This was posted 4 years ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Linksys EA9200 AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router $103.20 Delivered @ Warehouse1 eBay


Looks like a really good deal for a tri-band router. It has a single N600 band plus two AC1300Mbps bands for a theoretical maximum throughput of 3200Mbps. Based on reviews it has speeds comparable to the Asus-RT-AC3200 and Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 (600Mbps+ on 5GHz) which are both much more expensive:

I've seen it at around $220-$230 from other stores on eBay and around $299 at PCCaseGear and ComputerAlliance.

Paypal is enabled once more.

The 20% PCTECH eBay code won't work on this item as Paypal is not available as a payment option. Only Mastercard/VISA/Bank Deposit are accepted. Please take note of this when buying!

Original 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Can't seem to add to cart

  • No Pay via Paypal? Money Transfer or CC….. guess thats one way to avoid paypal disputes. Good Deal, shady practice

    • Did you get a box to enter discount code?

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        Nope, and with no paypal im not touching it.

        • I have purchased something from Banggood and they have refused to refund me and lie to Paypal that they have send the item. Yes they did send the items. They send 6 out of 10. I have to prove that they lied to Paypal then I got my money back. Dont buy without Paypal.

    • Yep - it's definitely something to be aware of. Warehouse1 is listed under the 20% eBay sale but don't have Paypal available as a payment option for some items. I think it's still a good price though.

    • I thought pay pal was required for all ebay listings.

    • But it's saying on the eBay page under the postage and payments tab that Visa/Mastercard payments are accepted?. So according to that credit card payments can be used through the checkout. Just no Paypal.

  • it seems this router has the connection drop problem. Otherwise it's pretty good deal for tri-band router.

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    I purchased an item from Warehouse1 not long ago from eBay sale, never received the item, now I have to open a Paypal dispute to get my money back, their shipping method is randomly ship small number of orders and hold up the rest, seems they have cahsflow issue,No Paypal= NO order from Warehouse1, buyer beware.

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      Warehouse1 are the same group as ITMadness who regularly advertise products they do not have as being "in stock" and promise next day delivery for, and cannot get and then hold onto your money for months.

      Big thread about these arsehats over here:

      • I should have read this before paying these mob. Paid last Friday 26/01 and still haven't heard anything from the seller about postage.

        Now I can only hope

        • I got in touch with them on Tuesday and they sent me a tracking id the same day. Scheduled to arrive today,one day earlier than the estimate provided on eBay.

          Perhaps contact them?

        • Thanks, I'll send them a message via eBay.

          May I ask when did you place your order? May be I should lower my expectation, most of my previous eBay sellers posted the item out within 1-3 business days.

        • @lite2010: placed the order on the same day as you :o)

        • @Chinerama: I've been informed no stock and full refund if required :(

        • @lite2010: Bummer luck mate. Hope it's not a long wait to restock. It's a pretty sweet deal.

  • It has been this price on their website. I ordered one the other day. I was happy with their service.
    Yes, it has been dropping connections, because apparently it appears to also be affected by this issue, but hopefully either Google and Linksys will provide a fix soon. I bought this because the Chromecast/Home issue would constantly completely crash my Archer d7 (and at that time, nobody knew why). For my EA9200, it will occasionally cause my phone to drop the WiFi for a while, but it remains stable. I have no problem with all other devices; can stream, etc. without interruption.

    • That is interesting to note with the Archer D7, I just replaced it as it was dropping like crazy and couldn't work out why, other than it had crapped itself. I have just added a couple of Chromecasts, a Google Home and a Home mini in recent times, sort of lining up with my issues. Might have to pull it out of the rubbish pile and take another look.

      • +1

        Check out this thread on Whirlpool about everyone having 5GHz dropouts and general freezing issues with the Archer D7. It's all because of Google Homes and Chromecasts. It started happening to me (after adding Google Homes) so badly that I instantly bought another router as my network became unworkable. The D7 would crash completely. TP-Link support has been very vague about it, but the causes are now known.

        If your Archer is still under its 3 years warranty, ask to exchange it for a C9.

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          Awesome, thanks for the info. Now to try and fish for the receipt. My misses was on the warpath as the internet was drop out all the time in the end the 5ghz band would just vanish. Bought a D-Link and at this stage is working fine. But if i can get it replaced with a C9, would be a good result.

    • Same issues with my Archer D7. Connection dropping almost every hour, especially the 5Ghz one. Bought from Officeworks. I have the original box, but no receipt.

      • Both Google and TP Link are supposed to be releasing patches. Ensure to update your phone.

  • Does this router have decent QOS? Can you throttle bandwidth based on IP?

    • Yeah looks like they've finally accepted paypal, such a dodgy practice to remove it originally.

    • So in other words, you can use the coupon so the price has to be updated?

  • One thing to note about this router: the guest network sucks. It is based on an open access point, followed by authentication through a webpage. This is bad because:

    • Anyone can connect to your AP. They may not be able to browse the internet, but they can connect which is not a good thing
    • Traffic is not encrypted
    • Each time a visitor comes, they will likely have to go through the Website authentication form first

    That's basically my only gripe with this device. But a tri-band router for $103 is a steal. Signal strength is great. But be mindful you will have to do a two-step firmware upgrade: first to an intermediate firmware, then to the latest.

  • Finally, i got one . Thanks op

    • Yeah but only until it's shipped have you got one.

      • lol.

  • Just got one. There's an additional 10% off. Got mine for below $100.

    • +1

      yeh this was marked as $93 originally

      the problem was i dont think they were specific with how they got to that price when on the surface it looks like it will be $103

      for anyone reading when you ad the item to your cart the extra 10% just comes off automatically and then you add the PRAWNS code afterwords

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