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Onkyo TX-NR676E 7.2 Channel Receiver (Black) $587 @ JB Hi-Fi (RRP: $1399)


Drive a full-scale surround system with effortless clarity. This thoroughbred A/V receiver streamlines access to app-based music, on-demand TV, games, and more. Linking your 4KTV and up to seven media players over HDMI®, the TX-NR676E processes all the popular Hi-Res and object-based audio codecs while Dynamic Audio Amplification boosts sound flawlessly for an adrenalin-pumping theater experience. Future-focused, the receiver plays almost any audio accessible to your mobile or PC over dual-band Wi-Fi®, and comes with Chromecast built-in* and DTS Play-Fi®*, which make mirroring music a one-tap operation. You can share network content, analog audio from your Blu-ray Disc player, turntable, and more to supported network multi-room speakers home over FireConnect™ powered by Blackfire. It’s a receiver with the lot, and one of the best sounding amps available.
* Future firmware update required.

Key Features
Supports 5.2.2-Channel Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ Playback
165 W per Channel
HDMI 7 In (1 Front1) / Main Out, and Sub Out2 Supporting 4K/60 Hz, HDR10, Dolby Vision™, BT.2020, and HDCP 2.2 Pass-through
Dynamic Audio Amplification with 4-Ohm Speaker-driving Capability
384 kHz/32-bit DAC and VLSC™ Filtering for Superior Clarity
Ready for Chromecast built-in3 and DTS Play-Fi3
Dual-band Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Spotify®, TIDAL, Deezer, Pandora®, TuneIn4
5 Wireless Multi-room Audio

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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  • Quick question: With most TVs having 4 HDMI inputs, optical output for audio, and good onscreen source selection, is it preferable these days to run sources directly into the TV and output audio to the amplifier OR run the HDMI into the AV receiver and a single HDMI to the TV? Of course, assuming the receiver can pass through the full HDMI signal with HDR and any other extras.

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      You run everything into the receiver and just have one hdmi to TV in the ARC Port

      • Thank you @ASA79

        I know this is possible but is it still the preferred way? With Smart TVs having better source selection these days, optical audio out etc.

        • +4

          Optical cant handle DTS HD-MA, TrueHD or Atmos/DTS-X etc
          If you want the best sound out of your movies. Netflix/Stan/Kodi/Plex etc can send the signal down via HDMI ARC

        • +1

          It's always the preferred way, and will always continue to be so. As said already, receivers offer significantly better audio capabilities.

          Receivers imo switch quicker than TV inputs too.

        • @scuderiarmani: I know it's the preferred way but I don't do it that way on my Onkyo 626… because the remote is too complex for the rest of the family to operate, therefore all inputs are switched at the TV and ARC/CEC is used to send to the receiver. Have they improved the remote in the last years? Great receiver but usability needs to come into it.

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          @Flattop: HDMI CEC, means you use your TV remote to control your Receiver volume, receiver turns on/off based on tv turning on/off.

          Or get a Logitech Remote for full replacement of multiple remotes.

        • @asa79: Correct, that is how I use it rather than switching inputs at the receiver remote which was fiddly and in some part required macros. I used a logitech remote for a while but any signal interruption for any one device would mean an out of sync signal and something wouldn't work… then the minister of war (technophobe…see luddite)would be chasing me down to fix stuff.

          For me lower TCO was to use the TV to switch inputs and send the signal to the receiver rather than channeling all HDMI through the receiver and switching from receiver remote.

        • @Flattop: A lot of TVs will downsample any audio to stereo, then send that over toslink/ARC. You may only be getting stereo sound doing it this way.

          +1 for a harmony remote. Well worth it, considering the extra you spent on hardware in the first place.

        • +1

          @AlexD: I agree its not the perfect setup but as I wrote, I had issues with syncing on the logitech. If any one device missed the signal (which happened weekly) then the sync was out and then one device was off the other on.
          Receiver seems to receive the correct signals ok, higher end TV, switches between Dolby streams depending on what is playing.

        • @Flattop:

          I don't think they've improved the remote. I bout an Onkyo receiver, a bit higher spec than this one, and it's annoying to use and similar to you, it always gets passed to me to sort it out.

        • +1

          Yeah it sucks to be the resident IT guy in the house. Every time something is down Its my job to chase it down.

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    What is HDMI ARC?

    • -1

      Audio Return Channel.

      Effectively one remote controls both devices audio output simultaneously.

      • +2

        That's not ARC. ARC is piping audio from the smart TV to the receiver via HDMI (ie. Digital TV, Netflix, etc apps).

        HDMI CEC is the feature you're referring to.

        Both can exist at the same time, of course but both are different features.

        • -4

          I know, just saying effectively the end of it. One remote to control the volume, with audio that can be either outputted via the receiver to speakers or through the TV speakers.

      • HDMI ARC sends TV sound down to the Receiver via HDMI instead of Optical like old style Receivers

    • Speaking of ARC… my current Amp does not support it but my TV does. If I have say PS4 going to TV in HDMI 3, then connect the Amp (say DVD input) to HDMI 2 (ARC) and also the HDMI out on the AMP to HDMI 1 on the TV, I take it when using HDMI 3, it wont send the audio to the AMP even if the amp is set to the DVD input and if it did it would then output the signal to HDMI 1 which would be OK as the TV is not set to that (as it wont pass thru the 4K HDR either)? At the moment I seem stuck with Optical out from the TV to the AMP and don't seem to only ever get 2.1 stereo.

  • -1

    Does not support the new HDR format HLG
    HDCP 2.2 is not on all HDMI ports. Only HDMI 1-3. So if you have an xbox one s, ps4 pro, 4k bluray player that all your HDCP ports taken.
    Front HDMI port pretty much doesn't support anything

    • +1

      In fairness, many receivers don't support it on all inputs though it's improving. For such a budget price this isn't too bad.

    • +3

      HDCP 2.2 is not on all HDMI ports.

      That is not correct, from the pic, and more importantly the manual, it's 2.2 on all rear inputs

      From the manual:

      HDMI IN1 to IN6:
      • Copyright protection technology: HDCP1.4/HDCP2.2

      As for HLG, does an AVR need to do anything, it's passing that data through with touching it isn't it? I know Dolby Vision simply requires source and display to be certified, AVRs don't matter.

      • +1

        Just checked. Mixed up with previous model R676 (without the E). This is a good deal then

    • You only need it on main port

  • +2

    Pretty spectacular buy. I imported one from Amazon Germany at a much higher price a couple of months ago, with no Australian warranty.

  • -2

    Previously a good price the ONKYO TX-NR575E a lesser model was $640 (24/11) so I think this is a bonus :-)

    I think the E is for "economy" so there are some tradeoffs against the full TX-NR676 but for this price that's understandable (IMHO).

    • +1

      I think the E stands for Europe. The US version is 110V only, while the European is 220-240V.

      • Thanks @BarryQuinn that makes sense and makes me feel better - I thought I had read the "economy" somewhere. Merry Xmas to you and yours!

  • dam. I want to buy this I have JB gift cards I want/ will need to use. Problem is those cards are home and I am away for Xmas.

    • Here's a tip, for all gift cards. Store the codes and purchase dates digitally (I use iOS Notes, or the Notes in Last Pass)
      Loose cards, not an issue, be away from like you are, not an issue. Loose receipt and date so not sure when they expire (JB ones don't) not an issue.

      • Doesn't help me right now. Wondering can i order it for pick up to get the unit held, then cancel and pay with cards when I go to pick up… just typing that feels dodgy though.

        • I know not help now, been there too, just for future.
          Call or online chat JB to find out when the deal expires.

  • Hi, I recently brought an LG B7, looking for a receiver, this looks fantastic, any reason to not get it? Has Dolby vision and atmos

    • +2

      Denon/Marantz are held in higher regards than Onkyo. For the price it's good though

      • +1

        No reason to NOT get it IMO.

        Have a 5-6 years old Onkyo Receiver, top end at the time (THX select), still going strong (pre HDMI in every receiver days).

        "some' Denon and Marantz and you can add other brands but at very much higher prices, the afore mentioned are just more commercial. At this price NO comparison whatsoever. as in look at what you get on a Harmon Kardon, Cambridge etc. for under $600.00.

        At this level you are looking at better circuitry, chips etc and 'cleaner and better' reproduced sound, bear in mind, it also matters what quality of speakers you are matching it to.

        Again, I've got mid to top end Jamo fronts and sub, and the best true 3 way centre speaker "I" could afford (

        • +1

          Thanks so much for that reply, I'm planning on getting the Pioneer SP-PK52FS as my speakers, currently I have a really old pioneer set

        • Not much funds available but how do these compare to the Pioneers and others:

          Besides the fact that the Pioneers seem almost double the price?

        • +1

          @mrhatken: I bought this for $720 a month ago. Grrr! You can get this on eBay with the 10% Boxing day code for $629. These sound pretty good for my taste, but then my previous speakers were shit so anything would have sounded better to my ears. The only issue I have with it so far is that the sub occasionally produces a loud thumping noise when nothing is playing. This happens randomly, sometimes multiple times in certain intervals. I have read similar complains about it in other forums and sounds like its caused by an interference from another device. I am currently in the process of determining what's causing it before I open a support request. I hope it's not a faulty one.

    • Considering this price for all the bells n whistles you get, you've all the reasons to get it. Considering the fact that I paid $755 for this just a month ago (with 20% eBay code and I thought that was a bargain), I don't know what reason you are looking for to not get it.

      If you are considering to buy speakers as well to go with this, the Onkyo SKSHT4800 is currently on a pretty good deal for $629 (with the 10% Boxing Day code) on eBay. I paid $720 for this a month back. I need to re-consider my ozbargaining skills!!! :(

      • How do you find the performance of this combination of amp and speaker set?
        Have you added extra speakers to make it 7.2 or 5.1.2?

  • Nice deal. Picked one up. Thanks OP. Have a Pioneer VSX-1131 in 1 room which ive been happy enough with. Will decide which one goes where. I believe the 1131 is getting a Dolby Vision update so probably not a huge diff between them other than when they were made. Paid a little more for the Pioneer but what can you do.

  • Before I get this, anyone see a deal on a receiver capable of 7.2.2 atmos?

    • No only 5.2.2 atmos. Need to jump up into another price bracket for that kind of support.

  • +1

    Some owners of this model complain of problems with hdr including dropouts. Do any owners here use with hdr and what is your experience like?

  • Hi.. pretty new to this and hence a very basic question.
    - I have a 4k TV and was thinking of getting a soundbar but this seems like a great opportunity to get into some serious sound capabilities. So questions are:

    • Can I just connect this to TV and experience good sounds? or do I need to get additional speakers as well?
    • If I have to get additional speakers (think they should be FireConnect compatible), how much would they cost?

    Appreciate your patience and response with the silly questions.

    • To replace the sound bar you'll need 3 speakers - L, R, Centre. For surround you'll need at least 2 rear speakers.

      • Thanks. I don't have a sound bar yet, I was looking to buy one tomorrow (hoping I would get a good priced one on boxing day) but came across this and thinking if I would be better off getting this than a soundbar.
        So, If I don't want a surround (atleast for time being), then I can just connect this to tv via HDMI ARC and start using? am I right?

        • This device does not have speakers built in.

        • @Elijha: Thanks :)

  • +1

    Do your research - onkyo has a long history of network problems

    • Hopefully any such problems could be software related and thus fixable with firmware upgrades?

    • +1

      Have owned one(onkyo amp) that had an issue and was repaired well outside warranty without having to provide proof of purchase with minimal fuss. So while yes they do have problems, some wide spread i can attest to the quality of their CC even outside of warranty.

  • Does anyone know if this can transmit to bluetooth headphones? Been looking into the Yamaha RX-581 but have rarely seen a local deal so this Onkyo looks pretty good on all other fronts

    • sold out expired now.

  • A lot of talk about ARC, but does this receiver actually support it?

    • Yes it does.

      • Ta. I couldn't find this information in the manual.

        Ending up purchasing this receiver, today, and it does indeed have ARC. It's part of the initial setup.

  • I put a deposit on the Pioneer VSX932 7.2 Channel Atmos AV Receiver but after reading this a d some other reviews I'm starting to lean towards this Onkyo. Can I get an educated view on this please. I went back to a different sales guy at JB and he said the Pioneer would sound better?..

  • Bought the pioneer vsx932 as a gift for $661 but then return it (unopened) for the Onkyo. Slightly better specs especially 7 HDMI inputs. Apparently, Onkyo bought out Pioneer's Av division so they are much the same now.

  • +3

    Harvey norman has price matched this according to their website.

  • Good pickup. Those who have yet to use their Amex $100 credit for HN, could pick this receiver up for $487… Bargain!!

  • Been watching this model for a while hoping the price would drop. Down by 58% is an exceptional bargain and the $587 price is a steal. It has everything I need and more. One thing with AVRs, they can cut them half in size and weight by removing the redundant A/V and comp connections. Most new units have HDMI, optical or wireless now.

    • One thing with AVRs, they can cut them half in size and weight by removing the redundant A/V and comp connections

      Not really.. it's not the extra ports that make them big and heavy. They're big and heavy because to power 6-9 channels you need a lot of power draw - which means a big heavy transformer and power supply. In turn, they're gonna be putting out some decent heat, so they'll need a large heat sink too.

      The pioneer vsx932 has significantly less ports than the onkyo, almost half, but has a lower power output and is only marginally smaller and lighter.

  • I can't decide between this one and the Yamaha rx-v683. Which one would be better I terms of reliability and features?
    Harvey Norman currently has the Yamaha with bonus music cast speaker for $978.

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