This was posted 9 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Ring Video Doorbell V2 - $296.10 Delivered @ Australian Geographic


Found this while doing a Google search for the spare battery. It does not show up on Staticice search. Not as good as the last eBay Boxing Day deal, but the cheapest I can find at the moment.

This is the Ring Video Doorbell V2 for $296.10 at Australian Geographic available as Click & Collect or delivered.


  • Instant mobile alerts
  • 1080HD wide-angle video
  • Built-in microphone and speakers
  • Can run on the included rechargeable battery or hardwired (8-24V)
  • Free 30 day trial of cloud recording for new accounts
  • After the 30 day trial period, you can opt-in for a $4 monthly subscription fee for on-going cloud recording. Please select "Australia" as the country to show AUD$ pricing.

Australian Geographic website says orders over $50 receive free standard shipping.

RRP of $329 from the website.

$317 at Harvey Norman as part of their Half-Yearly Clearance, where I bought mine yesterday.

Otherwise it is also $329 at JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Bunnings, etc.

There is no start date or end date so I don't know how long it will remain at this price.

Product review from Gizmodo Australia.

Hope this helps anyone save a little bit on the Ring Video Doorbell V2.

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    Fair bit cheaper if ordered from Amazon, including shipping

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      Thanks @dosada!

      I forgot to check Amazon US.

      For those that can wait a couple of weeks when ordering from overseas, using the Amazon link above, you can get the V2 doorbell for approx US$208.11 or approx AU$261 (depending on the exchange rate and intl txn fees).

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    Would love to get one of these but am put off by the paid subscription to record any footage. Why can't it record to your own network storage?

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    Bought the Ring Doorbell Pro that comes with Chime Pro for $299 at JB HIFI .


    Thanks x-analyzer.

    I also considered getting that one but I don't have an exisiting wired doorbell or any wiring at all to the front of my house near the door. Hence, I settled on getting the V2 which is battery powered but can also be wired.


    Here's my dumb question for the day… What's to stop people ripping this off your front door and taking it away for themselves?


      Well if you have cloud storage then you at least get the footage


      thought the same thing, the versions where the camera is say higher or built into the door is what you usually see

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      You can get a replacement from them for free (not sure about shipping) if your ring doorbell is stolen and can be proved by police report.

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      I installed mine yesterday. I drilled into the brick using the included masonry drill bit. Then inserted the masonry anchor plugs (also included) into the holes, then attached and screwed the doorbell. And then finally attached face plate and security screw. I think it would take a fair bit of whacking before it would come off. By that time, you'd be alerted by it, if you've set-up motion detection.


      I think you guys are just worrying too much, people who steal a camera probs don't have anything at their own home that worth protecting (to re-use the camera at their place). Also if they actually want to steal they probs aim at things much valuable (to at least worth the risk stealing from a CCTV-armed house)

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        Don't underestimate what people can do when they are desperate for a few dollars. I have friends car windows broken just to steal a $5 jacket.

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          Yep. Not all criminals are stupid, but don't bet on all of them being this logical or thoughtful…


      theres a youtube vid doing the rounds where some dude has a modified screwdriver to take off the sec screw. couple of wires snips later and within 2 minutes he takes off with the camera.

      ring is a fad. they'll be useless in 6 months time when ppl are sick of the sub fees or when something better comes out. Better of getting a xioami cam that can be fully configurable.
      i use a rpi personally with IFTT

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    10% off if you price match at Bunnings?


    Worth considering Xiaomi gateway/camera/switch as a more flexible & cost effective solution?

    No monthly fee and who cares if the camera gets nicked.


      What camera would you recommend, there seem to be too many different version - I'm actually looking to install a Xiaomi in-house to complement my arlo

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    I have both a Ring (v2) and ARLO Cameras, and I find the doorbell helpful — however, unless you have a solid internet connection (10+ M/Bit), expect there to be jumps in the connection. Not only in the footage when answering via the phone, but also recording. My Arlo Cameras, though, are brilliant despite the internet connection.

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