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ASUS C101 10.1 inch Chromebook Flip $263USD (~$336AUD) Delivered from Amazon US


Cheapest deal for this new convertible Chromebook with fairly decent reviews. $249 USD + $14.41 standard shipping.

These are the typical pros and cons I've read elsewhere (I've ordered mine but won't be getting it for a few weeks):

  • Lightweight, only 900grams and 15mm thick - great for travelling
  • Solid aluminium build
  • Two USB-C ports with USB-C charging!
  • 9 hour battery life
  • Pretty decent processor for the price (compared to other Cbooks of this price range)
  • Fully convertible - laptop, stand, tent, tablet mode with touchscreen and supports Android Apps on the Google Play Store.
  • 100GB Google Drive storage for 2 years
  • Not Full HD (1280 x 800), and screen is not the smoothest for touchscreen apps.
  • Only 16GB onboard storage (reduced to about 10GB usable), but has a microSD port. Annoyingly it doesn't allow Android apps to be installed on the SD card - (edit) though many Android apps can see and access the SD card, just not install onto it.
  • Tiny keyboard

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    Looks nice

    • then after 1.9 years google says buy more space otherwise download and move them somewhere else.

      Not true. You get to keep the photos there, you just can't upload more to the same account.
      Unless it has changed?

      • From what I've read this is true - BUT since you can't add any more files to your drive, your Gmail stops working as there's no space for mail.

        This encourages you to buy more storage (100GB for $2.49/mth), or move your files off Google Drive back down to below your limit. Bit sneaky, but at least they don't just delete your files like other cloud providers might.

  • "but I believe this is being fixed in newer ChromeOS updates"
    source please?

    • It was mentioned in the review video from Lon.TV. But digging a little deeper, ChromeOS 61 now allows Android apps to see & use the SD card for storage but not for installation. Unfortunately there's no timeline for ability to install Android apps on the SD card, but it's being complained about a lot. My bad, I'll update the post.

  • 800p display for a 2017 tablet??

    • genuine question: is resolution is the main thing for everything? i mean look at surface the resolution so high but with 12.3" screen i cant see spreadsheet clearly - fonts are too small. and this is 10"…
      do we need 4UHD (4K+UHD) resolution on 8" tablet?

      • do we need 4UHD (4K+UHD) resolution on 8" tablet?

        No, but 1080p on a 10.1 inch would be ideal. Especially since a major use case for this is for reading text, so you'd want it to be crisp.
        At 150ppi text is probably not going to look great.

  • Can I install windows on it? How the performance will be if comparing to standard Ultrabook?

    • Windows is a heavy OS, probs not suitable to do that.

      • Yeah, a small lightweight linux install (I can recommend sparky if it will work) would be better. The book looks great and chrome is fast, but it's google; they can't help themselves. I've seen their code and settings; it's really hard to get control of this stuff. It's all designed for data collection. I know all the big names are into it (microsoft, facebook, google, apple) but google is really top of the list. I won't use google anything. They are building a huge invasive matrix that is really eating into our personal lives, esp with google home.

        • Yeah. That's the trade off though, as creepy as it is. They give you some really great products, for "free", but you pay for it with your personal information. I use everything Google. It bugs me that they know eeeeeeverything about me, but their products are just really convenient. Gmail, Google Search, Android, Keep, Maps, Hangouts, Chrome… I use these daily. Hell, hourly even.

        • @flaminglemon: at least you know :) And who knows, with all my misinformation and dozens of logins everywhere, using linux, duckduckgo and rebuilding phones, the bots have probably still compiled a pretty accurate profile. I'll have to start ordering bras or something delivered to an address in China to screw with them some more :)

        • @poohduck: Their AI is what's going to get us. Their Google Photos face recognition is crazy accurate. Yeah, I had my doubts of saving my photos there, but for the convenience, I did it. Again, knowing that Google now has access to my entire photo library. They know my family, they know my friends, they know where photos were taken etc… but it's just so convenient. Without having to trawl through 1000's photos I just type in my cat's name, and I get photos of him from when he was a kitten to last night.

          Otherwise, I'd be going through folder after folder after folder, through thousands of photos to find a single photo.

        • Yep, Dataharvesting exists everywhere, that's the modern world.

    • geebus…
      you asking to install windows on 16GB ECC chromebook…
      which windows you referring? win 3.11 ?

    • Why would you even want Windows on this?? Chrome OS is fantastic these days, and the idea that it is somehow "gimped" is a myth.

      • You need to relax a little.
        Go read some Dilbert comics or something.

      • I've been doing some reading on Chrome OS. The more I read about it, the more I want it, especially with the whole Android apps thing. I went to JB looking to buy one over Christmas, and it turns out they don't sell Chromebooks anymore.

        Do you have a a Chromebook? How do Android apps run on it?

        • Australia's Chromebook options are pitiful. Luckily most of the ones on Amazon US deliver here.

          For gaming I'll use my desktop Windows PC. For coding I'll use my heavy older HP laptop with Linux Mint or the desktop.

          I've bought the Asus C101 because I like the look of ChromeOS and it'll be perfect for travel and web-browsing on the couch - or remoting into another PC in a bind. All things perfectly suited for this device. USB-C charging is a huge plus for travel, since I only need to pack one charger for my phone and laptop. Add in frequent fast updates, a few second boot time, support to 2023 - for the price its pretty decent.

    • A better option for windows, AUD$279…

      Better specs

      screen: 1920x1200
      4gb ram
      64gb storage
      atom x5-Z8350

  • Looking at getting my first chromebook (and replacing my nexus 9 that recently died). Have people received these yet? Are they happy with them? Looks like the cruddy screen is the worst part but I think I'll live with that for the price/features

    • Yep have received mine, and use it every day. I find it very suitable for couch web surfing, and kitchen video player; nice loud speakers. It being convertible is an awesome feature. I'll be taking it on holiday with me in a few months.

      The screen resolution is the biggest letdown, though tolerable. A 1080p screen would've really been the icing on the cake, plus more than 16GB storage! I went and installed a $14 32gb MicroSD. It's also a tiny screen, so not one I'd recommend for your primary 'productivity' laptop unless you hookup an external monitor

      So far I am getting over 10 hour battery life when I'm not using it too hard, and it conveniently charges with my Nexus 5X charger (considered slow charging) - only have to take one charger on hols. 10-15 tabs open including a HD Youtube video and no noticeable slowdown. Any more than that though and you'll probably feel it.

      The Android apps are a great addition. I use Keepass password manager and was concerned with the Chrome Web Store options, since most of them are read-only. But I just installed KeePass2Android and it works perfectly. I also manage a Linux server and the Chrome Secure Shell plugin does the job.

      Bought a USB-C dock from ebay (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Crazy-USB-Type-C-Adapter-to-fema...) with USB 3.0 x2, USB-C charging, gigabit ethernet, SD card, and HDMI out.. Works pretty well, though I find the HDMI out from the Chromebook to be quite blurry at 1080p - fuzzy fonts. Think is an issue with Chromebooks and is a little headache inducing. Hope they can improve it, or it might just be my setup.

      I'm happy with it for the price.

      • Thanks very much for the comprehensive feedback! I had a look around it seems it'd need to pay about 100$-200$ to get significant improvement over all the features this offers so as you say the price makes the deal. I'm hopeful it'll be a good first foray into chromebooks, I figure it'll be a good way to see how they work and if the screen is no good I can think about upgrading in the future. I'm nervous about the screen as I don't think I've had to look at such low density for extended periods in a long time.

        My understanding with storage is you get about 10gb after OS which the Android apps can use and then the chrome apps can use the SD card as well - does that sound about right? As for a productivity laptop I don't really have one…my tablet and PC have for the most part filled that gap but with the tablet packing it in I'd like a bit more (i.e. a tiny keyboard over no keyboard).

        I don't think I'll need to run an external display (certainly not ongoing) so hopefully I can avoid the font issue.

        I just need to wait for this price to come down again (it went back up 20$) and then I think I'll give it a go. Thanks again for all the help.

      • Sorry, one more question (it finally arrived) The power brick seems to say 100-240v @ 50-60hz (US Plug). This means that I can use a power adaptor that doesn't do anything funky to change the power right?

        • Correct an AU-US power adaptor works fine with the supplied charger.

          Alternatively any USB-C charger (I'd say minimum 45w) should charge it well - eg. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-universal-45w-type-c-pd-c...

          Non "high powered" USB chargers (like a phone charger or plain old USB) will charge OK but only when the laptop is powered off. You get a warning on screen if you attempt to charge it this way.

        • @JoelT:

          Thanks. Yes I had a straight adaptor but was slightly worried it'd blow up. That's only if it says 100v and not 240 right?

          As you predicted I used a phone charger but that was fine. I'll give the proper power brick a try.


        • @ewanw:

          That's right.. 100-240v means it's compatible worldwide without needing a voltage converter.

        • @JoelT:

          You sir are a champ.

          Thanks for all the help and the tip. Getting to grips with chromeos as we speak!

        • @ewanw:

          No worries, hope you like it. I use mine all the time.

  • For anyone else interested this just went to 249.99 on Amazon. Thanks to OP for selling me on one :)