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Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 $67, Kraken USB Essential $39, Basilisk Chroma $54 @ MSY Technology

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  • Title: Ultimate not Ultiamte.

  • What's the general consensus on the headset and keyboard?

    • Great mech kb. Not sure why you would want the non-mech considering it is the same price?
      Headset not too sure.

  • Looks like only Victoria, not listed anywhere in S.A.

    • Where are you looking to come to that conclusion?

      • I am coming to that conclusion by clicking on the main link, with my default store set as the Adelaide CBD, then clicking in the item I want which takes me to the same page I arrive at if I look at the Adelaide daily deals, and by also selecting the item listing specifically, which merely takes me to the online store listing the full price.
        The item itself it not found alongside other headsets when checking the Adelaide store, and it's not found in the Adelaide Clearance page, nor the daily deal page. I therefore assume it is not available in Adelaide.

        • The offers are in store only. So will not appear in the online store. So as long as your local has stock it should ring up at the promo price.

        • @Olokun: Ok - I had assumed the "in store" meant you couldn't order in the on-line store, but had thought it would still be listed as s tore special on-line when viewing the page associated with the physical store, as has been the case in the past.
          Hmm - I'd check it out if I was heading in, but not prepared to play phone roulette or take a special trip. TY for the post anyway, lot will like it:-)

        • @terrys:

          Ah ok, I see what you mean. MSY is usually hit and miss with them updating the prices for daily specials.

          A quick look at the VIC store they still show full price.


  • Argh! Have been trying to call Pascoe Vale to see if they have stock but no one is answering the damn phone. Does anyone know how accurate the online stock availability usually is? I don't want to send my husband there only to be told they don't have any.

    • My husband ended up going to the store anyway and managed to pick up the mechanical keyboard. We saw the same one yesterday at EB for $167 on sale!

  • Great deal OP :)

    Was planning on buying the mechanical keyboard and the mouse for a Ryzen Pinnacle Ridge build.
    It took real courage to resist, by the time I called they had sold out in 3 stores and 2 stores weren't answering, I take it they are sold it too.

  • Thanks OP

    I picked up the mechanical keyboard today for my nephews b'day.
    He's going to be a very happy boy.