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Free Rebel $20 Voucher in Store Only (Via Newsletter Subscription)


I'm subscribed/member to rebel. Check your email for it. My friend has it too.

Pretty sure you need to be subscribed to their newsletter. Not sure if this has been posted yet.

Voucher is redeemable between 08/12/2017 until 24/12/2017 only. Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards. Voucher able to be redeemed in store only, not available for redemption online. Styles, colours and sizes vary by store. Images are for illustration purposes only. Product only available while stocks last. Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances beyond rebel's control, some items may not be available. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount card(s). No rainchecks.

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  • Min spend?

    • Sorry mate, it doesn't say anywhere in the email

      • So technically you could buy a $20 shirt?

  • Soo… how do we actually get it? Is it a code? Do we need to sign up for their newsletter? Details, mate

    • I think you already have to be subs for their newsletter just like supercheapauto.

        • +6

          it's a targeted deal mate…yes it is a deal or even considered a targeted freebie…its no different to eBay Targeted deals for free listing and fees for XXX items, or woolies Free Google Home MIni for XXX spend for XXX weeks.

          I didn't get the email but thanks for the post @Nicksnoobie

  • if you are lucky enough to get one, combine with Amex cashback for additional savings. Be quick though.

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    This is the screenshot of my email.

    • Can we use your screen shot?

    • wonder why i didn't get that email. I'm subscribed to their newsletter and I got an email today, but not that one. Must be targetted targetted, so not even all subscribers get it.

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    nice! Will combine with all my Rebel gift cards I got for free from Android Pay!!!!

    • +1

      Yeah, I've got $40 left as well. I'll have $60 to spend

    • I've got about 12 of these, and nothing to buy!
      It's like, a pair of shoes is $240 there, but they're only $50 online…
      What are you spending yours on?

      • Probably small items like tennis balls etc, stuff that rarely goes on special. I did buy a pair of shoes that were 50% during a sale in august/ish which were good value compared to online. But yea normally the shoes are much more expensive than say factory outlets etc.

        • Right. I don't think I need any small items like tennis balls, etc there.
          Maybe I should get into sport… I'll probably be listing a bulk load of them on ozb classifieds after my last phone's android pay promo expires lol

      • I buy golf stuff. Hats, balls.
        Generally small goods

        • Yeah, so pretty lame if you don't do sport…

          I was thinking of joining a gym in January. I guess I could buy a gym bag, gym clothes, a drink bottle, etc…

        • +5


          Yeah, so pretty lame if you don't do sport…

          It is a sports store after all…

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          yep, it's in the name after all…..

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    I'm a member but didnt get it or havent got it yet

    • Same - plus I'm in Qld.

  • Did you receive the email today?

    • I've received the email on 8th December.
      My friend told me about this today. We both got it.

  • Have not received, shame not being targeted lul…

  • Perhaps state based? I'm in Vic and didn't get… OP is QLD?

  • Nada from me in VIC. Am subscribed member and recently purchased at Rebel using my membership so still definitely an active member to them.

  • +1

    From VIC. Recieved mine in late oct and expired 30th Nov. Used it on a clearance item.

    • …yeh i had exactly the same one with a nov 30 expiry….bought some polarized beach shades

  • i bought some running shoes, was $60, used the voucher, down to $40. Im in qld. As long you are an existing member.

  • Any one selling Rebel gift cards and have them ready to go, please PM me.

  • I got it. Cant even be bothered to go instore to redeem it. They should have made it online too. Oh well, their loss.

  • +1

    Got this in Adelaide a few weeks ago if you were an Amart members now that Rebel have taken over, kinda a welcome to Rebel gift

  • the email I registered with got shut down a month ago, so I don't know if I got it or not!
    I tried logging into the site, but cant find anything.

    ..do I just take a punt and risk embarrassment.

  • +1

    Of course I'm that subscribed member that didn't get anything…

    • Same here. I'm just used to it now.

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