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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B $26.90 US (~$35.74 AU) Shipped @ LightInTheBox


I've been needing a few of these for projects and missed out on the previous deals, so the rep was nice enough to give me a coupon.

This is the UK version and includes free shipping with 500pcs available. AU$ based on current exchange rate.

  • Apply the coupon RASPBERRY1 at checkout

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    ozbargain should be renamed to lightinthebox. lol … im not complaining btw. keep em coming.

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      ozbargain should be renamed to lightinthebox

      lightinthebox should be renamed to ozbargain.

      im not complaining btw

      Alas, my bank account is.

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    For someone who has never tinkered with coding or electronics how hard is it to get into the whole raspberry pi thing??always see deals here but feel out of my element. Can you tinker with not too much an outlay once you buy these boards that always seem to be on sale on ozb?? Are their free guides on things to build etc given i see alot of paid magazines in newsagents with projects though.

    I mean once you buy this circuit board do you need a heap of other tools and peripherals that cost a fair bit to make useful things?

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      Raspberry Pi is incredibly well supported, huge amounts of documentation, YouTube videos, attachment kits and more. If you were ever curious and have the time, this is the electronics kit to tinker with. I just wish I had more free time.

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      It really depends on what you want to do with them. Two of my favourite sites for inspiration/ideas/projects is or

      The Pi 3b comes with bluetooth and wifi so you can get started with some projects out of the box. I'd recommend looking at getting a case, power supply and an SD card.

      A lot of people use them from simple things like a media server, retro games machine, or even just a small computer with linux distro. Or you can do crazy things from a range of home automation, building 3d printers/scanners, or more.

    • +3

      Even though I'm no Linux expert (more like a noob), I was able to get help to install FreePBX.

      One of the modules I installed (on top of FreePBX) is Blacklist which I use to populate unwanted callers, scam callers mostly. I got annoyed because even though FreePBX was meant to play Zapateller, they kept calling. So I got "even". Back in June 2017, I finally got to install Lenny.

      I've never looked back ever since. The "damage" Lenny has done to these overseas scam callers is just to hilarious. Lenny has done so much which our DnCR (Do not Call Register) is unable to do.

      • +6

        Just looked up Lenny. Absolutely comedy gold.

      • Judge Judy sound board FTW (a million times better than Lenny).

    • I know nothing beyond I ordered one of these the other day but it's my understanding that there's a Windows 10 version for Raspberry Pi also.

    • Raspberry is not just a circuit board, it is actually a working computer, just need few peripheries and an OS

      HARDWARE: Raspberry Pi 3 + USB Keyboard/Mouse + micro SD Card + USB to Micro USB power cable + 2A USB power source + HDMI cable + HDMI TV/Monitor
      SOFWARE: Here is Some example
      Install raspian OS

      install KODI in Raspian
      install homebridge in raspian

      install Home-Assisstant as an OS

      install KODI as an OS

      • how well does Raspberry Pi 3 play 1080p and hevc videos on kodi?

        • For video i use Emby as a media server (on a HP Micro Gen8) and kodi on the raspberry box on back of each TV as a front end, I dont think the raspberry would have the power to encode 1080 that well. This way i have one server stream to multiple raspberry boxes.

        • My Pi3 stutters alot on a few different HEVC files I have in KODI. Slight improvement over my Pi2. But too annoying to watch.

          I avoid anything HEVC encoded now and its flawless. This is just playing files over a SAMBA share from my HP N40L Microserver.

        • +1


          So does 1080p h264 play flawlessly?

          I wonder when the next version of rpi will be release to work better with hevc?

          Lots of hevc content is increasingly being released

        • @pinkybrain:

          The only times I have ever had issue are on HEVC content. 1080p H264 worked flawlessly.

        • @mxlegend99: thats because there is no h265 hardware decoding and the crappy cpu cant handle it

        • @pinkybrain: I never had problems playing back any 1080p content on Kodi on my Rpi. I eventually upgraded to a Mi box, which comes (obviously) with a power supply, case, Bluetooth voice remote, and full OS with a one click install of the Kodi app from the play store, as well as chromecast ability and Netflix 4k playback. At AUD$75 it wasn't much more than the outlay on a Rpi, case, power supply and remote, but it did all of that out of the box.

        • @t3chshopper:

          Does the mi box play hevc flawlessly?

          The problem with mi box is it lacks an SPDIF optical out which my AV receiver needs.

          Without it I can't get 5.1 audio..

          Though with the rpi, it also is missing optical out so it also will not give me 5.1 audio

        • @donkey:

          yeah that is why I asked when the next rpi with hevc support is expected to come out?

        • @pinkybrain: To be honest, I didn't have any HEVC content since my Rpi didn't play it. I've since tried a few things on Kodi on the Mi box. I didn't have any problems playing them back, but I'd suggest that you google it as I didn't test exhaustively.

        • @pinkybrain: Can you not use HDMI with your receiver ?

        • @r0nmac:


          mine is old gen AV that only has spdif optical out.

    • i have 2 pi controlling 2 3Dprinter
      1 pi for home automation
      1 pi for surveillance cameras.
      and planing more pi for TV boxes.

      • What do you run to control the cameras?

    • just imagine a micro sd card with a standard image… and play from there.

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • It's showing as $65.62 (15% off) for me. Do i need to do anything to get it down to $35?

    • +7

      Yeah the big bold coupon RASPBERRY1

      • Bahaha, completely missed that. Been a long day. Cheers!

    • Login to your account and apply the coupon/code?

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    This is the UK version and includes free shipping with 500pcs available

    The UK version is made by Sony UK Technology Centre.

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      Correct. Even if it was the Chinese version it wouldn't make a difference.

  • +4

    USE your CC, NOT Paypal guys - better exchange rate 101

    • Aaaand someone downvoted you. It's really disappointing when people accuse the sites of being a sham when it's PayPal and their inflated conversion fees.

      However…. a true tightass would be paying from their offshore accounts ;)

      • As I am…

  • Note that the price in the title is if you order a single unit. The coupon appears to give you $US20 off the order, so if you want multiple you probably need to make multiple orders (if the coupon will apply again).

    • the coupon can only be used once. glad I was able to pick up at least one after missing the earlier deals

  • What power supply should I buy for this?

    • Old phone charger should do it

  • +1

    Its a great price, but Im not sure if I need another one!

  • Just grabbed one. Also bought one 2 days ago.

    Didnt need them. But at these prices its easy to justify adding them to each TV even when you have a few already.

  • still undecided if I need one… All these deals… Just dont have a project for it yet. What you guys run it off (storage)? Don't want to be redoing it every time sdcard dies

    • You're unlucky if you've had SD cards die. I run pi-hole off my Zero W. Sure uBlock Origin & my AV do an excellent job, but this allows me to block on my phones and tablets without requiring apps.

  • -1

    Is any of the reps from here, because I was adding a bunch of extra items for christmas and now they have mostly been cleared from my cart… I was up to around $200 so I don't really want to go back through and find all the items again.


  • Subtotal( 1 item ):AUD $ 65.62
    (+) Shipping Charges & Insurance:AUD $ 22.48
    (-) Coupon Savings:AUD $ -27.98
    Grand Total:AUD $ 60.12

    • +2

      If you Choose Postal Service - Tracking and untick Add shipping insurance to your order you'll get $26.90 US.

      AU$ is going to depend on how you pay. LITB and Paypal's rate are inflated. Most OzBargainers have cards without currency conversion fees setup to use their own currency within PayPal. It's covered in the previous post

      • Thanks. It work!

  • -1

    Where do I put the code? It says: "We automatically apply all eligible promotions to offer you the lowest possible price.""
    However the price is USD $ 46.90
    cannot find the field to apply the promotion code

    • +2

      Click on Proceed to Checkout. You'll see Apply Coupon Code under Payment Method.

  • Any suggestion for the cover case?

  • Could someone recommend a suitable Power Supply unit for this?

    • +2

      Uses micro USB so some phone chargers and most tablet chargers will do it. Only need 5V/2A.

      • Thanks Clear.

        I placed an order for this and also for the sensor kit and also the casing (recommended products).
        What else do should I get to get this going besides the list below?

        Micro SD card (how much capacity?)
        HDMI cable
        USB Keyboard and USB mouse
        Micro USB power supply (5V/2A)

        Do you know the product URL of the GPIO cable seen in some photos of the casing?

        • It is near my PC, so I use that with it's always on USB ports.

          I am looking for a PSU/Hub that can power two Pi3, Google Mini, Xiaomi Camera with one device.

          Yes, they are a bit fussy as to the PSU if you use a '2Amp' charger. some work, some don't.

      • +1

        good luck with 5v/2a on this. enjoy your rainbows

        • Eh?

        • +1

          @cnut: "Clear" says

          you can use a 5V2A plug.

          which is incorrect, you CAN use a 2A plug if you want to stare at rainbows on the screen telling you that your Pi 3 is underpowered lots of the time.

          the minimum required is 2.5A for general use otherwise you're gonna have a bad time

        • @donkey: Ah, I see. Needs 2.5V and above. 👍

        • @cnut: I run a 2A power supply with no issues. In saying that I turned off Wifi and Bluetooth with no usb devices connected. I would still recommend a 2.5A power supply though

        • @donkey: Woops my bad. I usually run mine headless without peripherals so I haven't needed the extra power.

        • @donkey:
          Know a good place to get a 2.5A power supply from as LITB dont seem to sell them?

        • @cnut:

          Ah, I see. Needs 2.5V and above.

          No, it needs 2.5A or more @ 5V.

      • I run it as a headless unit with no wifi/BT and no usb attached. Only runs couple of services and SSH to manage. 5V2A no issues.

  • +1


  • Whats the difference between UK version and other..?
    Also, this comes with no sd card and no psu, right? I dont have any of those spare, so would it be more economical to order a complete kit rather than this and then buy the extra parts separately?

  • Just got one thanks !!!! Going to turn it into a n64 system :)

  • OK, For using KODI, would you recommend this or something like an H96 Pro +?

    • +1

      I use 3 raspberry pi 3s for Kodi and all run great with libreelc. I have an emby server running on a Synology NAS to sink watched lists. Using Yatse remote on the phone allows swapping to the different pis easy as well.

      • I am currently using a Pi 1 512mb, but it seems to be at its limits, and runs really slow, so was thinking of either going Android box or a new Pi.

        • The Rpi ran Kodi fine for me, the Rpi 3 is apparently even more solid at Kodi.

          I've switched to a Mi box though as it does a heap more for around the same price when you factor in case, micro sd card, power supply, and infra red adapter.

  • Thank you. Finally picked one up. I'll probably end up moving my HASS config from my FreeNAS box. :)

  • Thanks OP, just picked one up along with one of the aluminium cases.

    *** This coupon appears to be valid until 18/12/2017. ***

  • Who is the rep for this mob, I by mistake placed the order without being able to put the coupon code and need to cancel it now.

  • Hi all, no luck cancelling the order so far. Any suggestions on how to go about it.

    • Just PM the rep. They're 3 hours behind so give it some time for him to come online

      • Did that last night still waiting. Let us see….

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