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½ Price Luv A Duck - Fresh Breast Fillets @ Coles - $19/Kg - Approx $7.60/Pack


½ Price Luv A Duck - Fresh Breast Fillets

Weight is variable, a single pack of 2 Breasts usually costs between $7 - $7.60

Can't go past half price Duck Breast! Cook fresh, or chuck in the freezer for later use.

Special is not listed in the currently weekly catalogue, but is available both Online, and in-store at Coles.

One of my favourite Simple Recipes - Chinese Duck and Rice:

Marinate 2 Duck Breasts for ~1hr with:
- 1 Tbsp Soy Sauce,
- 1 Tbsp Honey,
- 1 Tsp Sesame Oil,
- Quick shake of Chinese 5-spice

Cook Duck (Skin side down) on low heat in a frypan for ~5mins until skin is crispy, then pop in the oven (180 Deg) for ~20mins.
Slice and serve with Fried Rice!
Costs about $10, compared with $20-$30 down at the local Take-Away!

EDIT : Still seems to be on special this week online, so I've pushed expiry date to next week
- Cooked Duck Breast Peking Flavoured is on special this week also, not half price but $12/pack, so ~25% off.

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  • Is the whole duck on special ?

  • the peking duck version was pretty good, tried it last time it was on special

  • Cannot understand why duck is so expensive in Australia. It's not as if it's some exotic animal. For the amount of meat you get on a whole duck, the full price is crazy!

    • have an Australian chicken right after having the duck then…

    • Basically a monopoly by Luv-a-Duck.

    • Frozen ducks are only a little more expensive than frozen chickens per kg. Defrost and chuck it in a chicken roaster with rock salt. You don't have to buy the breasts separately.

    • not as popular as in asian countries so not as much is bred for consumption.
      if more people ate it the price would come down as farming and supply chain is streamlined.

      same with kangaroo meat …. should be cheaper but not enough demand…… venison , well deer is pest in some areas but it’s very expensive by the time it gets to shops.

    • Aren't all ducks free range? If you can fit less birds in a smaller area, then costs go up.

  • When will Australia start farming geese? That's where it's at!

  • Plus for the recipe tip!!! Well done @Danny441

  • make sure to start your pan cold.

    • So put it in the fridge first?

    • Why is that? Is it like cooking bacon, when you start the pan out cold?

      • So the skin crisps properly.

        • Also helps render the fat out properly.

        • hot pan, cold meat ….. you want to sear and crisp the skin and start to render the duck fat, but keep the centre of the meat pink ….. if it’s a cold pan, the duck will heat gradually through the centre as you get to temp where fat renders and skin crisps the duck is cooked through.

    • Anyone could elaborate more? When to put the duck meat in?

      • This - I can never get duck right. Should the meat be room temp too?

        • When I say cold - I mean under no heat.

          If you add a skin-on duck breast to a hot pan, the skin will contract quickly, tightening up and shrinking.

          Gives time for the fat to render, results in crispier skin, (not a smaller shrunken chewy piece of leather)

        • @blehgg: That's interesting, because when I fry skin-on salmon fillets I always heat the pan up first to get nice crispy skin (otherwise it boils in its own juices and is disgusting)

    • Or try the sous vide method if you have a cooker.

    • Also, remember to score the skin and salt it (like a leg of ham) we cook these duck breast’s whenever they’re on special..yum

  • Anyone know of any Coles in Perth that actually stock these?

    • Have never found one. They use to a few years ago and been told it is not a valid WA line. Shame ehn?

      • They had it at Coles Ocean Keys but I haven't seen it for a while. Shortly after Aldi opened and sold duck for 1/2 the price, all of the coles and woolies in the area immediately stopped stocking duck.

  • For whatever reason Coles link suddenly doesn't work in i.e. but works in chrome. Geez, technology these days. At least duck stayed the same.

  • quakkers

  • Tried 3 different Coles stores in SA and none had any stock.

  • Cheers OP but Jesus what a mess. Definitely scanning at half price per kilo as per Coles website. However when I went to pay it scans at double the listed weight. So in effect the same sticker price. The poor manager at the store I eventually purchased these from was having a bit of trouble seeing the error. Anyway, we got there eventually.

    I wonder how many people have purchased this product without knowing of the reduction and then haven't checked the price/kilo and weight on the checkout monitor. Just that the price on the sticker is the same price on the docket.

    • Bummer, glad you got it sorted eventually!
      We had the same issue last year at our local Coles and were pleasantly surprised to find that they fixed the issue straight away and gave us one of the packets for free, which was awesome!

      Definatly worth checking the price/weight on the duck packet AND the receipt to make sure you don't get overcharged!

      • Isn't that the law, if it scans too high they have to make the first free and subsequent at whatever the lower price is? Pretty sure that was the law many years ago in Victoria…

        • OK, did a quick bit of research. Seems many shops have a company policy that if it scans higher they will give you the first free. If this is the policy then the company is legally required to honor it. However, they are not legally required to have this policy. Tends to be a policy at big shops who sell low-priced goods.

        • @neophyte2: I had taken two packs to the checkout and ultimately the store gave me the most expensive pack free and charged me well below the reduced price on the second.

    • Thanks 5cooter. My Coles had the same issue. No price on shelf, so I took two packs to get price checked and probably only because I'd seen your post I realised what was happening. Had to explain the issue several times, show the guy the Coles online price. He sent a few people "out back" to work out what was happening but eventually gave up on them returning and just processed at the proper price. I could have argued to get one free but didn't think it was worth the hassle.

  • Just notice Lee Kum Kee Hoisin sauce is on special as well until this Wed at Coles

  • None in stock at my local :-( Will try a different one this evening

  • The cooking instructions on the label are pretty spot on,

    What the op claim would over cook it.

    Cook Duck (Skin side down) on low heat in a frypan for ~5mins until skin is crispy, then pop in the oven (180 Deg) for ~20mins.

    Because it was quite thick I did 11mins and 2.5mins, then 11-12mins in the over. Somewhat overcooked

    Otherwised followed Op marinating instructions,

    • Thanks for advising, will have to try this asap

      • Note, it will be half pink. Its a red meat so thats ok,

        This is espcially important if you're going to save some for the next day for luch like i did.

        After nuking it it cooked a bit more, but was still nice and tender, though closer to well done now.

        If I'd cooked it well done the first time around it would have been terrible on reheating up

    • Because it was quite thick I did 11mins and 2.5mins, then 11-12mins in the over. Somewhat overcooked

      Little late, and hope I ddint burn anyone

      But it should have read 5mins, then 2.5mins, then 11-12min oven

  • Just checked, looks like its available for this week as well.

    Coles Broadway had heaps when I bought 2 on Sunday

  • Coles Ascot (QLD) had a a few packs in stock as of today.