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TV: Viano 49" UHD 4K $399, Polaroid 55" UHD $499, JVC 50" FHD $479, 55" UHD 4K $599, Philips 43" 4K Ultra Slim $599 + More@ BigW


Went to BigW. Found a few TVs for sale. Slight different from its website.

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    Phils 43" is the pick of the bunch here and you can tell by only 1 left


    Different from previous deal: as no philips from the past as well as Polaroid 55" UHD $499,JVC 50" FHD $479 or JVC 55" UHD 4K $599.

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    I've seen the Philips 43 and 49 models at a few big Ws over the last few days.

    The 43 at least is honestly hard to justify over one of these


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    JVC quality is awful. Bought a 50" for the parents. It had lip sync issues. Returned it and got another, lip sync issues again. Contacted JVC, they said it needed a firmware update but they didn't have that file handy and it would take 2-3 weeks to get it from China. Buyer beware.

    As for the gumtree ad linked, yes the Hisense N6/7 are way better than these big W TVs but, the ad says they are new, then factory seconds, then good working condition. All in the one listing about the one product. Buyer beware … again.


    I have a jvc tv 50” ful hd
    Pretty decent for the price I paid


    Any other these good as computer monitor? I don't game, just spreadsheets, word, browsing and some video editing. So lag is not so important but crisp text is.

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