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TrackR: 30% off Multipacks; 5 Pixels for US$50 (RRP $150) @ TrackR


Use the link to get the TrackR Pixel 5 Pack US$49.99 or use the FOUNDIT code for 30% off the other combos. When you follow the link, click on the 5 for $50 graphic to get the deal.

I saw someone post a Tile deal. I'd recommend TrackR instead.

TrackR is the main competitor to Tile. I think it is almost as good and you can replace the batteries when they run out.

With Tile you have to replace the tile every year. They don't allow you to replace the battery as they will expire the tile after a period of time anyway. They offer a deal where you can send in the tile and get a new one at a discounted price, but it's still quite expensive, especially if you have several devices.

These are a lot cheaper and you can also get free battery replacements through the app.

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  • Bravo 5 pack with the foundit code after unlocking a Colour for free by sharing is the best deal, IMO. Purchased.

    Shipping is $9.99 USD.

  • Ps. The trackRs are not tied to one account you could use some and gift some.

  • Absolutely savaged on Trustpilot with a horde of one star reviews…putting aside those who didn't factor in that bluetooth is always (for me anyway) a bit shaky, battery life and customer service were said to be appalling…pity as I like the idea.


    Ditto (2015)




  • I've bought a number of these a while ago. Poor Bluetooth connectivity, poor battery life. Wouldn't recommend. Fortunately was able to resell many of the unopened tracked on eBay.

  • Don't waste your money!
    Would not recommend.
    Mine had really poor bluetooth connectivity.

  • Bought a couple when they first came out.

    Could not locate it and it was only a couple of feet from the phone. Worked occassionally but soon failed to connect again.

    Havent looked at them since and I was hoping they would have improved by now.

  • This is killing me… Deals on both Bluetooth key finders. I bought some ebay/gearbest cheapies, but I didn't realise that the app they needed was the worst spyware rubbish I'd ever seen. Has anyone got any positive experiences with these or the tile? I've got a S8, so I'm hoping that it's Bluetooth is stable enough to make the key finder useful?

  • Reading the reviews made me worry but then I realised it’s mostly just idiots not understanding what the product is. They think it has GPS 🤣

    Older reviews are justified as the product was generation 1 and very bad. Generation 2 and 3 are quite vast improvements.

    Tile is really quite large compared to TrackR Bravo. I like that the battery lasts longer but being able to change the battery gives peace of mind for me as I plan to use it on a Trip - being able to change the battery before leaving is a great idea.

  • I wouldn't spend my money on them if I were you.
    I bought some early on - it relies on other crowd bluetooth and internet sharing.
    ie. Other people with the app have to allow bluetooth and internet sharing in order for the device to be located.
    if you use it on your own, the device wont be found.

    Also, the sound is too soft/quiet to be found (and too high pitched for older people to hear).

    TLDR - It is a great idea, but in reality, it doesnt work.