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Bluetooth Retro Ghetto Blaster Speaker/Radio 5wx2 $20 In store @ Kmart


$20 seems a bargain, as they sell for $80 plus on eBay. I bought one and sound seems decent for the price

s/r 70db
Separation 500+-50mV
FM radio
Light up effect
Rechargeable battery
USB power
Aux in
Bluetooth 4.0
Working range 10 metres
Charging time 4-6hrs
Max size of micro sd or USB 64gb
Speaker unit: 5W x 2
Input: DC 5V, 1.2 A max

This is what it looks like

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  • 5w would put it above most of those crappy pill shaped speakers…

    • Times 2, so 10w

    • Sound quality doesn't work that way …

  • +2

    Working range 1m?

    • That is some powerful weak Bluetooth.

    • That’s what says in instructions, maybe they mean 10?

    • Guys…it's 1 mile.

    • I misread its 10 metres indeed

  • Almost all Kmart products are private label similar to aldi. Because Kmart price are cheap I see people resell Kmart products on eBay for a premium all the time. A good business model to run an eBay store with no need to hold stock. mirroring the Kmart website, drop down to the shopping center to get your orders then head straight over to Australia post.

    Is this on clearance or their usual price?

    • Clearance yellow ticket. It’s very sturdy and sound is good. I don’t know what was originally priced, but I reckon more than double what I paid

      • Yeah definitely a good price for the hardware and Australian warranty and I'm sure it was double what you paid.

        Its just good to be aware of kmart flipping on ebay when comparing prices. The fact that people will buy the products at a premium on ebay is more a testament to the good value to be found at kmart. when kmart do clearance, they are almost giving it away.

  • +1

    Needs to be digital to sell despite being good quality.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, @ $20 ticks all the boxes for me - Bluetooth, Portable Battery powered, SDCard slot + USB for Mp3's and good sound quality

  • Hey folks,

    Is there any way to turn off the "Bluetooth mode on" and "Bluetooth connected" announcement which blasts your eardrum every time you turn it on? It is so loud it makes me physically cringe every time.

    • Mine comes on but doesn’t seem that loud. Maybe turn down the equalisers and see how you go?

  • Are these any good?

    • It suits my need, I think for $20 is a steal. Bluetooth, rechargeable, line in , mp3 via micro sd or USB, 10w power. It depends what you are after, is much more powerful than small speakers

      • +1

        I got one my man. I'm not sure what sound you are listening to but it is awful, even after you adjust the equalizer. It's so similar to an 80s ghetto blaster, it is awful.

        • Sorry you don’t like it. I’m not expecting Bose sound for $20. If you really cant stand it take it back.

        • @fozzie: Now $10, I reposted here

          I cant get microsd to read, usb was good though. It's a true bargain at 10 bucks I think!

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