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VISUO XS809HW RC Quadcopter 2MP Wi-Fi Camera $29.99 USD (~ $39.74 AUD) with Free Shipping @ LightInTheBox


Cheaper than the previous popular deal.

Youtube Reviews:

2.5% further cashback from Cashrewards


It's showing me higher AUD price than mentioned in the title
* Choose USD as your currency from top left hand corner. Don't select AUD, always choose to pay in USD, it will work out cheaper even after your credit card conversion fees. Also read the below.

How do I ensure I get the cheapest AUD price possible
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  • I think this deal is only good for another 1HR 15mins

    • +1

      The counter has reset and the price has remained the same

  • Does it come with priority shipping?

  • These things are great, tough as nails. I use mine to exercise the dog, loves to try and catch it which she has alot of times. The thing has hit trees, fences and has dog bits and it still flies great.

    • Does it survived after dog bites? :_)

      • Drone is dog but survive bite is one of about :_)

    • How long does the battery last? How much range does it have?

  • Any reps around with a code to make this cheaper?

    • +1

      :) if you find any bug coupon, you might be careful, our system added new rule by IT guys now, if find any abnormality order, will locked and canceled

      • Anti-Ozbargain Hit Squad

    • +1

      I've just asked banggood rep to see if they can beat this price. Also asked about spare batteries as these use a proprietary set up.

      • Yep batteries would be great

  • Looks like DJI Mavic

  • +3

    Given that priority postage almost doubles it, what are the odds of free postage arriving before Xmas?

  • cheers. grabbed one just for s&g

  • got one, thanks OP!

  • I just ordered one, hope its good.
    I know its only $39 but hope to at least have some fun with it before it dies lol.

    Subtotal( 1 item ):AUD $ 41.47
    (+) Shipping Charges & Insurance:AUD $ 1.37
    Grand Total:AUD $ 42.84

  • Also this one for $2USD Cheaper with a higher “RRP”

  • will i get this before xmas!!?

    • +18

      according to my resent experice with warehouse and shipping problem, don't have any chance

  • Bummer…Just bought the same at USD 34 a few days ago. This is a good deal! Yeah.. would greatly appreciate deal on spare batteries.

  • Never flown a drone before but really would like to get a feel for one and eventually own a nicer one. Would this be good just for mucking around with and learning how to fly them?

    10 minute battery life seems incredibly short?

    • This would be a really good starting point. Camera makes it a lot more enjoyable over the standard cheap ones from local chain stores.

      • thanks mate, ill pick one up!

        • No worries. Got one for myself. 10 minutes seems to be about average running time for most drones. Spare batteries on ebay for a little under $5.

        • @d1s34s3d:

          very good to know! cheers

  • I can't get it to accept my phone number no matter what format I enter it in and it won't accept the mailing address without it. ANyone else having this issue?

  • Why it is so cheap :D

    How is the battery life?

    • :) because my BOSS lost his mind

  • +1

    Battery lasts about 10 mins I think . Cheapest here

    • Only 10 min!! It means when we start playing with it, we should pack to go back home!

      • Can't get spare batteries as it's not allowed to be posted to AUS. I tried and i was refused to buy an extra battery or 2.

      • +2

        10 minutes is about the most you want with these brushed motors. They need time to cool or they'll burn out super fast. If you want longer flight times, look at the brushless models for about 3-4 times the price.

        • Do you have a recommendation for an entry level brushless? Being able to connect to phone for fpv would be nice.

        • +1

          @xeion: Sorry, no. I only run brushed quads at the moment due to their smaller size & weight. Plus, I crash so much that it’s cheaper to repair them than the brushless motors.

          I had one Wi-Fi fpv quad. The fpv was so laggy that it was impossible to fly using fpv. Te fpv was really only useful to line up video & photo shots.

          Some of the newer 5.8ghz transmission models that connect to a phone reportedly have less lag time but I haven’t tried them.

  • +2

    I've got this drone and even gotten a few as gifts for people, great drone for both inside and outside flying (Although it is big, it is very stable). Have burnt out a few motors but to be expected, very durable, crashed multiple times including straight into a brick wall and a drop from very very high up due to lost signal, still flying. If you pick up a few spares for it, it's a great beginner drone to do repairs on and learn how it works.

    The 10 minutes fly time is actually very good in this class of drones, i've gotten spare batteries for it online, two batteries are perfect.

    • where can you buy the spar eparts mate? cheers

      • +1

        Ebay as well. Just search for Visuo Xs809hw or Visuo Xs809w
        Get better results for batteries searhing for hw over w
        Seem to be able to get nearly all the spares on there for a good price.

      • The guy above is correct, Ebay is your best bet. Banggood also stocks them from time to time.

    • +1

      Quality works of this drone is of about

      • +1

        Agree lot. Drone work quality and how.

  • Thanks, bought one.

  • +2

    Keep in mind the newer versions of these types of drones are starting to come with easily replaceable parts (eg - no solder, just connect the new motor via the jumper and away you go). the Eachine E58 is a good example

  • Throwing it out there. Anyone received their drone yet? Mines been stuck on ‘The item is pre-advised’ tracking description since the 7th.

    • You're doing better than me, mine has been pre-advised since the 20th and I purchased on the 7th.
      Let me know once you receive.

      • No problems, will do. Thanks for responding :)

        • The item is on transport to the country of destination
          2017-12-30 10:33
          The item is at the PostNL sorting center
          2017-12-11 02:55
          The item is pre-advised

    • +1

      I ordered during this deal and received it on the 3rd of Jan.

      Great little unit that has survived plenty of rough treatment.

      Struggles with a breeze a little. Best to use Max speed so that wind can be overcome.

      • Yep. Mine came last week

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