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(Official International Version) Xiaomi Mi Box 3 TV Box 4K with Google Chromecast US $66.99 (~AU $83.67) Free Ship @Lightinthebo


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Xiaomi MiBox 3 is one of the few android TV boxes that actually run a true Android TV operating system, officially supported by Google. This is an ultimate media entertainment box that has an inbuilt 4k Chromecast and is easy-to-use for the whole family. Comes with a Bluetooth remote that has a voice controlled search feature, fast and convenient!

This 4K Android TV box supports Bluetooth voice remote control which can meet your varieties of demands. You can catch your favorite TV shows, play games, watch the news or switch to radio. Mi box also supports Google Chromecast.

Main Features:
● It runs on the latest Android TV 6.0 which is easy to enjoy your entertainment time.
● A high performance of Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU can play a wide range of games.
● A Bluetooth voice remote control: Just speak into the remote control and Mi box will search for what you want.
● HDR 4K H.265 VP9 Profile-2 4K Decoding will provide you with a scene in vivid contrast, color and clarity.
● HDMI 2.0 is a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV.
● It also supports both Dolby and DTS encodings which create you smooth and surround sound.

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        • Cheers.

    • +1

      "Each kids tv".

  • is there an app on this that can run/mirror itunes movies ?
    got my inlaws 2 chromecasts, and of course they went and started buying movies on itunes that wont work on the chromecast.

    • +1

      I think their is an airplay app you can put on there.

      • Would love to know the name of the app, being able to mirror my iPhone to my mxqpro would be awesome

        • I haven't tested it on the MiBox as I don't have any iOS devices, but Kodi has airplay support which worked back when I was running a r-pi with kodi on it.

        • @WazzaP:

          I was hoping for a straight android app, I’m sure I’ve seen one in a YouTube box review

    • -1

      Yep. Bought an airplay app and been using it for last 6 months with no issue.

  • Best budget box for Netflix

  • Does this Google Chromecast work with Google home?

    • +2

      Yes, Google Home recognizes it as a Cast destination for video.

      • I'm confused now, one answer is yes and one is no? See below

    • -2

      No not yet. But I reckon it will soon

      • I'm confused now, one answer is yes and one is no?

        • +1

          It mostly works, but their are issues with some apps and how they handle chromecast on android tv.

          eg. casting netflix opens up in the android tv app rather than a stand alone chromecast instance. google home doesn't seem to be able to handle this kind of chromecast implementation..

          spotify and tunein work fine.

        • +1

          It definitely works with Google Home

        • @jayel: I remember reading that Netflix does this by design; IIRC all Android TV devices launch the Netflix app instead of being a Chromecast receiver. I'm pretty sure this is the reason why the Foxtel Now Box doesn't support Netflix at all, including casting to it, because it doesn't support the app.

        • +1


          Yes, there mixed views on whether its netflix or googles issue, a correct implementation of cast or a hack solution. regardless, when I ask it to play something on netflix to my mi box it says 'I can't do that right now', so it is a problem that nobody is bothering to fix.

        • Thanks for the replies but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on whether it works or not?

          There's an equal number of yes and no?!

        • +1

          @JTTheMan: It works, but not for all features. Google play music, youtube, turning on TV (via CEC HDMI) works fine for me

        • @djprima:

          can you say 'turn on the tv'? or does it only turn on when you cast something?

          As a side note to the google home conversation, you can get google assistant to work from your mi box so that you can hold down the microphone button on the controller and treat it like a google home, only issue is it you have to have your mi box set to US region and assistant is US based version, still, something to play with.


        • @jayel: yes, I say "turn on the tv" (i named my mibox "tv") and my google home turned on my sony tv in the hdmi channel where I plug the mibox in

    • Yes for Youtube and Stan but not for Netflix yet

  • +1

    Xiaomi addict. Got one. Thanks.

  • +2

    This tv box has been the same spec and price point since 2016.. I was waiting for either a price drop or at least official xiaomi/google update to android tv 7.0..

    No buy for me u less can get it cheaper if android 6.0.. maybeA$50-60

    If it's updated to android tv 7, I'll buy at this price

    • I think I'll pass based on this and the question mark about Google home support?

      • There were few deals of this tv box on ozbargain in 2017, price ard $70-80

        But I prefer an OS update.. android tv6.0 is so 2016

      • +1

        It google cast and it works with google home for youtube and stan, just not netflix yet

  • How does this handle Plex? Seems to be mixed reports on how well it deals with audio and smooth video playback. Would be great to hear some OzBer's experiences.

    • +3

      If you’re tv is quality it can resolve 24fps video from within a 60hz signal. My Sony plays everything smoothly, but the old LG has judder with plex. The inherent issue is the mi box cannot auto switch hz….at least when I last fired it up. You can permanently force 24hz in video options however.

      It all depends on your display.

      • Thank you.

      • thanks will be forcing 24hz tonight to see if its any good.

  • Does anyone know if this works with any bluetooth remote? My female is not so good with innovative things, so would prefer one with more physical buttons.

    • +2

      works with any bluetooth remote?

      Yes, generally. Never say "always". Or a remote with a USB dongle.

      not so good with innovative things, so would prefer one with more physical buttons.

      This makes no sense. Surely she needs something simple and easy?

      What apps will she use? For Kodi, you should change the key mapping for the standard remote.

      • We currently have Kodi on a NUC being used with a Logitech 300. She avoids most buttons, but can understand directions, enter, back, play, pause and stop. I think the idea of talking into it would throw her.

        • You can plug in the same keyboard Logitech K300 and it will work fine. I personally think the remote that comes with this box makes things even simpler.

        • Logitech 300 is infra-red, so no good. And a stupid number of buttons.

          She avoids most buttons, but can understand directions, enter, back, play, pause and stop.

          She will love the Android tv remote then.

          It works great for Netflix out of the box, but for kodi you should load a keyboard.xml to avoid the need for long press.


        • You don't have to talk into it, and I don't know that direction keys/pause/stop etc would be set up as voice controls anyway. The remote has a large central ring that you use to control left/right/up/down and a separate button inside for ok (plus a separate back button underneath). My only minor issue with it (that's probably just a case of changing the kodi keymap, I just haven't bothered as its so minor) is that to pause something in kodi you have to press the button twice - once to bring up the controls and once to actually pause.

          People have also reported that the MiBox has an IR receiver that works fine with harmony remotes, so if she wants to keep using the 300 you could set this up.

        • @WazzaP:

          Hi, care to share this information about Mibox is capable of receiving IR? My remote is broken and am looking for alternative. Cheers

        • +1


          If you have an android phone you can also download the android TV app which lets you use your phone as a remote for the Mi Box (and likely other android TV devices).

        • @mansunz:
          Harmony 650 controls Mibox with no issues, apart from no home button mapping.
          Mi original remote is much better though (no need to point to the device; and more convenient with less buttons). If any chance to get a replacement for the original, go for it.

        • @oj4rec: thanks gentlemen for sharing the info. I will investigate. The iOS version of the android remote is pretty buggy. Whenever I tried to use the voice command it would crashes. It also bugs me that I have to enter a verification code every time I try to use it.

        • +1

          Hi all I just received the xiaomi IR remote and confirmed it works with this box seamlessly.

    • +1

      The stock remote is a very neat, easy to use design. More buttons is more confusion.

      • I agree. The user interface on the box itself and the apps designed for Android TV lend themselves well to the simple remote. The only niggle is the occasional lack of consistency between apps, e.g. to pause a video in Netflix you press the central button once; to do the same in YouTube you press it once to bring up the controls on screen then again to select pause.

    • the remote is wifi

  • How does this compare to the Chromecast ultra from a speed and 4k smoothness perspective ? (I get the feature difference like that you can install apps etc.)

    • +1

      easier for kids/older folks etc to use this box as it has a remote

      • Will this be good for web browsing. Better than raspberry pi3?

  • how easy is it to install KODI for a noob? Can anyone link me to a guide? Thanks :)

    • Noob, there is this thing called "google" …

      Installing it is dead easy, but maybe you want someone to hold your hand while you find all the pirate addons?

    • Easy until you get to the add ons which can be a bit heavy for new user.

      It’s not too hard. Install kodi app and then google how to install genesis reborn. Then you’re set.

    • Just install from the app store. You can even use the voice control if you are feeling lazy.

    • Download from the google play store.

      A more IP-lax app store for android TV would be aptoid TV.

    • open google store, search for Kodi, and install

    • you want SPMC instead
      go to the playstore and search for SPMC

  • Somebody posted a link to this box on Whirlpool. AU $66. Worth trying these guys of go official at LITB?

    • +2

      Remember when you mum told you "if something sounds too good to be true…" ?

      First photo shows the china-version remote, no microphone button.

    • +1

      That remote control shown in the picture on eBay link looks different from the one that comes with the official Xiaomi International version, not sure if it's the same version?

    • Thanks manic and batrarobin. I didn't take a close look so didn't notice it. Appreciate your input.

  • Any way to watch US Netflix on this please?

    • +1

      Yes you can install a VPN. There are some which have Android TV apps or you can also install by side loading. Set the VPN to US and then open Netflix. I have used VyprVPN which was working and has an Android TV app but haven’t tested recently.

  • +3

    I use this daily for Netflix and Kodi.

    My video collection is all High Def .mkv files, with 5.1 audio at about 20gb-30gb in size and it plays them perfectly fine!

    Very happy with it.

    • My $40 meecool s905 can do that as well. Only issue is 2.4ghz wireless isn't good enough for streaming 50gb file from local NAS

      • +1

        Your meecool does not do HD Netflix.

        • I don't have time for Netflix

        • Mine does. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/mecool-m8s-pro-plus. Edit: that link is less than useful. It's the Mecool m8s pro plus. Widevine Level 1 support which means Netflix up to 1080p.

        • @AlbyDuck:

          Cool! I forgot there were any so cheap. Another comment says 720p only, but I can't tell the difference.

        • @manic: Me neither. I'm reasonably sure about the 1080p though. Nice little box but it did suffer from quality control issues in one batch (hopefully long gone).

        • @AlbyDuck: 720p

        • @asa79:

          From https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2634721, wrxtasy says:

          The Nougat 7.1 Android TV ROM is definitely needed for 1080p Netflix. Regular tablet Android results in failed 1080p Netflix ATV App video playback.

          That's the ROM I'm using. Stock Android would be 720p I think.

        • @AlbyDuck: So you converting it to a cheap mi box

        • @asa79: Pretty much. Except: No voice commands, remote is IR, and no Chromecast I believe (although I haven't tested it). When it boots it shows the Nexus splash screen. I haven't ever played with a Mi so I can't compare. It was cheap enough to buy just to play with.

      • Got a link to one of these? I need something for a family member that only needs to watch movies from usb and perhaps Netflix too.

        • this was what I bought, the only issue I'm having now is couldnt find way to power + reset to install libreelec on it, so have to use default OS and open Kodi once it ready.

        • +1

          @lgacb08: I've got that one. Well, my parents have it at the moment. I've installed a custom ROM from Freaktabs. Works nicely. I've also got a Beelink MX III II with LibreElec running from a MicroSD card.

          This is from memory so treat with caution: You create a dummy zip file- name and contents don't matter- on the MicroSD card that has Kodi on it. From within Android, you find 'Update' and select 'from file'. You browse to the dummy zip file, select it, and magic happens. Ok, the details are a little bit hazy, but that might give you enough to go on.

        • @AlbyDuck: thanks for the trick, will give it a go this weekend

      • Yep, I have an Ethernet cable going to it and there are no issues.

    • When you say HD, you mean 1080p?

  • Is it possible to use Hulu with these?

    Currently watch it via Getflix in browser but I cant install the app on any device due to region restrictions. Would this allow me to sideload the US Hulu app and watch via native app?

    • +1

      Yes, download the Hulu for Android TV apk from apkmirror and you can sideload it. I use this regularly.

    • +1

      You can also create a US store login for apple store and install Hulu on Apple tv

  • +1

    I have had one of these for the past year and it is awesome. The only drawback for me is that it does not seem to support multiple google accounts (correct me if I'm wrong). That means that the YouTube app is specific to the person logged in, and as a result my husband can't see his YouTube account videos without the tedious step of logging out and logging back in again (a pain when doing it through the remote). Otherwise this is a great product that I would recommend for relatives who are maybe not tech savvy enough to keep an android tablet or stick device attached to their tv that need updates and such.

    • +1

      Yes one Google account per device on this one.

    • Pity as other Android devices, Chrome browser and Chromebooks have really good user/account switching.

      • Yeah I thought it would be a given but not so.

  • Hi all

    I'm trying to find out a critical bit of information re: the audio that the MiBox can handle. Like @Gharvey above, I have High Def .mkv files, with 5.1 audio at about 20gb-30gb in size, with ATMOS audio.

    What I'd like to know is this - is the Xiaomi MiBox 3 TV Box able to play back mkv files with ATMOS, if I connect it using HDMI to an ATMOS-enabled receiver (Denon AVR-X2200W).

    Has anyone on this forum done this and has it been successful i.e. are your overhead ATMOS speakers producing sound when you play the mkv files?

    Thanks in advance.

  • So can this play 4k Mkv files through the external HD if its attached to it? without any lag?

    • I have an el cheapo Chinese version of this and it can play 50gb mkv file from hdd no issues so this one should do better than that.

      • SO your hd connected to this via USB I assume?

        • yeah, you won't find any sata port on these

  • So when I filled everything in and changed it to USD I am being charged Shipping Charges & Insurance of $1.99, so now the whopping $3 I received off from the coupon came down to $1.01 off. Hardly a bargain of any kind.

  • +1

    Still waiting delivery from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/341649

    • +1

      WTF, wanna PM me your order number and I will get the Rep to look into it?

      • +1

        Please do. PM sent. Thanks :)

        • +2

          hi mate, i checked your order, it was place on 11/13 and send out on 11/14, the newest track information is:

          2018-01-10 11:13

          The item is on transport to the country of destination

          so most like deliver by AU post now, do you mind go to local post office and check it? if nothing find, might lost on the way. i will help you get refund asap

        • @MiniInTheBox:
          Thanks, sent you PM

  • +1

    This is a worthy buy when you put into perspective that Google Chromecast costs $55 alone AND it gives you 4k streaming options with tons of apps AND android tv. Worthy bargain 😊👍

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