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$10 off $60, $15 off $80, $20 off $100 Spend @ Myer


Greetings everyone, re-posting as that's what was advised by the moderators, yesterday's deal was primarily aimed at the stacking of the codes. These codes are working again for their own discounts, but they don't stack anymore.

I thought I'd post it up again so people could still get a good discount on some items. Obviously no where near as good as the $45 off $100 spend, but still good otherwise.

Use ANNIVERSARY10 for $10 off $60 Spend
Use ANNIVERSARY15 for $15 off $80 Spend
Use ANNIVERSARY20 for $20 off $100 Spend

These can be combined with the current $20 off every $100 spend on Home Appliances deal and other Myer deals.

Please note, as Myer was hammered yesterday the orders are being processed slowly, so be advised on processing times.

Big thanks to lurking for the original post.

As always, enjoy and have a merry christmas!

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  • Is everything out of stock or something??

    • If you have an adblocker on, turn it off for the Myer website, it interferes with it and says everything is OOS.

      • thanks mate. pity no more stacking :(

        • Yeah I know, that was probably one of the best deals I've ever found lol

        • @doweyy: It was a mistake on their part 100%.

        • @doweyy: yeah mate, saved me heaps of $$ yesterday, thanks for that! $45 from the coupons + $15 from AMEX deal… Bought the Smeg kettle (normally $199) - I paid $119 for it at the end including the AMEX discount.

          Was worried Myer wouldn't honour the discount and cancel the online order if I gave it more time, so went into the store and picked it up this morning. Apparently their cost price for that is $139.80 but they had to give it to me even though the order wasn't ready for pick up.

        • @southeasternculture:

          Amazing! Can’t believe they told you the cost price but that’s a steal, good work and merry Christmas :)

        • @southeasternculture:
          Maybe the stores cost price from warehouse. But doUbt that’s there end cost price.

    • I lost the best deal of the year yesterday, coz of my adblock. Everything was out of stock. Now i realised it my adblock

  • some clothing items were cheaper two weeks ago, since they added the buy 2 get 50% off offer. Example: Blue Lacoste Polo was $65 now $109-20= $89, was only a good price if the codes could stack like yesterday


  • what is the difference compare to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/303642?

    • No difference, that one was expired a while ago so reposted to help people out.

    • This is a re-occuring Myer special discount. It's basically a spend and save type of promotion that lasts a limited time.

      • Tbh it says a lot about Myer's prices that they can offer this nearly all the time and it's still barely competitive

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  • 2.8% cashrewards

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    i was in a rush to buy an SD card using the stack that i didnt even realise how overpriced their sd cards are :( time to refund

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  • There are some provisions, just tried on sunglasses and they don't work:

    "ANNIVERSARY20 Not eligible
    A MYER one card must be presented with this birthday voucher and spend reached in one transaction after savings and discounts. Excludes selected brands, Sunglass department, Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards and cafs & restaurants."

    • Same here. What's the meaning of this?

      • they are not eligible.

        Excludes selected brands, Sunglass department, Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards and cafs & restaurants."

        went to store yesterday, some sunglasses were offered at 50% off already, excluding polarised brand.

  • My orders from yesterday are now #1 Preparing shipment and #2 In progress. Looks more promising than backordered!

  • None of the other deals are applying to my bag ($20 off every $100 spend on Home Appliances for example)
    anyone else having this problem?

  • "item not available for standard delivery" and every single store is "not available for Click and Collect" ??

    • I put two items in my cart earlier today with the code and received that message.

      Logged out, cleared my history and tried again with the code and the exact two items and the order went through just now.

      Might be worth trying that?

      Myer online this year seems to be very hit and miss for me, twice now this year they have cancelled orders on me so fingers crossed it isn't third time UNlucky!

  • My orders from yesterday are now ready to collect so it was honoured! :D

  • Lol I got em stacked on some Lego bits last night like 1am, so I'll upvote this.

  • called online shop - mine has apparently become a ghost order. anyone else with same problem? was wanting to pick up before christmas

    • Did it still say the order was in progress on your account? I placed my order shortly after the deal was posted yesterday and still says in progress.

    • What does that mean. I had an order go through and got the PayPal receipt, but it didn't show up in Myer's system. Is that what happened to you?

    • Got an email an hour ago that click and collect was ready. My other order hasnt been shipped yet though. The status when i log on to my myer account is "preparing shipment".

    • I just got off the phone with them and they gave me the same 'ghost order' excuse. They said they'd refund me then I could ring back and they'd honor the discount. Let's see if they do! I paid via paypal.

    • My order too is not showing up in my account, I have a confirmation email with an order number, but the Myer account on their website shows no orders under my accounts orders tab.

    • Mine is also a ghost order. I gave up though. Should I pursue the discount?

  • anyone have their order shipped yet from yesterday's stacking?

    • ordered 1 apple airpods yesterday using stacking
      now it has turned from backordered to preparing shipment (It should be in store collection)

    • I got confirmation today at 1pm for fitbit being shipped :) Auspost says will arrive tomorrow

  • Just received email from Myer on anniversary of my Myer One membership. Email has a one use barcode to scan in store (must scan Myer One card also), or the code Anniversary15 to use for online purchase. I am guessing Anniversary10 code is for Bronze level Myer One members, Anniversary15 for Silver, Anniversary20 for Gold.

    Those who can't use the online code try joining Myer One & adding the member# to your Myer webstore account.

    • to use the Anniversary20 code, the item must be $100 or over $100.

      just tried it on this $120 polo shirt, brought it down to $100 after the code, no membership required. To stack the codes, it asks this

      A MYER one card must be presented with this birthday voucher and spend reached in one transaction after savings and discounts. Excludes selected brands, Sunglass department, Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards and cafs & restaurants.

  • Can anyone recommend any wireless headphones for gym?

    Their range is pretty bad, a couple under $100, then $200 etc

    I wanted to take advantage of this deal!

    Otherwise what's a popular female fragrance? I need a Christmas gift for my sister in law! 😂 if I ordered tonight, would it be ready pick up in store tomorrow??

  • I'm thinking of using some Myer egift cards to buy online. Does any one know if there is a limit on the number of egift cards I can use online at Myer?

  • Thank you for posting; you beaut!

    We looked at some blutooth speakers at Good Guys and JB HiFi this afternoon. Sony SRS-XV40 for $297-299. $70 off from Myer plus $20 off with the Anniversary20 code meant we bought for $209 and pick up Boxing Day.

    App worked quite fine, just a wee bit of a hassle trying to reset the password. Have had MyerOne card for years, but appear not to be receiving the codes personally for some unknown reason.

  • Am I able to use the Cole Group & Myer Gift Card on Myer website?

    • No, the Myer website will only take Myer gift cards.

      • Damn, got the wrong gift card using AMEX. any way to work around it? can I use the code instore? or buy Myer gift card with my Cole Group & Myer Gift Card?

        • Myer staff aren't supposed to let you use your Coles Group gift card to buy a Myer gift card, but you may be able to do the same thing at a self-serve checkout at Coles. Sorry I don't know whether the ANNIVERSARY codes can be redeemed in store.

        • @Melburnian: thanks, ill try coles

  • Might have to sniff through men's clothing to see if there's anything worth buying 😂

    David Jones gift card it is as a gift!

  • This is already $40 off: https://m.myer.com.au/shop/mobile/mystore/sonicare-airfloss-...
    Stack $20 off $100 and $15 Amex credit AND $30 mail-in rebate from Philips.
    I bought yesterday, total was $59.

  • Its not working for me. I got the following back…
    ANNIVERSARY20 Not eligible
    A MYER one card must be presented with this birthday voucher and spend reached in one transaction after savings and discounts.
    Anyone else have this issue?

  • Does this work with Myer Market products? Looking to buy some cooking class vouchers (operated by Red Balloon).


  • Seems not working anymore..

    anyone has the same issue?

    nvm, it used to be applicable to Aesop products, but not anymore

  • how do you know what its applicable to and what is excluded?

  • Does anyone know when these codes expire?

  • I get this message now when trying to use the ANNIVERSARY codes

    A MYER one card must be presented with this birthday voucher and spend reached in one transaction after savings and discounts. Excludes selected brands, Sunglass department, Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards and cafs & restaurants.

  • Seems it hasn't expired yet but that error message is generic, it really hasn't got much to do with the myer one card.

    It depends whether the items in your bag are eligible for the discount.

    I kept trying to buy a single item that was over $100 but kept getting that message, then added a bag-o-fruit just to test and the code applied to that.

    So i guess you gotta mix and match.

  • I've got a Westfield voucher- will their staff in store match $20 discount for over $100? Cheers

    • I think you need the email to use it in store, I’ve only seen people use this discount online because of it.

  • Can someone please upload a screenshot of the discount email? Planning to use in-store

  • I've got a Westfield voucher to use- anyone had luck with them matching in store

  • Will Office Works price match these guys? Anyone tried?

  • Thanks OP - bought a few things, used anniversary coupon and got free shipping with shipster.

    Love it!

  • These offers wont stake with other specials anymore.

  • Just a note: same code: ANNIVERSARY10 under $60 gives you $5 off

  • Just tried these codes with no success, are they dead?

  • Still working. And seems to apply to the pre-discount price as well, I just used the $15 voucher for items that were going to cost $48 in cart. Bought the price down to $39 (there was a 40% off discount applied in cart).

  • doesn't work anymore ? Worked yesterday

    • Ahh yes must be expired, I think they might bring it back again, but will mark it expired in the mean time..