expired Sennheiser HD 4.50 $198.97 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Found this while looking around at prices for family. From what I can tell it's the lowest around, with free shipping too!

Shipped and sold by Amazon AU directly from what I can tell.

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    Geez that's really cheap. These were retailing for around $330 not too long ago.

    I guess that Amazon AU is causing a pricing shakeup. Best that JB could come up with at the moment is $263 for these. So i guess this from Amazon AU it must be about 25% cheaper than that huh. :)

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      I've seen some price reductions from Amazon AU recently after the backlash they got for inflated prices. Good on them. Hopefully it'll contend pretty well with EBay now.


    can get it cheaply by subscribing to herald sun again……


    Awesome price.

    I am hoping for a deal on the RS175


    How are these headphones for call quality? The whole omnidirectional mic thing always weirds me out somehow. I'm used to a boom mic right infront of my mouth lol

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    I just got these for a plane trip tomorrow. Tested them out today..

    Put them on my sound sensitive 9 year old while she watched a movie on the tablet, put the vacuum cleaner next to her and turned it on highest setting. She kept watching and put thumbs up.. Usually she'd crack it.

    I take it they'll do the job well tomorrow. 👍

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    From reviews noise cancellation is good but audio response is slow and skewed to the low end.

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    Actually i just got this headphone a few hours ago. Actually love it to be honest.

    Got it from Officeworks for $149 (RRP was $263 but i had a $100 gift card and my sister had a 5% discount from working at KMart). I think this is a good deal too, especially right now.

    Usually Sennheiser headphones' sound quality is what you expect from Sennheiser headphones, and as a person who previously had the HD 380s i didn't see a big difference. Bass is pretty good, usually in the mid-range, but it hits the spot at midrange.

    Noise Cancellation i'm still not sure. But i know even at low volume i'm not hearing even the slightest bit of talking or chatting from outside. Sound leakage is very minimal, you could go 75% of the volume and nobody would hear a thing (unless it's dead quiet, but even then it's not as leaky as the HD 380s).

    Bluetooth connection is pretty easy, connected pretty quickly with my iPhone 5S and also my laptop. With the wired connection, just remember the jack is different on the top part (it's a 2.5 mm jack btw), and you gotta insert it and twist it to lock it, otherwise you'll think the headphone's awful when you first start listening music with the jack. You could always do NFC connect (if it supports on your phone), that works faster than Bluetooth.

    Scores about 9/10 for me. I wish i could've gotten it cheaper (could've price-matched with JB Hi Fi's offer of $210 from yesterday with Officeworks to get it much cheaper, but that's how life works i guess).

    EDIT: forgot to talk about the comfortability. Pretty comfortable. They state that it's over ear, but it's more on-ear for me. The cushions on the headphone are superb, and the look doesn't look bad either. Comes with a zip-up case (and not a leather one like the other Sennheiser headphones, just a plain black bag made with cloth).


    Damnit! I bought these a few days go from JB for $260 odd. Pricing difference aside, I really like the headphones, nice and comfortable and good sound

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    Hmm I find the noise cancelling to be extremely poor. First off it's difficult to know if it's on or not as there's no indicator for it. While walking down the street I can very clearly hear cars and trucks roll past. On the train I can hear other people and ambient train noise. Even by switching it on or off there's really no difference.

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    coud u guys compare this one and qc35, i need to get one for my brother gift, definitely the bose qc 35 more expensivie !

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    I bought these about 6 months ago in Japan for closer to AU$300, after testing over 2 days every pair of BT headphones at Yodobashi/Bic Camera. Noise cancelling not quite as good as the Bose but to my ears a much better sound. Ear pads can get a little hot but I have no problem wearing them for hours on end.

    Anyway six months on, I'm still happy with the purchase. $200 is a steal


    Is the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless (over-ear) a better headphone than this?


    These are also in stock at Officeworks, Don't forget to price beat for another 5% off there!