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Free Belong $40 Sim @ JB Hi-Fi & Online at Belong.com.au


Hey Guys, went down to JB Hi-Fi in Bunbury to pick up a few of the belong $40 sim cards for a mate. At the counter the dude is in total shock and says they are free. There is nothing on their website or anywhere else, so I'm not sure about other stores but the one in Bunbury WA is doing it.
Could be a mistake, get on it while you can.

Peace Out

Also available at Belong's website.

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  • "Call and text add-ons available"
    This sim is data only, good for some, but not good for most people using phones

    • Costs $5 a month to add calls and texts.


        $45/month for calls/txt & 15GB data seems pretty decent, and they use Telstra's network (though I'm not sure if it's the same utilization as Boost), which I currently have.

        • $49 gets you 20GB month and $200 JB gift card. 12month contract though with Telstra.

        • @Steptoe: with Belong you can go down to $30/month (5GB data and unlimited calls and texts) anytime you want, so you aren't stuck paying for something you won't use all the time. Plus, the data rolls over. So if you collect a lot of data over a few months you can go back down to $30 for a while until it is used up. Plus, you get speed shaping if you use up your data. So you never need worry about being stranded with no data. Plus, you're not locked into any contract, so if you find something better you can switch. This is better in my opinion.

  • I got 4 for free they where behind the counter in eastgardens jbhifi but free credit needs to be activated before end of year

    • Guys… check Belong's Web site before you start neg vote comments. I thought the bit about activate before the end of the year is useful.

      • Hmm? Page says offer (free SIM) is until 7 Jan 2018 or 1000 max, and activation is

        Set up your plan and connect by 31/12/2018

        • I wondered whether the ones handing out by JB are part of those 1000.
          So, it is till end of next year (you need to activate before then)… But, will they continue to provide $40 worth of data for the first month for that long?

    • You don't have to activate before the end of the year. According to the website - "Set up your plan and connect by 31/12/2018".

  • +34 votes

    +1 to OP for posting the deal when others could have posted earlier

  • Can you get the Regular plan + National calls and texts with this?

  • It seems like you can get it for free online as well? From Belong's Web site as well.

    It seems like you basically get a Belong SIM and they have free $40 promotion going on.

    It's fine to get from JB, but I would purposely visit JB just to get the SIM.

    Posing this comment again just in case my earlier comment becomes hidden (jbryce28's could get too many neg votes).

  • Went to Broadway and the dude behind the counter said he requires a credit card to activate it. First months free then they charge next month. Anyone here used credit card to activate?

    • Would like to know that as well. Do they have an option not to auto-renew?

      • Would like to know that as well. Do they have an option not to auto-renew?

        No, so if you don't want to be charged, make sure you cancel or port out before the billing date. If you have any data left before doing so, you can gift it to another Belong number, although it's whole GB multiples only. (eg; If you have 6.9GB left, you can't gift the 0.9GB.) If you've picked up more than one of these packs, activate the next one just before cancelling the first, and gift yourself whatever was left over. Rinse and repeat. You'll need a different e-mail address each time you activate a new SIM, though. (The Gmail dot trick should work.)

        I'm up to my fourth one of these SIM's (from an earlier promo), and have about 150GB left on my current one. How so?…. My experience with activating them so far has been 15GB on activation plus another 15GB "welcome gift, if you join before 31/12/17". You're then assigned a billing date, which is usually a few days after activation (eg; activate on the 17th, billing date becomes the 20th), and on that date you'll get another 15GB and the $40 "free credit" will be used.

        I wasn't going to bother with any more, except that a work colleague was recently given one of the JB freebies when he bought a TV, but didn't want the SIM, so gave it to me. It doesn't have any mention of the "welcome gift" though, but I won't be activating it until next month anyway, so I'm not fussed.

        • /edit/

          Nevermind found this answer on the website

          What happens if we don’t hear from you?
          If your monthly payment has not been paid 10 days after its due date, your service will automatically be reduced to include only: emergency outbound calls, inbound calls and messages, and data speeds to a maximum of 64kbps. If your payment has still not been made 25 days after its due date,your service will be suspended and you will lose your data bank.

          Did you have a workaround for that or did you just consume all or as much of the data before they slowed it down and/or suspended it?

        • Hey were you able to activate 2 sims with one credit/debit card? Mine seems to have a error after activating one so I had to use paypal for the second one and I have no more payment options.

        • @quill:

          Hey were you able to activate 2 sims with one credit/debit card?

          I don't recall, TBH. I currently have five different Visa / MasterCard credit cards. I know which one I last used, but whether or not I've used the same one twice so far, I honestly don't remember. I have no intention of actually parting with any money, so when there are no credit card points to consider, I've just used whichever card I've grabbed first.

        • UPDATE: The last four digits of the credit card used can be found within the Belong portal, so I went back and logged into the "old" accounts. Two of them used the same card.

    • Use a prepaid credit card (either VISA or Mastercard) but before it auto-renews make sure you've spent all the money on the card.

      • Do you know where I can get a prepaid credit card? I've had one in in the past but I destroyed it after spending without realizing the advantage of it

        • Woolworths/Coles I've got several…

          Coles Prepaid Gift card is a Mastercard starting with 531495…
          Only1giftcard is a VISA starting with 464556…

          Either one works online.

        • +1 vote

          Why not use a divipay (www.divipay.com) virtual credit card?

        • @UNM:

          Oh damn I actually forgot about that. I have a couple of emails in one of my accounts for it. I can't remember if I didn't sign up completely or what. I think I held off because it required a $5 deposit or more but I guess now is the time to follow through with it. Thanks for the suggestion

    • Is that for the identity check? Sometimes they do that in the hope you will autorenew, but at least one telco allows another document like a driver's license, giving them no autopay method.

  • Please don't tell me you asked your mate for the money? (Cough, cough, forums)

  • Don't bother with Hyperdome Tuggeranong branch. They said you need to buy an item for each simcard. Tried other networks' 2-dollar simcards, didn't work.

    • Thanks for the info, I find that branch to be a real PITA for a lot of things, although it appears that buying something to get these isn't site specific.

    • Thanks for the info, I would have headed there

  • Will this work on an ipad for data or do you need a phone number to activate it to?

  • You have to buy something to get the sim for free. I bought two $1 Monster Clean Touch (was $19.95)to get three sim free. Thank you OP

  • Grabbed a sim from southland, 1 per person, no purchase needed

  • Normally I ignore these deals considering I live in Bunbury and nothing happens here. When I read where you bought it I nearly had a heart attack.

  • Mt Ommaney (Qld) have no knowledge of the sims or any mention of Belong in their available network notes. Has anyone in Qld has had any luck?

  • I got a response from a Belong representative.

    "We won't charge you for the sim card, though it requires 40$ for activation and it will cover your initial payment on your first bill. _ MJ

    For FAQs feel free to visit our website www.belong.com.au/mobile.

    These aren't free after all or does the rep not know about the free loaded ones?

    • That's a kind of confusing response.
      So SIM is free but you have to pay $40 upfront for the website ordered ones?

      • Most likely Rep doesn't know about the online only deal with $40 free credit for first 1000.
        The currently FREE SIM (shown in deal photo) normally costs $40 for $40 credit.

  • Hey guys, I got a SIM card in the mail from Belong. I currently have internet with them. It also includes $80 of credit. Not sure if targeted.

  • belong says;-
    Choose your data plan
    15GB once off welcome gift



    For use in Australia

    More information
    Add calls and text

    Receive calls & text only

    Make national calls & text

    Make international & national calls & text to select countries

    so it is not even prepaid wit cancellation like Kogan or Ovo ar amaysym.

  • JB in Parramatta Westfield say it is free PROVIDING you buy something else.

  • from CIS:
    "How do I cancel my service?
    You can cancel your service without any further monthly payments by submitting a support request through our app, website or telephone service (see details below) a minimum of 24 hours before the start of the next monthly payment cycle. If you cancel your service, we won’t refund any fees that you’ve already paid to us and your service will stop working within an hour of your request being actioned."

  • OK, so this is an ongoing prepaid account - with the first month free for the first 1000.

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