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PS4 Dualshock 4 "Gran Turismo Sport Special Edition" $49 @ EB Games + More Deals from Manager's Specials


Seems like a good deal for the New Gen Dualshock 4.

Some more deals from the Manager's Specials:
Fallout 4 (preowned) - $10
Steam Link + $20 Steam Wallet - $29
Steam Controller - $60
Pokemon Sun and Moon - $29
Destiny 2 steelcase - $55
Destiny 2 - $49
WWE 2K18 - $47
Borderlands Handsome Collection - $28
Chibi-Robo Ziplash with Amiibo - $19

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    Cheapest I've ever seen one

    • wasnt it $40 before xmas?

      • Just checked, think I am wrong.

      • +11

        it was $69 for game+controller last month.
        if you consider the game for $29, so, yes, it was $40 :D

        • +5

          But if you don't want the game this is a good price for a brand new

      • I think it was 59!

      • +1

        Was $49 at Big W, price matched by JB Hifi.

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    Just beat me to it! Got this controller price matched a month ago and I can confirm it is a sexy controller.

    I also noticed the signal is better on this compared to my original v2 controller, not sure it's because it's old or they actually improved stuff.

    • +1

      How to tell signal is better?

      Less latency?

      • +1

        Yep, DS4Windows shows the latency

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    $54 delivered.

    • +13

      Price match at HN online using live chat and use shipster for free shipping.

      • Good advice, but I already bought it :(

        • +10

          Damn.. as a bargainer I’m obliged to ask you to cancel and reorder at HN to save $5 but I guess that’s a lot of effort lol, enjoy your new controller!

        • +1

          The queries is it worth your time to save mere $5 price matching via chats and using shipster

        • +1


          Live chat doesn’t take long at all and shipster takes 2 seconds to sign up, probably worth it to save 10% of the cost.

        • +1

          @doweyy: Thanks for the tip mate! Got price matched just now and signed up for the Shipster trial too - what a play!

        • @doweyy: I managed to get it price matched by HN, but I wonder do I need another controller.

        • Thanks doweyy for the tip.

      • Thank you so much doweyy, I got it shipped to me for 49$ total.

      • Price matched. Thank you!

  • Noob question alert: Can this be used with PS3?

    • +5

      Sort of….

      You can pair it to the PS3 which will see it as a generic controller, however, stuff like the PS button and rumble will not work.

      • +2

        Good enough. Cheers!

      • Years ago quite a few games didn't support it, GTAV being the big one for me. Guessing that's changed?

  • Got one! Thanks OP.

  • Got one! Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP. Bought and local store has one for pickup.

  • My R2 is logically stuck on but physically okay. Anyone ever faced this and successfully fixed it?

    • +1

      My L1 does this. Popped it off, cleaned it with cottonbud and metho, still happens, but much less often.

  • +2

    Yep, controller's part of this week's "Manager's Specials".

    Some specials have carried over from last week, such as the Steam Link + $20USD credit for $29 and Pokemon Sun/Moon for $29 each. A noteworthy addition is Fallout 4 for $10 preowned.

    OP, you might want to add those details in.

  • Got one thanks!

  • Express post $5 vs Standard. No stock anywhere to pickup so it's really $54

    What games would be good for two players on PS4?

    • I can think of Borderlands Handsome Collection, Rocket League, Overcooked, Tekken 7, Rayman Legends and Diablo 3

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    • +1


    • Rocketbirds 1 & 2, Lego games

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    What's different about the new gen?

    • +4

      The v2 controllers support data over the USB cable (ie the controller continues working while charging). They also have an additional, smaller light bar on the touch pad so you can see what its doing without having to flip the controller. But the biggest difference seems to be the quality of the signal and general operation - which is tough because some people have problems witht the v1, and others don't so you might not see any difference at all. My v1 controllers were both horribly laggy and just generally a terrible experience - switching to a v2, it's been perfect and far less reliant on line of sight to the PS4. A bit of searching online will give you plenty of articles about the issue.

  • +1

    Ordered one for pick up. Got a message saying out of stock. EB offered to deliver for free for next Monday. Not in particular hurry so EB offering to honor the deal with free delivery because its out of stock is great service. Most stores would cancel if out of stock and just refund the money.

  • +1

    Great deal! Especially if you have an old PS4 Controller that might have been losing charge/ loose buttons. Trade it in to get more $$$ off!

    • +1

      Didn’t know you could trade in controllers. Thanks!

    • So you can lowball it on the way in, do nothing to test or fix it and then price gouge it on the way out? I'd rather keep it after spending minimal time and money to fix it. Thanks but no thanks!

      • Wait, what? lol

        • SOP @ EB.

        • @Aussie World Warrior: I traded in several PS4 controllers yesterday. Our 'SOP' is to return them to our warehouse for testing and refurbishment before we even think about reselling them.

        • @ThePriceMatchGuy: Bahahahahaha by "experts" amirite?

        • +2

          @Aussie World Warrior: By certified technicians more than capable of removing Doritos and Mountain Dew residue..

        • @ThePriceMatchGuy: Apparently not capable of actually making them work for more than five minutes after they leave the shop going by the number of pissed off customers you have that buy pre owned junk from EB.

        • @Aussie World Warrior: Technology is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. That is the case with any device, brand new or used. We are always happy to replace, so no issues here :)

        • @ThePriceMatchGuy: Is that so you can upsell them every time they have to trudge back to your store to sort out an issue that they shouldn't of had in the first place if you actually did what was advertised and refurbish used goods?

        • +1

          @Aussie World Warrior: Seems like you have been hurt once and hold it as a grudge. I'm here for you, man. I'll comfort you.

        • -4

          @ThePriceMatchGuy: Ah yes the truth is exposed and in typical EB fashion you blame the customer for the (profanity) up. You guys must be circling the drain by now, only a matter of time before you go under. I'll be dancing on your grave the day it happens.

  • I have PS3 and PSTV. Would this controller work on both in addition to PS4?

    • Yes but you'll have to pair it each time you go between consoles.
      Edit: You'll have to go through a slightly more obtuse pairing method with the PS3
      The PS button wont work though as mentioned earlier in the comments.

  • Got one, cheers

  • +1

    Damn! Fallout 4 for the PC isn't included for the $10 price. I want it cheap :(

  • +1

    If only there were split screen games these days. Still alright for PC, I guess.

    • +1

      Most of the Lego games are split screen and fun to play coop if that's your cup of tea

  • +1

    I got JB to price match since none of the EBs near me had any left. There was some a bit of a drive away though. Thanks!

  • +1


  • Out of stock guys

  • Pick up only (Luckily, I have family interstate…)

  • Tempting, but I wonder if I get a PS4 later, how many multiplayer games I would play. Alternatively just use it for PC gaming.

  • -1

    Is this controller any good?

    • +8


    • +1

      It's the official PS4 controller.

  • thanks mate, was looking for an extra controller

  • Oh shit we back with the $50 GT controller!

  • Just picked one up great deal - getting a new Duel-shock 4 for under $60 is good value

  • Thanks OP, just picked my one up :)

  • +2

    Just had the PS4 Dualshock 4 Gran Turismo Sport Special Edition price matched at JBHI.

    • Which JB Hifi? Went to Strand Arcade (Sydney) and they said they cant. Lowest is $74 with staff discount.

  • Any good deals on console?

  • hit that from the front, and the back.

  • None at EB greensborough

  • +1

    Was knocked back by jbhifi garden city, they won't price match because it's out of stock eB games & Harvey Norman (also on sale for $49) within the same shopping centre, and they only pricematch these stores.

    I told them theres stock available at the Harvey Norman store 7km away. They said it doesn't matter and to go there instead.

    They've lost a customer forever.

    • JBHIFI price matched for me at ENEX 100 Perth CBD.

  • These managers specials at Eb have been great lately! Also is the destiny 2 steelbook a good deal? Or do you need the DLC'c to actually play the game??

    • +1

      It’s about $47 too much for Destiny 2 imho. Check the subreddit for further details…

    • +1

      Also is the destiny 2 steelbook a good deal?

      If you don't mind paying an extra $6 for the steelbook and some DLC, yes. Otherwise no, stick to the regular edition (goes for $49).

      Or do you need the DLC'c to actually play the game??

      Actual answer: Yes. Major gameplay-expanding content is paid, but is less severe in timing than the first title.

      • Thanks. I'm a bit skeptical now about these types of games with a lot of DLC (Destiny 1 really put me off, I spent so much on DLC in that game 😡)

  • Grabbed Borderlands Handsome Collection for $28. Thanks OP! I think this is the historic lowest price for this game.

  • +1

    Thanks OP price matched at JBHifi carindale. No issues. There was stock at Harvey Norman Carindale. So they were happy to match it.

  • I just want a Star Wars controller to make the pair :(

  • Only one store in Geelong still had stock, and it was the very last one. Got in just in time, lol.

  • Steam Link + $20 Steam Wallet is the real deal here. I'm hoping I can find it in stock somewhere.

    • I returned mine. Just a poor experience. Wouldn't even maintain a stable wifi connection and every second game didn't support a controller.

  • Just got the last 2 controllers at JBHifi North Sydney on price match. Salesman was a bit reluctant but he came through!

  • Thanks very much. Picked up 3 myself and was able to redirect a fellow shopper from JB to EB

  • Price matched jb hifi hay st mall Perth. 6-8 x left in stock

  • Price matched JB Enex 100 Perth. Approx 4 left on the shelf that I could see.

  • Just spoke to EB Games in Ellenbrook.

    Apparently they have heaps in stock at the $49 sale price.

  • Guess I will be the first case JB is unwilling to pricematch with, just tried pricematch at broadway shopping centre JB, the manager is unwilling to do it as it’s out of stock at the Ebgames in the same shopping centre. They have around 4 left, if anyone is successful over there, can you kindly upload the receipt? I doubt it will happen as they are really bad at doing pricematching for that store.

  • anybody know what trade-in for ps4 controllers are at EB?

    • +1

      As of lunch time today, $27 before EB World bonus! :)

      • oh wow…thats a lot more than i thought

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