger screen ir later model unless there is some important differences that stand them apart.

    • I was thinking the same thing for the 55" and 65". It looks like the MU6100 comes with a smart (potentially universal) remote whereas the MU6103 may or may not.

      One replaces many

      Simplify your entertainment with the One Remote, and control connected devices from a single handset. With device names automatically displayed on screen, setup and source selection can be a breeze too.

      • Yep, the MU6103 lacks Bluetooth and the One remote. Everything else is the same.

  • Just checking,

    Samsung MU6100 75" 4K UHD LED LCD TV, current price is 29xx. Is that the final price?

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      I would say so. I got it for $3200 a few months ago. That's a great price!

      • How do you like the TV so far? Do you use it for gaming by any chance? Thanks

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          Yes Xbox one S. It's fine :)
          Don't get a 65" you will regret unless you can't fit a 75".
          This is my 75"

          Looks small right…

        • @k3nnis: it's because you use a large tv unit, try using a smaller unit maybe 1m5 and you'll notice the difference

        • @voldemort:

          I'm sitting 3.1m away but it still looks small :(

          I have a home theater with 110" screen maybe that's why lol. I'm sitting around 3.3m from that one……

        • @k3nnis:
          Thanks, looks like 75 is the way to go.
          Would hate to get the 65 only to wish for bigger a few months down the track. (Done that with the current 55)

        • @zonra:

          Yep. You will thank me later :) After a few days the 75" looks "normal" again :P

    • I want to know as well. Is it $29XX or is it 20% off the ticketed price of $29XX? I bought it earlier this year on one of their Easter sales for $2698 and I've been keeping an eye on it since for the price protection savings.

      • How do you like the TV so far? Thanks

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          Only really use it for watching FTA sport so can't say I've taken the best use of it. But I didn't buy this thing to replace it next year, I bought it for the next 5-10 years which is why its so go to have 4K ready to go whenever we get to that point. Oh and can I just say having a 75" screen mounted on the wall is amazing.

        • @braskic:
          I can imagine lol, will be a big step up for me too going from the 55"
          Thanks for the review, now I just need to find out about lag input as I do a bit of gaming as well.

        • @braskic: in the 1080p channels it should still look amazing??

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          Apparently our MU6100 is the US MU6300 (go to the section called "variants").

          Anyway both the US MU6100 and MU6300 have below average input lag and are decent for gaming according to that website. The 6300 displaying 4K, 60hz in game mode has a delay of 20ms which is pretty good, as far as I've heard anything below 50ms won't be noticeable for average console gaming.

          I'm sure a Counter Strike pro would hate it but for a TV it's not bad.

        • @Saudade:
          Thats helpful info thanks.
          Casual gamer here so looks perfect.
          Now to persuade the mrs..

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    Hmm. Better to get a Samsung M6100, M6103 or Hisense M7?

  • I wonder when the LGs are going to get some SALE treatment?!

  • Any thoughts on a 65" Q7 QLED HDR set, versus a 75" normal set?

    i.e. losing 10 inches worth gaining IQ?

    • Depends what series you are comparing it too ?? If its to the 6 series you get a panel 100xs better for deeper blacks and higher hdr settings also 200hz etc.

  • Will they refund partial difference if bought Samsung tv while ago even when I have the receipt?

    • Usually no more than 2-3 weeks sorry.

  • Such a shame this sale doesn't apply to good brands… ;)

  • Any thoughts on the MU6100 at 65" for $1898.1 + ~$50 shipping? (Includes 5% off voucher). Would be used for the PS4 and netflix.

    Rtings.com say it's a decent all rounder, above average for HDR gaming but poor viewing angles and may not be the best in bright conditions. My house is open plan so the living room is bright and wide, however I'm not sure if it'd be possible to get something better than this at 65" for the same price. (Budget is about $2000)

    • I know this doesn't answer your question but anyone know how to compares to Bauhn 65" Ultra 4K TV $799 at aldi, and is it worth over 2 x the price?

      • +1

        This review isn't the most empirical but it seems like with proper calibration, it'll still impress the average person. No HDR either and you'd need a chromecast or something for smart TV functionality. If you just want it for TV/movies you might be OK. There's a guy in the ozbargain thread for it who likes it too.


        (Note I don't know if this is the exact same TV model or not, however they should be similar in performance).

        It probably has high input lag too so do more research before purchase if you want to game on it.

        • Thanks, think i'm just the average person, but reading through comments, things to consider - if its Andriod and also if you can go bigger within that budget(bigger is better) EDIT* also Laggy interface? Sorry im very good at helping with tv decisions, & also could look through pass deals by size - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/tag/65inch.

  • Samsung 50 M6103 comes down to 756 combined with the 5% voucher. Anyone has any thoughts on this TV? I have been reading reviews and it looks like people are only complaining about the viewing angle and the brightness

  • What is the difference with MU6100 and MU6103?

    • I wish to know this too

      • The more expensive one has the simpler (better) remote. Otherwise the same from memory.

        • I picked up yesterday and spoke to one of the guys there who seem to be super switched on.

          1. 6103 and 6100 has the exact same panel, the only differences is the remote. nothing else.
          2. 6100/3 has HDR also but not the newest standard
          3. 6100/3 are the local variant of the Samsung MU6300 series in the US. So if you want more you should google that series for the review
        • @Wiede: Thanks for that. Yeah the Samsung definitley has issues. It's a shame we can't get the series 8 in a 49" here. Rtings.com had this one pitched quite far down the list of recommended TVs as it is missing some big features like local dimming.

  • Saying 'take it easy on me' makes me NOT want to take it easy on you. Just saying…

  • Is the Samsung interface still a piece of crap? Last Samsung I had (JS9000) had pretty laggy interface. Took about 10 seconds to turn on and show free to air TV, but the interface was laggy or unresponsive for about 30 seconds.

    Then if you want to use any of the apps (Youtube, Plex etc) you had to log into your Samsung account. It sometimes wouldn't connect, even though the settings say your internet is working, and you could just not use any apps at all. After 5-10 minutes it would log you in.

    And there was menus within menus within menus.

    Anyone know if the new TVs are any better? If I have to set up a Samsung account I'll skip it.

    • +1

      I agree with this, they are pretty laggy.
      Combine that with the way that I've got an older Samsung TV and the amount of apps that are being made obsolete daily really annoys me.
      Might get a Sony next time just because it's Android.

    • +2

      I have the KS8000 65" and it's amazing. Great reviews on Rtings.com, and really fast and responsive.

      However I did notice that if you log into your samsung account it is noticably slower when you first turn the tv on (as it's logging you in). I'm not even sure why you need to log into your account - didn't seem to do anything noticable. I presume it's just for their analytics or something.

      Definitely suggest checking rtings.com before you buy though.

      • +1

        Reviews mostly concentrate on picture quality, which is 99% of what a TV is about so that makes sense.

        Every TV review seems to say the interface is awesome. They are not.

        There was a time my internet was down (thanks Telstra) and I couldn't even use Plex locally due to Samsung "needing" for me to log into my Samsung account. I had to do some phone tethering jiu jitsu just to get this to work.

        Makes me want to buy a giant monitor and attach a Chromecast to it. Too bad you can't buy a 65" OLED dumb screen.

        And if any TV manufacturers are reading:


      • This IS a great TV, also went at some amazing prices back 8 months ago. They aren't selling it now…does anyone know what the equivalent Samsung model is at the moment?

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    Boxing Day be cheaper?

  • Never mind all good

  • Why is this deal inactive? Looks to be still 20% on JB site?

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