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iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi 128GB Gold $474.05 @ Officeworks eBay


Excellent price for iPad mini 4 recently, while the color is limited.

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  • Just a word of advice, I know some people love the mini for its size, but it is terribly outdated. It runs on an A8 processor, the same chip that came out with the iPhone 6 in 2014.

    • I’m hoping an updated/new iPad mini.

      • Probably won't happen till September.

        If they do a mid cycle refresh, they'll just double the amount of storage but it will still be A8.

        The Mini 2 had the same processor as Air, which was the latest iPad.

        But Mini 3 kept the Mini 2's one year old processor because they wanted it to lag behind the main line iPad by a year. They really didn't want you buying Minis. You either payed more than you should for it, or you shelled out for the more expensive iPad. Apple wins either way.


          While history says you’re correct, the fact it hasn’t been updated for so long raises the possibly of an out-of-cycle or new-cycle upgrade.
          It’s also possible it’s killed completely. You’re right that they don’t want you to buy it. In Apple’s eyes it was always the “cheap” iPad as opposed to a real form factor alternative (I much prefer it though!), and this role is now filled by the “iPad”.
          Who knows. I really hope a new one comes soon. I also hope the next iPad Pro has docking/desktop functionality, then I could have one single device.

        • @LoopyLou: Yeah "iPad" has taken the Mini's place as the budget iPad, so if they make a new Mini, they might be expected to price it cheaper than an iPad and Apple may not like that prospect.

          Even as the "budget" alternative to Air/Air 2, it was not that much cheaper than it honestly. Unless you are comparing the very outdated Mini 2 to a recent iPad.

          I too prefer the smaller form factor, but have never bought one because it's just not much cheaper than the bigger one, and has an older processor. I have bought 4 assorted 9.7" iPads over the years. The one I've preferred has always been the Mini though.

          A mid cycle Mini 5 could happen. I think the 10.5" Pro was mid cycle too. But it doesn't look like Apple cares all that much about the Mini line.

    • +1 When the ipad mini 4 was released it ran like a dream. I loved it all the way up to ios10 having purchased it to replaced a dropped nexus 7 (book form factor all the way!)

      Fast forward to ios11 and now it stutters and drops frames all over the joint. ios11 gives you multi tasking but I'd really rather it to run nicely.

      I'm tempted to upgrade to the 10" ipad pro but I guess that's exactly what they'd like me to do….

      Note: if you're buying this for someone who is slow with technology they may not notice any slowness at all. But I definitely notice…

      • That's just how iOS works. They ram it on you and it downloads in the background without asking. Then it forces you to install it unless you click Don't Agree to their terms, which will temporarily delay it from installing. But you'll have to Don't Agree again and again.

        There are ways around it, but the average user will have upgraded and if their device is older they'll get frustrated with it, or they buy a new device. Intentional or not, that's a win for Apple.

        On Android it's the opposite. They never force you to upgrade. For many devices the update isn't even available in a timely manner. But the people want it and can't get it for months for some OEMs or at all. You normally get updates for 2 years. But if you tried to install the latest version on a 3 year old device, it will probably run slow anyway. At least they don't shove it down your throat.

    • yes, a stone age device.



  • never liked the minis, my favourite design would be ipad air series, and for the phones, iphone 5 series