This was posted 4 years 1 month 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Blu-Rays @ Big W (in-Store and Online)


New release movies at $12.50 plus much more cars movie etc

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  • Thanks for the good deal. The thing that kills it is 'orders placed after 6th December will be delivered after Christmas'

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        "travel dropping: the act of telling strangers your travel plans when no one asked"

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          It's Christmas. Many people go away at that time. If I wasn't OS, I would be interstate with family and would have said the same thing. Simple fact is a 3 week wait killed the deal for me and for most people going away over this period.

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          @SirFlibbled: Interstate! you do get around.

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          @theworks: I can drive 15 minutes away and be 'interstate'. I'm fancy like that.

        • @SirFlibbled: Me too. Canberra life

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          @theworks: but it's not a real state , it's a territory
          and interstate implies travel between states

          Maybe if you fly to Darwin you will have done something similar
          but act to nsw is more of an escape or escapade perhaps

          We've got the dingo fence here in QLD to keep the sheep out
          Maybe nsw can get something like that too

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    Is it online only?

  • Do they sell 4k movies?

    • Can you find out for me?

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        "Would you like to know more?"

    • I’m not sure if they stock 4,000 titles but I’m sure it’s close

  • Don’t think 4K are included

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    Planet Earth 2 $14.50

    • Not 4K?

  • Not much of a range. Only 2 4K titles and not many new released titles.

    • Yeah i only count 12 unique titles of BR or 4k :(

    • do 4k discs work on non 4k players?

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        They usually come with a regular bluray as well :)

    • Any chance of a list of 4K titles? I'm on phone and terrible browsing.

      • ditto

    • new movies suck anyway

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    Available in store?

  • Heading there now, will let you know.

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      Are people so stupid that they determine intelligence by observing DVD purchases?

      • well said…

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        If you looked at the DVD as a product in relation to the bluray and still decided to buy the DVD then yes… intelligence is definitely a factor.

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          They are usually cheaper lol

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          I would personally always buy Blu-ray's over DVD's, though they can make sense as gifts. Cheaper, you don't always know if someone has a Blu-ray player, some older people couldn't care less between the two etc.

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          @Slippery Fish: And I wouldn’t pay 5c for them.

          I am not exaggerating in any way by the way.

        • @auna:
          News just in, people have different opinions to you, that doesnt make them "stupid".

          I dont buy dvds or BR. I am not going to have a go at people that do though….

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    In store now can confirm it is available

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    I can confirm in-store as well. Spiderman Homecoming 4K scanning at $17.50.

  • I gotto stop buying 4k movies at $20 each…so costly for collection.
    Need to get rid of my bluray collection too >_<

    • Why not download the bluray remux for free?! Includes HDR encoding

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    Here is the complete online list of 4K titles:

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    Can't believe they are selling Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One for $40 even at half price. $20 is still expensive.

    Terminator: Genesis 2 Disc $6.50
    New 2017 Remastered Terminator 2 $8.00

    Any other bargains? I've compared JB and some of the titles are cheaper in there current 2 for xx + 20% sale.

  • Online only????

    Can’t see anything at my local big w of this sale even when I scan a title

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      Nope instore just picked up new release movies $12.50

      • Ahhh I’ll go back and ask

    • My Bigw has a sign on every price checker. "% off discounts will only appear at registers"

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    They also have 50% of tv shows on DVD

    • Can confirm this, got the latest season of svu season 18 for $9.50 instead of $33 and they have the final season of bones for $9.50 as well.

    • Ooooh, brings the the complete boxset of How I Met Your Mother to $45.

  • Anyone remember Big W's last 50% off disaster-for them- when at check out it took 50% off again? They honoured the deal which was good. I was getting new releases at $5. Those were the days.

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    Garden city bigw blurays pretty much all sold out

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      8k monitors and 8k blu-ray are quite different.

  • Damn it’s not 50% off Seinfeld ;( I asked and they said even tho it’s a TV series it’s a Boxset

    What Ulta 4K Blurays are worth getting from BIG W?

    Only saw these at my local

    The Mummy
    Fate of the Furious
    Spider-Man Homecoming
    Baby Drive (Wasn’t on sale tho)
    New Transformers

    • I could not find new Transformer 4k. That’s the one i really want.

  • 50% of all or select blu rays?

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    in actual fact big w have increased the price of a number of blurays currently on special -even ticketed - reverted them back to full price and then 50% the full price. Not sure how you can advertise something at a price for 3 weeks still then increase it to run a 2 day special but hey this is a country where our mps don't know where they're born so cant expect much.

  • Don't understand all the upvotes, jb have way bigger selection plus 36% off bluray which works out better with their deals

    • But that 20% coupon for JB will only work on 1 title.

  • When does this finish?

    • 10th Dec

  • How does the in-store range compare to the website?

  • Game of Thrones Blu-Ray season 6 - $15

  • I picked up the Fast and The Furious 1-7 Blu Ray Box Set for $16.

    A few other box sets available too such as star wars complete collection for $37.

    • Bloody bargain I feel like I should buy even though I have them already

    • The Star Wars blu-ray box set for $37?

      • Correct. Normal price $75.

      • Nope
        I scanned and asked and they said it excludes box sets

        Maybe just my local crap store tho…

        • GoT S6 BR box set is half price now $15 online?

        • @clubberlang:

          Yer but Star Wars and Seinfeld were not on sale, I asked and checked and they said no. Maybe it’s jisy my stupid big w

  • cheapest ive seen marvel blurays

  • Great thanks, went into store got spiderman homecoming $12.5

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    Picked up a few Blu-ray movies and TV series on DVD today. Got 1 $8 blu-ray For free as the checkout operater had trouble opening the security boxes holding the blu-ray and forgot to scan one of them. Didn't notice until I was on the way home from the shopping centre after closing time.

    Did notice a few titles not discounting from original price when scanned.

    • Terminator Genisys 3D (blu-ray) $17
    • The Dark Tower (blu-ray) $25
    • Baby Driver (4K UHD) $35
    • Seinfeld Complete Collection DVD Box Set $80
    • Yeh they manually marked down the dark tower to $12.50

    • Senifled was not on sale due to being a box set. That was the reason I was given anyhow

      • But its still a TV show on DVD so in theory it should have been discounted if all TV on DVD is 50% off.

        • You are more then correct

    • I wanted to get both Season 1 and Season 2 of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" but both scanned at the price check as $25 :(

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  • Didn't see any good Blu Ray titles in store, but ordered some online. Ordered Valerian, Wonder Woman, Passengers and Baby Driver. I picked up some Christmas presents in the TV section though, so that was nice.

  • Went to another big w today and had a good old argument with them about Star Wars box set and Seinfeld box set not being 50% off

    I said they are Blurays and tv shows and it doesn’t say anything what so ever about it excluding them

    To cut it short? They would do anything

    • They would do anything

      So they did something? :)

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