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LG V30+ $999 @ JB Hi-Fi


Same price as the deal posted by OzSikh on eBay (Allphones) . Great price for great phone.

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    Can't wait for this to drop to $500 in a few months like all other LG phones

  • I used up all my gift cards from December, I think I'll wait til mid-year sales.

  • Heard there's screen issues on this phone so not sure about it

  • Still a pretty shit price given it launched for $1200au 2 months back with bonus $200+ headphones included.
    Also, no idea why we're limited to black V30's when there are 3 other delightful colours.

    BuymobileAU and Shoppingsquareaustralia are both selling them for $808 on their ebay stores atm in any colour you like (grey stock obviously).

  • The plus+ is just larger storage yeah? Have the non-plus+ ones not come onto the market yet?

  • I will wait until they have decided to unlock the bootloader for Aus Model.

    • I think we're going to be waiting a long while.
      LG doesn't tend to unlock, except where required by law (ie the EU)

  • i wouldnt say its a bad price. I got mine on launch day, with the earphones. The B&o wasnt really worth 200, more like 100plus or so.

    I'd say the next big thing would be the S9 getting announced next month. Remember 835 is last year's chip, but I'm stuck to V30 as its the only one with audio Quad DAC (so far).

  • I bought a V20 from JB for $899 a year ago (my phone was broken, and I had $200 of credit card points at least). Even with the discounts, I was a bit pissed that 3 months later it could be had for under $500 (grey market).

    Point is, if you care about bang for buck buying the latest model phone is unnecessary. Of course it's up to the individual and your needs (high quality sound for me) but it's basically diminishing returns these days. I would wait for a couple of months if you can… This phone will get substantially cheaper.

    • Based on ur experience when do u think it would be around 500 from a reliable Aus retailer like JB. In this case I'm not in a hurry :)