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This is an old offer from Domino's Pizza and the deal might have been a bit stale. However, please check out our Pizza Coupons page for all of the latest pizza deals, coupons and promo codes.

expired 40% off Premium & Traditional Pizzas @ Domino's


40% off Premium & Traditional pizzas at Dominos - today (17/01/2018) only.

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    Beat me to it :D

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    Thank you :)

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    *Excludes Hawaiian, Value and New Yorker pizzas.


    Nice one Miller0.. thanks

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    FYI, you can get vegan cheese now - it's extra - but makes it a little healthier I guess. I think it's this stuff -

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    You’ll see all your favorite soccer stars. Like Ariaga! Ariaga II! Bariaga! Aruglia! And Pizzoza!


    Tried to use the 40% off and Dominoes said no, but have 20% off: 498925196567, I said no.

    In some stores, Dominoes seem to be trimming the size of their discounts as much as they are trimming the size of their pizza ;)


      Try these instead, next best thing:

      694085 Traditional Pizzas $7.95 / Premium Pizzas $10.90 Pickup 28/01/2018
      396651 33% off Pizzas (Excludes Value, New Yorker & Hawaiian)

      Depending on the price at your store, it should only work out $0.18 or $0.78 more using that $7.95 code than this 40% off code.

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    If your store doesn't accept the above codes, here's mine that I got from not (credit to Scab) placing an order

    40% off Menu Price Pizzas
    ENTER CODE: 102514411322
    Single use only. Conditions apply. Online only. Not valid with any other coupons, offers or promotional price pizzas. Excludes Value range pizzas, half ‘n’ half, additional topping & indulgent crust surcharges. Selected stores only. Minimum delivery order $22. Valid for 48 hours from issue.

    Received at 1pm today, so it should be valid for 48hrs more. Reply to this comment once you've used it, as it's only a single use coupon :)


    Did these scumbags remove some of their avocado pizzas? I can only see ONE on the menu now, avo veg, im sure there were more like a week or two ago?


    Thanks OP


    Offers app is showing me 294 681 for 50% at selected stores


    Got my worst pizza ever today from Dominos Ingleburn today at about 1pm. Ordered the Godfather on thin and crispy. Instead I got the floppy and sloppy. No joke it should have been served with a spoon. First slice I picked up flopped and before I knew it the toppings slid off into the box. The crust was not crispy at all it was more like doughy and gooey.

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      Ingleburn is really hit or miss. I complained to Dominos a couple of times, got no response except for once when they said it's the stores issue and to deal with them. Next time it's shit I'm just going to dispute the paypal charge.


    I got a voucher from customer support and it seems to be endless (or maybe a very high limit), haven't payed for pizza in months