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Linksys WRT1200AC-AU Dual Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router 1300mbps $80.50 Delivered (Was $193 RRP) @ Warehouse 1 eBay


Great price for this Router. Free click and collect or free shipping.

Update GMT+10 6:50pm 38 sold in one hour, yet only 30 votes, :(

OpenWRT compatible :)

This Linksys Wireless Router is an ideal choice if you're struggling to maintain a solid Wi-Fi signal in your home. The router utilises 802.11 ac wireless technology to ensure a more stable connection with your devices, as well as offering an impressive wireless speed of 1300Mbps, making it ideal for streaming video and audio. A USB port is also provided, allowing you to enable file sharing.

15% applies at Checkout
5% with eBay Coupon
1% Cashrewards

Original P5OZZIE 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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  • It's already at limited quantity available. I would say this will be sold out soon.

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      less typing more buying :D

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  • Jesus bought this this morning for $179 and thought that was a good deal.

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      Send it back, buy this

      • +4

        That's exactly what I'm doing, glad I caught this in time to get it.

    • +2

      Where did you buy it from and is it the WRT1200AC-AU model?. Just saying because the only place that staticice claims to have the WRT1200AC-AU model is Wireless1.

      Are you sure you didn't buy the WRT1900AC model which is the AC1900?. They both look in appearance as the same apart from the AC1900 having two additional antennas.

      • Yeaaaaaah I've just realised my mistake, going to have to cancel this order instead. Doh.

        • Yes. Well we all make silly mistakes from time to time.

        • @hollykryten: Ha ha! Looks like all the comments up to here are from the seller! Well done.
          Looks like a good price though .

        • @hollykryten:

          Not me

        • +1


          ok. Well i have no affiliation to the seller.

        • @pal:

          I do not understand this comment.

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      Jesus bought this the morning

      Why does Jesus need WiFi and how do you know his IT needs?

    • Did he?

  • Is it NBN compatible?

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      it is ready for NBN , but NOT fttn NBN

      the issue is NBN is an umbrella term used for all broadband services

      • Why wouldn't it?
        It is a router. I do not see why a router would care about it as long as your modem is compatible with your network and feeds data to the router, why would it make a difference?

        • +6

          Because this is a router, NOT a modem. FTTN requires a modem as well.

        • @BradleyDS2: Thanks for your reply. I addressed this down below. Regarding the op question about a router which this is a router, it is compatible with almost any set up. The router does its job. You might need a modem or not if you are lucky.

    • Yes it most definitely would be apart from FTTN. FTTP then yes it would work.

    • +16

      It's a router. That's almost like asking whether a powerboard is compatible with electricity.
      It ought to be able to work with any network, but it is not a modem. If you are on fibre, you should be fine. If you are on Fibre to the Node or Basement (with copper to your home / flat), you will still need a modem to interpret the VDSL signal from NBN.

      • +3

        This is the killer for me, not expecting to ever get fttp anywhere I might live in the next 5 years, and don't want to run 2 devices when I can run just one. Thanks shitty govt!

        • Sometimes it is good to have two devices, imagine if your situation changes, wherever you go you can still use the router no matter the network, infrastructure or the kind of modem you come across or if there is something wrong with the modem, your router still does its job but I personally like one device instead too.

  • Guest wifi is unsecured….

    • So don't enable it. It's pretty standard for guest WiFi to be unsecured, few cafes/shops etc are. That's why people should run VPN on their phones at all times, it's just rather unfortunate that few are aware of the option and it's not seen as a requirement by those that are aware of it.

      • Nope. Asus and others have it even on cheaper models. It's pretty basic security.

        • +1

          his neighbours are his guests as well :)

        • @ozdesi: haha

        • I didn't say it was unheard of. Even if it's available, it's common not to enable the security. Just wander through your main shopping area with your phone in hand and look at how many open WiFI SSIDs there are. There may be some token based system to allow usage, but connection to it is still totally unsecured.

        • @banana365: Yep, and that's why you never connect to them….. Literally network security 101.

  • Bought thanks :) was looking at the deal a few days ago ~200AUD router. seems almost the same

  • +1

    Had a spare xiaomi mi router 3, and flashed with padavan (some good instructions around, including on this site). Would this product be that much different? Worth the extra $$?

    • I too am interested in this question

    • I wouldn't trust xiaomi for routers - spying comes to my mind. Ditto with their smartphones.

  • Do you think this or the Asus rt 68 u?

    • +1

      I bought the Linksys EA6900v1.1 from wireless1 eBay for $97.00 delivered. This unit can be converted to a claytons Asus RT-AC68U.

      How to here.

      Conversion works on version 1.0 or 1.1.

  • Considering I have FTTN would it be just better staying with my TG799 router/modem. Are there any negatives performance wise by bridging my exisiting modem with this? I'm not sure why I even want it other than it looks cool and cheap lol

    • +1

      Performance negatives? No.

      It would not affect your actual internet speed or reliability from dropouts.

      You would buy this for better Wifi and home network routing, and whether you want to tinker with additional features like VPNs, guest networks, etc.

      IMO I would wait for a deal on a good router/modem such as D7000 or DSL-AC68U and upgrade both components at the same time for not much more. But this is a good deal rihht now if you're currently having Wifi problems.

  • How about FTTB?

    • +2

      FTTB = FTTN = need a separate VDSL modem for this router-only device

  • +1

    I’ve had this router for two years now, super reliable and solid, very happy with it. For those that like to tinker, DD-WRT is also an option. Great great price too.

    • With DD-WRT, what did you use for the initial flash? In the dd-wrt FTP server, I couldn't find a factory-to-ddwrt.img for the V2.

  • I bought before researching… Ozbargain did it for me…

  • Thanks OP. This looked cheapest option to have a VPN flashed router. I am going to use this as a secondary router for secured (VPN) connections.

  • +3

    Great deal!

    I highly recommend using LEDE instead of OpenWRT though, it's the updated version of OpenWRT, which is actively maintained. The developers split off due to some arguments and are now going to be renaming LEDE to OpenWRT and continue working together. Until that happens, think of OpenWRT as Version 1 and LEDE as Version 2.

    • I believe they've effectively merged already. If you look on the openwrt site you can see they have lede builds linked and recommended. (

      • Thanks for pointing that out. They've been working on the merge for the past year, but it hadn't happened yet. Once it does, all references to the name LEDE will be removed, and replaced with OpenWRT, but it will be LEDE, they're just changing the name back to the original.

        • +1

          Why was I begged? Everything I said was true, I'm a part of the LEDE community, so I know what's happening.

  • got myself one to replace the crappy free Belong router for my FTTP connection, cheers..

    • +1

      my FTTP connection

      Hate you so much right now. >:(

  • I've got the model up (WRT1200ACS) running DD-WRT, these are great routers.

  • Thoughts on this router vs the Asus AC68U?

    Currently have the AC66U (MIPS based, running Merlin) and I'm wondering whether I should just wait it out for 802.11ad instead…

    • 1900 vs 1200 router?

      • I just posted a 3200 :)

        • 3200 pricing is way off besides you would require 3200 WiFi on all your devices to make use of it.

        • @ozdesi: yes but think of the futureprofing

        • -1

          @wooldogs: If your devices are not 3200 then why kill yourself and impact your health with such a strong WiFi signal throughout the house. I'm going a bit off-topic.

        • +4

          @ozdesi: cheepwun I SUMMON YOU

  • Cheers OP, was in the market for a cheap router! Grabbed one :)

  • I need help here, so I just clicked Buy it Now, instead of Add to Cart (rookie mistake). I then clicked Commit to buy, and just before paying, I've realised that it still shows up as full price missing the 15% discount. So I stopped paying.

    I noticed I was meant to press Add to Cart to get the 15% discount

    What do I do here?

    • Safest and quickest thing would be to buy another one and cancel the other order.

      • how do I cancel the order, I've already clicked "commit to buy"

        • Email the seller. I have done it before. Just say you accidently bought it twice and only need one. Don't think they have too many left.

        • @wooldogs: okay, thanks will do

  • Has anyone ever tried this ? Recently purchased a Raspberry PI 3 and looks like Raspberry PI 3 hardware config has same configuration as this router ?

    • I thought about it, but decided against it.

      • Only a few USB WiFi adapters have support for Acesss Point mode in their Linux drivers.
      • Some required modified drivers that are not maintained in the distributions's kernels which is problematic when updating the kernel.
      • It can be difficult to identify which adapter to buy as some manufacturers change the chipset in the USB adapter without changing the model.
      • I couldn't find a suitalbe USB WiFi adapter with a decent antenna, 802.11 AC and 5GHz and reasonable price.

      With a commercial router such as this Linksys, you get both 2.4GHZ and 5GHz access points in the same device plus multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports. You get multiple antennas so you can use MIMO and it better support other advanced WiFi features and have all round better throughput, especially if you have simultaneous connections.

  • Sorry for the stupid question, but can this be used for ADSL 2+.
    Sorry not a technical guy with limited knowledge

    • Yes it is a router but you will need a ADSL Modem.

  • will this do IPoE (IP over Ethernet) for Aussie Broadband NBN FW?

  • just paid for a RT-AC68U last week……………. pls make me feel better

  • Was this security threat fixed by Linksys?

    • +1

      Not sure, but it was fixed immediately in LEDE, which is available for the router for free.

  • +1

    $84.74 for me P5OZZIE expired.

    • +1

      Can only use it 3 times. See terms and conditions of the coupon code.

      • Oh, okay.

        I thought because it’s gone midnight.


      • Seems it had expired after all.

  • +2

    I've had the 1900 version for 2 years now, great hardware but horrible built-in OS without any upstream limiting or QOS. Used Lede on it since and it's been solid as a rock with only restarts being when the iron trips the breaker. Adsl using a Belong router as a modem which I got for $3 from a thrift store, that little cheapo belong unit is great on the connection side of things. (iinet)

    • Which firmware are you using? DavidC502?

  • I have a Netgear D6300 ADSL2+ modem. Will this improve the Wifi network as I am currently experiencing intermittent Wifi issue at long range (Telstra Network). Thanks in advance !

  • how is this compared to another one from same seller for $92~ EA6900 AC1900 dual band smart router?

  • not a technical guy here; i'm moving into a new house soon, and will be needing a new router and modem - is there any reason not to buy this particular one, is there any research i need to do about my place before deciding to on whether this is suitable or not? reviews seem pretty good for it so far in this thread.

    • And a follow up question would be: If you purchased this one, you'd still need to buy a modem, correct? In the same situation where there's an NBN box in the unit, but I'm wondering if I needed to buy anything else?

      • this is just a router, so you'd definitely need a separate modem. however, depending on what type of NBN technology you're using, you may or may not need to buy a separate modem as it may already be supplied to you (e.g. the Arris modem for HFC).

  • Thanks bought one

  • My order placed on the 8 Jan 2018, still not received the router, anyone else still waiting for delivery? or just mine got held up ?

    • Mine has been delivered. Picked it up yesterday from post office

      • I did ask for a tax invoice when I placed my order, not sure that made any difference.
        Anyway,I have moved on and purchased an ASUS RT-AC68U :-)

    • Mine too. Already canceled the order and moved on.

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