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Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard w/Touchpad for TV/PC $29 @ Bing Lee


Been after a wireless keyboard with a touchpad for my TV so I can relax on my lounge while trolling Ozbargain.

This is great for the price, makes using the TV's apps and smart features so much easier.

If Bing Lee has limited stock you can get a price match/beat, got mine from my local Harvey Norman for the same price yesterday.

They had them for $69 and Officeworks has them for $68.

K400 Plus Static Ice. ⌨️

The Logitech K400 is a wireless, media-friendly keyboard with a specially-designed layout including additional buttons and controls.

Key Features

  • PC-to-TV entertainment is made even more convenient thanks to the Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad, providing you with the familiar computer controls from the comfort of your couch, while using your TV.
  • The integrated touchpad of this wireless keyboard allows for easy navigation of your PC without the hassle of a separate keyboard and mouse.
  • Just plug in the small Unifying receiver into a USB port to start using this touch keyboard. This receiver also allows you to connect up to six Unifying devices to your computer.
  • The K400 Plus works with multiple operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and later; Android 5.0 and later; and Chrome OS.
  • A 10-meter wireless range helps maximise usability for this keyboard, while the 18-month battery life (tested for 2-hour use per day) might make you forget it needed batteries in the first place.

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      Angelo sounds keen.

  • "Hi, unfortunately we are completely out of stock of those throughout all stores"

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    OK, so the Bing Lee website still says Check availability. Rang Officeworks and they said "It's a different part number', then after making me wait on the line for ages… 'they actually have no stock'

    Went past Bing Lee just now, and got one. No problem with stock.

    So much for OW "Price Guarantee" It's clearly a circus designed to allow them to charge a LOT more than other retailers.

    • Got a price match from Officeworks for $27.55 without any dramas

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        I went back to Bing Lee, looks like everyone's buying them at OW. They still had loads. But then I had to change plan which meant going near OW again, so decided to try in person.

        An hour later, OW they said all the same things in store, but then chose to make the sale rather than do more damage to their brand. Honestly, why have a guarantee and then be all silly about meeting it?

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    Price matched at JB (Kotara) no problem. Thanks OP.

    (I may have got the last one though sorry!)

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      Price matched at JB (Kotara)

      I'm not far from there, you could have at least visited me.

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        my bad!

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    Thanks - got office works at Alexandria NSW to price match for 27.55 - they have lots in stock.

  • Long time reader, first time poster. I had this price matched with price guarantee ($27.55) at OW Browns Plains (Brisbane Surburbs). I don't know if I can post a copy of receipt on this forum as on others, so let me know if you want a copy….

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    Thanks OP. Price matched at Officeworks Subiaco WA, $27.55. Good stuff.

    • How did you get them not to add the freight cost (as we don't have Bing Lee in WA)?

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    I'm typing this on said keyboard in front of my Sony TV, thanks a million OP! I didn't wake up this morning thinking I'd ever need this but it's so amazing I'm crying real tears.

    Not to mention it cost $27.55 from OW (Hunter St, Sydney they had truckloads left), what a steal!

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    Thank you very much OP, scored one of these price matched & beaten by 5% at Officeworks for $27.55. Didn't realise & couldn't believe Officeworks were selling these for $68 which made the deal even sweeter.

  • Anyone who was able to price match with Officeworks in VIC? The branch near me said it's on pre-order so they won't match it.

    • Gonna go to the Elizabeth ST store soon and see if they will price beat! After 2 so I can use one with my HTPC in the media room & other one with another PC!

      • Did you get your price match? Yarraville and Altona North didn't want to because it was on pre-order on Bing Lee website.

  • On stock again over Bing Lee site, I have just ordered online, maybe it will be useful to update the post.

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    Thanks OP. Got one for $27.55 from Officeworks

  • Tried to price match at JB HiFi Airport West (VIC); best they could do was $49 😒
    They justified it by saying 'Bing Lee is a small retailer with no physical stores in metro Melbourne, we can't match.'

    • In reality, JB is an offshore merchant bank. Like all their other staff, they are trained in Jedi mind tricks, lies & subterfuge (if they have not learned it all via social media by the time they reached 7 years old).

      • Agreed.

        On one hand, I respect their position in terms of not reducing their price from $69 to $29 as Bing Lee aren't explicitly 'direct competitors', but on the other hand this lack of movement and goodwill does come off as arrogant and contemptuous.

        Ah well.

        • Disagreed.

          OTOH, they deserve no respect, in terms that

          They are both national chains that sell:
          They both sell whitegoods
          They sell audio, video gear
          They have very similar suppliers
          They both sell computer gear, mobile phones, etc.
          They both sell online and in store, exist in shopping centres and main streets, etc.
          Some Bing Lee outlets even sell DVDs, etc.

          How can they not be in direct competition?

          Arrogant and contemptuous is where they began before an even more arrogant and contemptuous MaqB bought them out.

          Oh Dear. (Sorry for your pain!)

        • @zerovelocity: Not explicitly 'direct competitors' in the sense that I was trying to get a price match from a store that has no bricks and mortar presence in Melbourne (Bing Lee). I know, it's semantics, but I had no better offer. The shifty techniques these guys use to weasel out of matching a competitor are terrible, but when no other option exists apart from losing our sh!t at them and security being called, we're in a tough position.

        • +1

          @rawm: You have a point. Melbourne has a couple of local competitors that have made it harder for BL to ever get in.

          But saying they are not in (our) city is poor form. Not many other cities lack both chains.

          Besides, the market is, and always has been national

          The market is (increasingly) online

          Next, they'll be saying they don't need to honour their price guarantee as the competitor is not in their suburb.

          Or street, or this shopping centre, or the same floor, or doesn't compete because they close half an hour earlier than us on Sunday, or has different colours on their logo.

          The list of bloody minded excuses is endless

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    I managed to get JB Hi-Fi to price match this in Hornsby last week. the checkout girl asked to check my phone was showing a legit site and then needed a manager to authorise it but yeah no real questions were asked.

    so thanks to the poster for a new media pc keyboard

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    Bing Lee Online Chat and those running it don’t even check stock numbers!
    I went into the Albury store today and asked if they had any of these k400s left- the sales rep typed in the product code on his POS and it showed a list of every single BingLee store (abbreviated) with the number of stocks in each store. They directed me to the Wodonga store which had 5 in stock. Drove interstate (10mins across the Murray River) and picked up the keyboard with no dramas.

    TL; DR - Bing Lee Chat could just be a robot telling you anything - they don’t actually check anything, so don’t waste your time. Go in store

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