This was posted 9 years 6 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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eMachines EM350 Netbook $243 [Officeworks] - LESS $39 Cashback (selected SKUs)


eMachines eM350 Netbook $243 at Officeworks - then get a $39 cashback if you get correct P/N (see list inside)

This is the 3-cell battery version, however it has Windows 7 Starter (rather than the XP Home of the deals earlier this year).

■ CPU: Intel Atom N450
■ Processor: 1.66GHz
■ RAM: 1GB
■ Hard Drive: 160GB
■ Screen Size: 10.1"
■ Connectivity: Wireless b/g/n
■ Graphics: Integrated
■ WebCam: Yes
■ Operating System: Windows 7 Starter
■ Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year

As far as I can determine, no integrated bluetooth (although BT is offered on some overseas models of this unit).

Only 2 x USB on this model (which is a major PITA because you lose one if you use a Nano bluetooth dongle so you can tether it to your phone's internet).




The eMachines redemption offer has been renewed - there are 3 Product Numbers that qualify. You must register within 14 days of purchase.

NOTE There are ONLY 3 MODELS that have redemption…

MODEL eM350-21G16ikk with P/N (SKU) EM.M3701.350FE
MODEL eM350-21G16ikk with P/N (SKU) LU.NAH0D.140
MODEL eM350-21G16i with P/N (SKU) LU.NAH0B.050

The P/N is at the top of the larger white sticker on the end of the carton. If the P/N on the carton label matches the above (and on the redemption list) then you can register for $39 redemption.

So, get the sales guys to find one with the correct code, then claim as follows…



NOTE: I've been continually editing this post to update as more info becomes available.
08/12/10 Edit again because they just added a new SKU / P/N code to the redemption offer

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    Oh wow, how low cost can these netbooks get?


    should be corrected to * Wireless b/g/n *
    i got 1 from HN months ago…
    mine is xp =(


      The Officeworks page says b/g (that's where I copied those features from).

      The eMachines page (just edited OP to include that) states that b/g/n and Bluetooth = note 1 "Specifications vary depending on model."

      In light of no specific confirmation of 802.11/n and Bluetooth, for now I've just added some extra notes that buyers should check exact specs at purchase time.


    I got the one I'm using now from harvey norman a month or so ago for $198 after redemption only difference is windows xp instead of 7 have been very happy with it.


      Hey ausbob, how is the battery life in real usage? I am worried about the 3-cell being a pain in the neck. And does yours have bluetooth?


        battery life is pretty good get roughly 4 hours with basic usage watching video or other heavier uses reduces the battery a lot more quickly. not sure about bluetooth as I have no use for it anyway.


        I got the HN one too, no native bluetooth, got a $2 dongle from DX and us it to tether with mobile fo Internet on bus, works great.

        Only pain is screen res with some apps, but thats a netbook thing.

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    if it had gigabit, i'd be sold. (Dell Latitude 2110 has gigabit before you say you can't get netbooks with gigabit)

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      If that's all that's holding you back from getting a netbook like this, then you need to recheck your priorities. The HDD alone in this wouldn't be able to saturate a 100mbit connection, let alone worrying about the CPU overhead required to maintain a decent transfer rate.


    great deal, just bought 2!


      3 cell or 6 cell battery? what's the battery life like? Cheers


        3 cell battery I get about 4 hours websurfing etc. the only gripe I have had with the netbook is the touchpad is very sensitive I ended up turning off the multitouch gestures.


          You can always purchase a 6 cell battery from eBay (generic battery of course) for around $40.

          I got one for my Aspire One AOD150 and it lasts for about 5 hours (keeping in mind the AOD150 has a less power efficient N270 Atom)


    4 hours is pretty decent.. i'm assuming that's with wifi on.

    I might go get one!


    yes wifi is on all the time

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    Officeworks dont offer/ support cash backs anymore, So not sire f you can claim it, I know cashback is from Acer but might be some terms like from selected retailers only.


      The cashback has absolutely nothing to do with the retailer. You need to register online, and then Acer (after 6-8 weeks) sends you the cashback. See my links in the opening post.


    Damn.. Apparently no WA store has it in stock :(


    Yes, No store in WA has the stock except Bunbury Which has 10 but as I understand its a country area.
    Let me know if you need availabity for anyother state.

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    I got 4 from Clive Peeters last time.
    ended up paying $198
    Just got the Redemption cheques back last week.
    2 for me and 2 for the kids for christmas pressies.

    Great value….


    Can't add to cart…expired now?


    I just bought one from Officeworks in Oxley QLD - they had about 35 in stock - but none on display, and the staff didn't know it existed.

    It does wireless n, but no bluetooth.

    I'm getting:
    "Your SNID is unable to be validated at this time. Please check and re-enter your SNID or contact us online at or by phone on (02) 8762 3262."
    on the cashback redemption page though. I'll get in touch with them tomorrow.

    Thanks for the tip :)


    Bought one of these a few months ago. Goes great. Much faster than i expected. A good buy for traveling or general home use.


    Anyone know if the 6 cell battery from my 250 will swap straight over with the 3 cell in this one?


      From a quick search on eBay…

      The eM350 takes the pack from the Aspire One 532h (UM09G31 etc)

      The eM250 uses a different pack (UM08A41 etc)

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        Thanks llama - you're giving very impressive after-posting support on this thread!

        I bought one yesterday (regardless of different battery) because I've been so pleased with my OzB HN-raincheck 250. 6-cell in this would have been nice - but side by side I can confirm they are a very different fitting.


    Just bought one at Clarence St Sydney. Had to get them to dig one out the back though.


    Picked one up from HN last time they had a sale, great unit, pretty fast for a Netbook, and does well with Win7 and aero.

    Very good for a guest laptop.


    OMG N450. 64 bit support, not that it is useful.
    I just need to find a way to upgrade the RAM to min 2GB and upgrade to windows 7 professional edition.

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    you can still add it to the cart if you go to the


    or the "Notebooks & Laptops" page and sort by cheapest



      Thanks dazza. It comes with handling fee as well $4.95. I just want to know if somebody has bought this, does it really comes with a cashback? I've just rang OW Brisbane and the guy said it doesnt comes with cashback. How abt other places?


        OW have nothing to do with the cashback, so it doesn't suprise me that they would say that.


          See my note in post below.

          Seems that the cashback IS negotiated (to some degree) with a particular vendor - they get issued with certain selected stock Part Numbers that are "redeemable".

          The woman I spoke to at eMachines customer service said that the retailer would (should?) be aware if a cashback was possible on the stock that they had.



    Just got off the phone with eMachines customer service. The SKU CODE (P/N) of the one I purchased will NOT allow redemption!

    These 2 are the ONLY models that have redemption…

    MODEL eM350-21G16ikk P/N (SKU) EM.M3701.350FE
    MODEL eM350-21G16i P/N (SKU) LU.NAH0B.050

    The one I just bought = eM350-21G16ikk P/N LU.NAH0D.140 (see the last 3 digits are different)

    ^^^ I am just about to edit & revise my OP ^^^

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    Great little machine! I bought two of them at Harvey Norman and another one at Clive Peters last time they had the sale. Cashback cheques all arrived last week. I might get a fourth one for Dad for Christmas with this deal - Thanks!

    I tend to only get about three hours per charge but that's using wireless, a USB mouse and running about fifty Firefox tabs all chewing up processing power, so the small side fan is running almost constantly. With less strenuous use I did get nearly four hours one day. Mine has WinXP so not sure if Win 7 Starter would make any different to performace and battery life.


    I just bought one of these from Officeworks Castle Hill. The code was eM350-21G16ikk and the SKU was LU.NAH0D.140

    This promotion started today (7th Dec 2010) and runs until 28th Feb 2011.

    Entering the details into the Acer redemption website, there were no problems, even though the Officeworks person said that they were not participating in the promotion.

    I hope this helps anyone thinking about buying one. After all, I've benefitted from heaps of good information from members of this site.


      Lame… my code works if I say I bought it today, but breaks the site if I say I bought it yesterday :(


      AWESOME, markinsydney - Looks like they just added the new P/N / SKU code today!

      I wish the woman at eMachines had told me this morning GRRRR!

      I'll have to check my redemption code tommorrow - I left the machine at work in disgust (was gunna sell it LOL).


    Could these play HD videos? Cheers.

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      I haven't tested this exact CPU, but the same speed, but older model, Atom is easily capable of playing 720p xvid. It struggled on 1080p xvid, depending on the bitrate.

      If you really want an Atom board that will play 1080p content, try and get one with the nvidia ION chipset, it offloads the video decoding to the integrated GPU.

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      Not much point playing anything higher than 720p anyway… the screen is only 600 pixels high.

      For more grunt you need a dual core Atom - which means the N550 rather than N450 processor. The price will jump up to the $400-500 mark. Some of the netbooks have a switchable graphics - use the Atom-integrated graphics for normal use and to save battery, and you can switch to the dedicated graphics card when you need it (eg: when mains powered)

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        With the screen res listed in the spec sheet (1024x600), even a 720p video is going to get downscaled.

        I'd suggest that maybe he is looking for something to output the video. A lot of people use netbooks as HTPCs, just using the HDMI out. Even a gruntier Atom isn't going to cut it for 1080p, the performance difference just isn't enough.


    I also purchased one today after seeing the updated SKU on the redemption page.

    Initially The assistant was willing to look throught the stock and find one of the other SKU's but checked up on the redemption offer and found that the .140 code had been added today.



    Ripping deal, I picked one up yesterday. This will be advertised in the papers on the weekend, there is plenty of stock around.


    Is there any difference between the three SKU's? Cosmetic or spec wise?


      Hi Portmac. Appearance wise, they all should be the same.

      eM350-21G16i with P/N (SKU) LU.NAH0B.050 = Windows XP (older model)

      The other 2 (eM350-21G16ikk) are Windows 7 - but the additional difference between then I have NFI.

      All the specs are listed on the sticker at the end of the box (where the P/N is also listed)


    Officeworks advertised these in The Courier Mail yesterday (11/12/10). After doing a very quick web search I went to Officeworks West Burleigh. I asked 2 sales people about the $39 cashback. They said that they knew nothing about it and that any cashback was probably already included to arrive at the $243 price. It's a good price at $243. By sheer lucky I got one with the claimable SNID. At $204 it's a great deal.I've completed the redemption claim form without any problems. So far so good.


    Office Depot shows (in the ad column, while looking at their eMachines netbook offering):

    Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 06472AU Netbook - Atom N455 1.66GHz - 10.1" - Black - Item #156282 - $329.95

    (Of course, for $70 more, there's a 2 GB, 250 GB, 2GHz notebook from eMachines… to be discounted? at any number of vendors… how soon?)

    (I think some were looking for a netbook with Atom N455 CPU)

    BTW, Office Depot's intro to the eMachines netbook leaves out the (small) 160 GB spec (of course, there's a Details tab to click on)

    Q: Is it hard to upgrade eMachines…

    • RAM to 2GB…?

    • HD to 250 GB (or more)…?

    (Does eMachines have any dual-boot? if so, a 2nd Power button, to ease selecting the "other" OS? …like some ASUS netbooks)


    Officeworks are selling this for $199 now (in catalog at the moment). I am looking to buy one, but wonder if it is worth it with only 1GB RAM. Any thoughts?


      yes, my thoughts are this is a dead thread that you have revived and are unlikely to get answers here - look at this instead:

      also, as the $39 cash-back applies to selected SKUs it's only $160 so IMHO very worth it! With the savings you can upgrade to 2gb ram if you find 1gb insufficient.

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