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3.5m Mini Android Endoscope Insepection Camera - Black US $3.99 (~AU $5.31) Delivered @ GearBest


Use this link

Main Features:
● First make sure your phone supports OTG functionality,Android endoscope is a new type of electronic products. The advantages of this product are small size and light weight. The middle part of the installation of a control box, can adjust the brightness of six LED lights, capture the image photo graphed after the camera directly stored in the Android mobile phone, you can video the whole process of record check, observation and follow - up analysis.
● The photos and video file will directly stored in your Android mobile phone.
● There's also a turning wheel used for adjust the brightness of six LED lights so that work in some area without enough light.
● Total length: 3.5M
● Waterproof level: IP67
● Resolution: 640 × 480 30 ftps
● Focal distance: 6cm
● Camera head outer diameter is 7mm
● Suitable for Android 4.1 OS or above

Application Fields:
Intraoral camera system, underwater camera, waterproof Micro - cameras, mmotor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector, search and rescue, criminal and custom detector, archaeological detect, the PCB detection, home care, aviation and space industries, constructions

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  • +27

    In before jv makes some lame comment

    Mini Android

    What’s a mini Android?

      • +45

        You must be new here…

        • -11

          You must be old here? You did exactly what you claim JV would do. Provided nothing of real value, and proceeded to insult a user for saying so. Lame really.

    • 3.5mm android

      • Correction: 3.5m android

        • -2

          mine is 12"

  • +6

    Must have 30 chinese megapixels

    • +4

      It’s true. I ordered one like this off GearBest, there were options about how many megapixels you wanted, so I chose the most at additional cost. Box arrived and sure enough it had I think 3mp ticked. Plugged it in = 640*480. It works, but I’m willing to bet they are all the same aside from a blue pen tick on the side of the box.

  • +5

    Who will be the first to make some endoscope /intraoral gag?

  • +14

    An endoscope is a medical device.
    This is really a borescope which unfortunately can't be used with Tightarse, hence there is no coupon code.

    • +2

      A mini endoscope can be placed in a tight orifice

      • +4

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        • +1

          will it fit tightass?

  • +2

    Has anyone ever found an app to use with these that isn't horrible and covered with ads, if so, please post it :)

    • +1

      Use an ad block app like Weblock, they usually do the trick

    • +2

      You can use it on a Linux device, with plenty of ad-free webcam apps.
      It is just a standards-compliant USB camera.

    • +1

      I use the camera daily at work, so could justify spending a few dollars on the paid version of 'USB Camera Pro'. It opens quickly, has no ads, extensive settings, and is updated regularly.

    • +2

      Seeing the lack of ad-free linked responses, I'll probably skip this deal as well

    • You need to 'root' your device.
      Then install AdAway. It will block ads extremely well.

      Running a good Root Uninstaller app and something like MyAndroidTools will be beneficial to disable unwanted apps and services.

      There are also ad disablers that don't need root access. I can't speak about how good they are.

    • +1

      Use DNS66 for blocking ads. Doesn't require root. Sets up a local vpn and hostfile filter. I've had excellent results with many apps… YMMV.

    • I use an app called Endoscope, it was one of the suggested 'similar apps' and it works perfectly.

  • Can't wait to use this on someone's. Bought 2.

    • +2

      Your opportunity to give it to someone and tell them to stick it up where the sun don't shine?

  • +2

    It would be nice if they come in infrared version

  • -1

    Thanks, got one.

    • +25

      Maybe you can use it to look for a spare upvote.

      • Thanks for the giggles.

      • -2

        Tremendous. Wonderful. When the item comes through and I'm happy I'll use my voting power.

        • +4

          This is ozbargain not ozhowdiditworkoutforyou

        • -6

          I'll vote how I want to vote.

        • +2

          @OzBeergain: When you receive this in a few weeks time, then use it, will you really come back and find this thread to vote accordingly? If a deal is good enough to make you purchase - certainly the easiest option is just to show your gratitude to the submitter by voting and moving on.

        • @ndr2h: This.
          Man, there are some ungrateful people here.

        • +1

          @Lizard Spock: Yes I have, just today, it's helped me out with an item behind a wall, and as promised (and as I always do) upvoted for you :)

        • @ndr2h: I always do. And have now done so for Lizard.

        • -1

          @YogaPants: Stupid comment.

          And now the sheep can start negging this post in 3….2…1…..lol. Bring it on.

        • +1

          @OzBeergain: thanks heaps!

        • @OzBeergain: I know :(. So close yet so far

  • Seems to be on sale quite often, any experience about video quality? Thinking of getting one

    • +7

      It is to inspect drains, not make a nature documentary.

      • +16

        inspecting your mother's drain would be a nature documentary

      • So you reckon should be fit for the purpose.

      • +1

        Wondering how effective this would actually be checking out drains / pipes. Would like to see how bad tree root damage really is. If it works that would be really useful because would rather not have to remove a beautiful 35 year old jacaranda tree.

        Ps. Have wondered if drains could economically (and environmentally) be diverted away from the tree. Either way I know it is going to cost a ton/ne.

  • +1

    Great, will install in lavatory.

  • +4

    Just received an email that has this for $3.99. See if this link works - https://www.gearbest.com/microscopes-endoscope/pp_229387.htm...

    • +1

      Hey the link just changed to $3.99. Thanks for letting me know. Updated title

      • +2

        That's a UTM link which is for email EDM promotions only. Unfortunately Ozbargain system will strip the UTM part from the URL

        You'll need to leave the link in the description for people to click on it.

        • +1

          Thanks scrimshaw for adding the UTM link

        • Why not just message Sunny for a coupon code to make it US$3.99?

  • Just bought one. I have iPhone, should be alright?

    • +2

      Apple have admitted to slowing down older models with their software updates, so maybe not.

      • +3

        Maybe for iphones you have to insert it SLOWLY.

  • +3

    These are absolutely terrible. I threw mine in the bin.

    • +14

      To inspect the maggots?

  • Bought two 5m ones for $5 from Wish a while ago, camera quality is below average and definitely not 720p as advertised. Don't expect high quality at this price.

    I tested it on my OnePlus 5 with an OTG adapter and it worked a charm.

    • +1

      Got a link to price being 1/2 price?

  • Is this a "bargain"? hm…no ass, no deal :)

  • I get $6.64 Au.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    • +3

      Are you selecting free shipping and removing insurance?

      • +3


        Doesn't matter.

        I realised I don't need one anyway.

        I've more than enough unused stuff lying around the place.

  • +1

    Just what I have been looking for. Now my wife and I can monitor the progress of our unborn for the remaining 6 months.

    • +5

      Congratulations on your new endoscope!

      • What will he name it, Endo or Scopey? If it was mine, I'd call it Dosco.

  • +2

    Probably stating the obvious but assume these wouldn't be safe to use in the body!

    • +8

      Fortune favours the brave sir!

    • +4

      People stuff non-medical stuff into cavities quite frequently, why should this be any different?

      • +4

        Do you have the youtube channel, dear sir?

        • +1

          Curious Exploration

  • Good deal, bought one for $21~ on ebay.

    Quality is low, but it did the job.

  • +1

    I bought something like this and the cable is just a cable so when you try and shove it down a drain pipe it just flops all over the place, only way these things can work is if the cable is stiff and adjustable.

    • That's what she said.


  • oh hang on Im getting $4.99

  • Wait, WHAT?!

  • I am logged in and I get $4.99!!!

    Edit: Ah its an email only price….. FFS

    Ok so I reported the post as expired But now I see what the deal is here, but I thought these are not allowed?

    • Not sure. The original post was for $4.99. But scrimshaw added and email only price to the post. $4.99 is still good

  • Does the IP67 rating mean it's poo proof?

    • +1

      Should be OK, might need a screen wiper as you may not see much else.

      How do you tell the difference between a rectal endoscope and an oral endoscope?

      The taste :)

      • Surely that is bad taste.
        I wish I had not said that.
        Perhaps a matter of taste.
        And that does not sound any better.

  • Shows up $5.31 on the mobile website and $6.64 in the app.

  • +1

    Not logged in, got $3.99 from chibot's link and not expired. Same from the main link.

    • I get that price when selecting US$

  • Camera quality seems quite bad

  • +3

    Thanks OP, bought this as a valentines day present for my girlfriend.

  • +1

    Purchased for private reasons

    • …how private?

      • +8

        Edit: purchased for private regions

        • Username checks out

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