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Philips Close Cut HQ6906 Electric Shaver || $9.95 Delivered @ ShaverShop


Hurry up. This wont last long. Just managed to order one Philips electric shaver for under $10. Received $20 Coupon code as good faith of previous order cancellation (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/352781) and that code can be stacked up with another code SHAVE10 ($10 OFF) which brings the price of this shaver down to $9.95 delivered.

Coupon Number: THANKYOU
ThankYou (-$20.00)

Coupon Number: SHAVE10
SHAVE10 (-$9.95)

Sub total (Including GST): $29.95
Promotional Code (applied): $29.95
Shipping: $9.95
Saving: $39.95
GST: $0.90
TOTAL: $9.95

Received order confirmation as well:
Your order is on its way
The following email is confirmation that your order has been shipped, and will arrive at your nominated delivery address within 5 business days.
If you have any questions at all in regards to your order, please contact 1300 SHAVER (742 837).
Thank you for shopping with Shaver Shop!
Order number O_001467452

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  • bought for inlaw… thank you!

    • +20

      I hope she likes it.

      • I'm Watching you, WatchNerd.

  • +2

    Bought one for work for when I forget to tidy myself up at home :/

  • Wow, nice find. Ordered the hair clippers from the previous deal and a beard trimmer.

  • Already have one.
    Nice clean cut, been using it daily for almost 2 years now, blades still sharp

    • +5

      your facial hair is weak bro

      • +3

        Who said anything about his face?

  • +10

    Bought, but not expecting them to fulfill the orders (understandably) after they get taken for a ride by a bunch of professionals.

    • LMAO

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if Gerry bought out shaver shop

  • +18

    Thanks, got one for the wife.
    She prefers a mains powered shaver too.

    Edit - Who negged me? Looks like someone is jealous that I've got a hairy wife.

    • +13

      It was probably your wife that negged you.

  • Cheers OP, got one!

  • +3

    had one of these previously can confirm utter crap

    got one of these recently and this does a closer shave https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/352781

    • +1

      Did you return it? Under Aus consumer law if a product isn't fit for purpose you are entitled to a full refund.

  • +2

    Works on anything! Thanks so much OP!! Got an electric toothbrush for $9.95 Delivered.

    • Make sure to add these toothbrush head refills too, as the electric toothbrushes are only $20 :)

      (but supposedly doesn't fit the crossaction one)

    • Thanks, that's worthy of an extra post!!!!!!!!!!! Got one myself.

      • Lol took your advice and posted it so people know it works for everything else!

  • bought for the wife… thank you!

  • +1

    Ordered. Well done OP, let's hope it's not Good Guys Google Home Mini all over again

  • got one, thanks op

  • +2

    You get what you pay for with this model.

    Not to say it's bad, just keep the price in mind when you're using the product.

    Circular motions for this shaver is the only way to get some kind of 'okay' shave.

    Also, clean it every time you use it with the included brush.

    • +1

      "Circular motions for this shaver is the only way"

      Couldn't agree more. This model won't cut at all otherwise.

  • Thanks
    Order one

  • Got one.. Thanks

  • If you prefer disposable, could get 6x 3 pack of Gillette Mach 3 Razors for $9.95 delivered lol, 18 razors in total

  • Bought a $9.95 one from aldi which is a pos i'll be returning, hopefully this is better!

    • same same but different knowhatimean?

    • +1

      Same price. You think this one will be better… yeah right.

        • Maybe, but what you are forgetting is the price. They are not into selling quality stuff that will work well at this price point. Nobody would be buying the proper shavers then. Why fork 100 and more dollars when you can just buy a dozen $10 ones and be settled for life.

          Sometimes you do get more than what you paid for, but those are exceptions, not the rule. In this case it's not like it cost a nugget but selling for peanuts because someone made a mistake.

        • @bargainparker:

          Very true.

          I must say though, this one is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

          I'm not a particularly hairy dude so my experience is with disposable home brand jobbers but this gave me a near exact finish to a old fashioned 2 blade and and super impressed, leaves the other one for dead.

  • I cant get the shave10 code to work. Comes up as $19.90 for me
    Coupon code "SHAVE10" cannot currently be added to your cart.

    • +1

      I had to add mine when I was on the checkout page, rather than on the cart page. Worked OK.

  • Thanks OP

  • Awesome deal. I ordered one. Thanks guys.

  • +2

    Thanks, ordered one for the dog to use on the cat.

  • Thanks bought one

  • Does anyone know how the shavershop is with their ‘60 day money back’ guarantee is?

    How does this work?

    Recently bought a shaver that I’m not entirely happy with

  • EDIT - NVM

  • After being an ozbargainer, I've collected a lot of things I don't really use. My wallet has been starving since then.

  • Corded use only!!

  • Bought, thanks.

  • +1

    thanks OP. bought one without even reading what it does.

  • Can't get the SHAVE10 coupon to stack over the first coupon. It's saying "Coupon code "SHAVE10" cannot currently be added to your cart."

    This deal is perhaps over.

    • Checkout as guest with different email. Code can only be applied once to a account. looks like you have used it before.

  • Just managed to get one… hope they’ll honor it…

    • How did you?. I keep trying the SHAVE10 coupon and it keeps saying that it can't be applied to the cart.

      • Checkout as guest with different email. Code can only be applied once to a account. looks like you have used it before.

        • Oh crap. I just remembered that i must have already used the SHAVE10 coupon to get the recent Wahl Home Pro hair clipper deal. :)

        • Yeah you were right. I had to checkout as guest with a different email address that i had a disposable one. Basically the SHAVE10 coupon can only be used once per email address.

  • Hmmm, I bought 2 toothbrush heads and paid postage only of $9.95

    It said the shave10 coupon wouldnt work but it applied the discount anyway!

    Happy shopping guys!

  • I had to apply SHAVE10 during checkout, rather than in the cart and it worked OK.

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    thanks, got 6 oral b toothbrush head refills for $9.95 delivered.

    • Bought 8 for $13.89

      • so $1.73 each .. you paid to much

        i paid $1.65 each ;-)

        was doing it so quick before the code ran out …

        • damn, you did the math

        • -1

          6 refills for $24.95, plus 9.95 shipping then -$30, i.e. $4.90 for 6 refills…

        • @sylvester328:
          that's what i got, coupons don't come off the shipping

  • bought one..thanks.. was looking for one as my 2yr old shaver died :(

  • Thanks Ordered

  • +1

    Don't forget the 3.5% cashback!

  • Thank you, ordered one also.

  • Thanks.

    They done goofed.

  • So is it $10 or $20 after all coupons?

    • It is $9.95 which is the shipping cost

  • RIP neck.

  • +1

    Good one, mate! Thank you.

    I used both the codes and bought Philips Hair Clipped + Nose/ear Trimmer AND the Shaver as mentioned in your post, cool $35 total :)

  • Got one thanks OP.

  • Managed to order one after checking out as guest and using a different email address.

    Otherwise you can't use that SHAVE10 coupon code on an account if you already used it previously for example on that previous Wahl Home Pro deal.

  • +2

    Your order number is: O_00147718

    O_0 is right. Lets see if it gets honoured..fat chance though

  • So-so reviews… Anyone recommend a better one that can also take advantage of these codes? (preferably something to travel with!)

  • +1

    Sheers… opps, Cheers :-)

  • Thanks! Got one.

  • Ordered one for $9.95, thanks for the nice deal.

  • Cheers OP bought one, now just need someone to help me manscape.

  • +1

    A true ozbargainer would have added all coupons and then selected instore pickup to get this for FREE!!

    • We are all the same bud…

    • +4

      A real ozbargainer would check the post and see that in-store pickup is not available.

      • well he NEED(s)HELP…

      • I know, just saying I would have forced them to give it to me in store.

      • bahahaha true that… a real ozbargainer wouldnt miss the CR

  • Got one, nice find. Imagine if they did click and collect :D

  • Not working thank you is only taking $10 off

  • +1 for the codes, bought some razor refills @ $2 each, delivered :)

  • thanks got a school pedi for @12.94 with cash rewards (usually $25 lowest price )

  • looks like they just cancelled the coupons… got the trimmer kit ordered tho

    • still working

  • No longer working. Codes applied however when you check out, the full price is displayed.

    • Nope, not working for me

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