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[QLD] 5kw Panasonic Air Con $1369 @ The Good Guys ($300 CB QLD Govt +$200 CB from Ergon Energy +$100 EFTPOS +$100 Store Credit)


This deal is applicable to QLD only due to state government rebates.

Sale price is $1369
This air conditioner is eligible for the $300 QLD Gov Energy Efficient 4 Star Rebate (opening soon, but eligibility has already started). Original deal post for discussion/more info.

$200 for the Ergon PeakSmart program.

$100 Payback Eftpos Gift Card via The Good Guys online claim.

$100 STORE CREDIT with the Good Guys when you click and collect.

$25 Cashback via cashrewards

Increase your savings by paying with an AMEX card, to earn approx $13 worth of points and any price protection that comes with your card.

Actual cost of unit with all discounts/redemptions is about $644 if all of these work together. Obviously arranging installation is additional and will probably be the same amount again.

This alignment of stars expires 11.59pm tonight

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      Read the post dude

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          Good point. Forgot to put QLD only.. Will update deal. Thanks

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    $200 so they can turn my aircon off in peak times… IE. When everyone is using because it's needed… No deal.

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      That was my wife's initial response, however it doesn't turn it off. Instead it places it in economy mode (which I tend to run my air-con on anyway). The only situation I see this being a problem is if you have an insufficiently sized air-con for your room size and desire a constant 16 degree temperature.

      From the website:
      How often is PeakSmart activated and will it impact on my comfort levels?
      PeakSmart mode is only activated on a few days of the year, for short periods of time, when the electricity network reaches peak demand in extreme weather conditions. As your air conditioner keeps running, you won't notice any difference to your comfort levels. Some air conditioner model displays indicate when they are operating in PeakSmart mode.

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        This is just not the case. There are three modes. DRM3, DRM2 and DRM1. DRM3 is a 25% reduction in capacity, DRM2 is 50% capacity and DRM1 the compressor IS TURNED OFF. The Australian Standard AS4755.3.1 has DRM1 as the minimum requirement. So they can remotely completely turn off the compressor turning your air-conditioner into a fan. If the power providers are only using DRM2 and DRM3 currently it doesn't mean next summer they can't start using DRM1 and turning off your cooling.

        • If they start using DRM1, it probably means the power grid is going to collapse anyway. As several people below have mentioned, they have never experienced any differences with peak-smart. If they start activating DRM1 levels on a consistent basis, the flak the government would receive along with today-tonight/ACA stories of elderly people struggling in the heat would quickly limit their use of it. Ultimately, if it did become a possible problem, you can always get the peaksmart feature removed by a sparky.

        • @apric101: You quickly changed your tune from "they can't shut it off" to acknowledging that a DRM mode involves the shutdown of the compressor.

          First, all three DRM modes MUST be supported in order to claim the rebate. If they really have no intention of shutting off compressors then why must all DRM modes be supported to get the rebate from them?

          Second, they simply are not being upfront about PeakSmart. Their website claims you will never notice it. Again, why are they not saying that it includes a mode with compressor shutdown?

          Third, if they want the ability to cripple the unit at ANY TIME that suits them then I should not have to pay peak (i.e. any time) usage rates for the unit. It should be an ongoing discount like the off-peak rates, not a once off discount.

          As to removal of PeakSmart, you also assume that, in the future, it will be legal to have these things removed. I would not be surprised if it is mandated for future aircons to have it, and for it to be illegal to have them removed. This will ensure lock in if the compressor shutdowns become common. Frankly, I would rather keep my aircon freedom.

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          There are two stages of economy before the final stage involving the shutdown of the compressor. You make it sound like they want people to sweat and will deliberately turn it off at a whim. The fact is, if this was really happening ACA/TT would be parading stories about pensioners dying in hotbox houses because of evil energex. It simply isn't the case.

          As stated by many people, they have never noticed any difference with their peaksmart system over several years. They are probably saying this because the short periods of time the compressor is offline (maybe 5 minutes) probably isn't noticed!

          You are not obligated to go onto Peaksmart and you could choose to put your air conditioner on an economy tarriff and not be able to use your air con AT ALL for up to 6 hours a day if you want to save a small amount of money. Let me know how that goes…

          You are allowed to remove the Peaksmart system. From the website:
          I want to withdraw from the PeakSmart program, what do I need to do?
          If you decide to leave the PeakSmart program you will need to cover the cost of your own electrician to remove the signal receiver. Please contact us at [email protected] or on 13 12 53. We will arrange for a pre-paid return post bag to be sent so you can return the signal receiver to Energex..

          You are fear-mongering for a reason i can't understand. Realistically, the situations that they might consider a full compressor shutdown are times when a major energy producer (an old coal powerplant) on the grid unexpectedly goes offline during a peak period, until such a time that load can be delivered from another backup supplier (Gas plant). The crossover is often less than 20 minutes.

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      I've had my peaksmart aircon for over a year. Its never been turned off and if it was put into economy mode, I've never noticed it.

      If they did do something, I would get my electrician back to remove the peaksmart device!

      • Maybe leave it in economy mode then?

        • There should be no need, the aircon powers down when the temperature is achieved, the power usage shouldn't change.

        • +1


          the power usage shouldn't change.

          So PeakSmart is a scam?

        • @LoopyLou:

          My understanding is that economy mode will effect

          1. The speed it brings a room to the correct temperature
          2. How hard it pushes to get to the specified temperature

          For example if you set it to 20 degrees and maybe this is unachievable, its going to try a lot harder in regular mode.

          If I

          1. Already have the room at 23 degrees
          2. I'm using the aircon for one room, as you generally should

          Then its never going to reach the peak point that I should notice it.

          The peaksmart events claim to be very short periods of time, and personally I turn on my aircon before its really bad, so I should never really be effected by it.

        • @LoopyLou: If there is an unexpected increase in power consumption, it can take 10-20 minutes to spin up a gas power station, during which time there may be power shortages. I would presume that PeakSmart wouldn't affect total power consumption, but shift it to times when the power grid is healthy (without risk of power cuts or brown-outs).

    • +2

      We've had a Panasonic with peaksmart for several years. Never once yet noticed it going into economy and if it has we've never noticed any difference to the temperature of the house.

      Maybe if you're using a system too small for the house…

  • None of the Amex card I heard of having price protection so OP please enlighten me or modifying your post. Other than that it's a great deal.

    • The NAB velocity premium card currently offers this, however the AMEX card combination will be discontinued by NAB next month. I believe the feature is still retained by the VISA card however. New card applications may differ. Otherwise there are a couple of other credit cards currently on the market that have this feature. The Good Guys also have a price promise difference against a number of competitors. I checked them all and TGG did come in the cheapest before discounts however.

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    And for those south of the divide you can also get the 200 from Energex as well I believe. https://www.energex.com.au/home/control-your-energy/positive...

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    The $200 government energy rebate isn't open yet or guaranteed.

    • +2

      Yes. Agreed - The $300 government rebate isn't officially available yet, so there is potential for this to fall through.

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    We had lots of problems with the peaksmart and our Panasonic air cons. Never really found out what the cause was. Peaksmart had to be removed. Retained credit. Just a hassle.

    I have found the following issues with our Panasonics:
    Poor at removing humidity when the temperature drop required is low.
    Poor quality air filters which means lots of dust deep inside the unit.
    Max output stops after 4 hours.
    Sometimes doesn't respond to an increase in thermostat setting.
    Poor correlation between thermostat and actual room temperature.

    I don't think these models support wifi or connection to home automation.

    • +3

      None of that makes sense.

      Nothing you mentioned is related to the peaksmart device.

      I'm assuming you have a faulty air conditioner, faulty peaksmart device etc. Even in economy mode aircon is powerful.

      • The list of issues were unrelated to and still occurred after the peaksmart had been removed.

        When we had problems with the peaksmart on the air conditioners they were going into peaksmart mode even though peaksmart had not been enabled on the network. This issue was work through extensively with Energex but could not be resolved.

    • +3

      Sounds underspecced or gas level incorrect.

      Panasonic are (IMHO) the best brand of split.

    • +1

      Temp control and humidity issues are symptoms of the unit being slightly short of refrigerant. Inverters require specific weights of gas to work efficiently. Some installers don’t use a vac pump as they should , and just purge the system .

      • How could a unit continuing to go to a lower temperature be related to lack of refrigerant?

        If anything the opposite would occur.

        The bottom line is that the panasonic's have a poor Thermal Control system. Now could be just a batch issue because the two Panasonic units we had installed were installed at the same time. Whatever is the case Panasonic Service didn't seem to think there was an issue. That in itself is as much a problem

        • So because you think it feels cooler in the room than the machine says, that cancels it out as a potential problem? The unit measures temp at the return air (top of unit). If it’s up high or in a high ceiling room , this temp can be warmer than lower down. So the machine keeps banging out cold air to reach its set point.

          I’ve put stacks of these in and I’ve never heard of this thermostat issue, yet you have two of them? Pretty unlucky.

  • I think it cost a bit to install smark peak as well?

    • +1

      Shouldn't cost anything extra, it didn't for me.

      • It is up to the installer, but most should do it for free. Shop around.

  • +1

    Do you need to be Ergon or Energex customer to recieve cashback for thr PeakSmart program?
    I am currently with Origin.

    • +3

      Ergon and Energex are the wholesale network side of things. It doesn't matter who your retail electricity supplier is.

  • This is an insane deal. Wow.

  • Anyone living at home trying to convince their parents if they can install an air in their bedroom?

    • +3

      Tell them it’ll make it so cold you’ll remain ‘Master of your domain’ (Seinfeld reference)

    • +1

      They prolly want you to move out.

  • +1

    Could really do with this deal in Melbourne today

    • Tell me about it. Evap doing sweetfa with this humidity over the last few days too.
      Wish we had some rebates on AC install.

  • +1

    Well done OP, it's been a while since I've seen a good stack!
    Would jump on this but I'm still house hunting :(

    • Buy the aircon before buying the house. We did this with furniture when Everyday Living went South. A whole house full of furniture we hoped would fit. Because bargains.

  • Is the discount to purchase today effectively $200 (on the assumption that the rebates will remain available into the future)?

  • Great deal but I might wait until the rebate date kicks in before buying a new aircon

    • Hasn't it already started?

      • The rebate period has opened. (Purchases from 1st January), but the actual redemption process is not yet public.
        Typical unorganized government initiative.

    • +1

      Purchases from the 1st of January are valid for the rebate. The rebate amount is limited and it is first in, best dressed. If funding is exhausted you may not receive a rebate. Purchasing the unit now means you can claim as soon as it opens. One of the Good Guys promos also finishes tonight. (Hence the alignment of stars)

  • If you're worried about the PeakSmart system, maybe cover the signal receiver with an anti-signal material (like https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Handy-Mobile-Phone-RF-Signal-Blo...), that way the receiver will never effect the machine.

    • +1

      That won't do anything, the signal is sent over the powerline, not via RF.

      • Sneaky. I can think of ways around it, but it's not worth the effort in that case.

        • No so much sneaky as convenient for the company that controls a bunch of power infrastructure that can do double duty as signaling infrastructure. They've been doing this for decades with certain tariffs (where you're guaranteed to get, say at least 8 hours of power every 24 hours, but they get to choose which). Pool pumps / hot water heaters etc use this commonly. Though I think there may be more 'smarts' in this compared to the more basic way those devices have to be wired in.

  • +1

    You must have been a waiter at some point, with all your stacked discounts :) … excellent work.

  • Thanks for the writeup OP!
    Think I'll be getting a Mitsubishi HI (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/mitsubishi-heavy-industries-c...) instead for about $200 extra but same rebates/discounts apply. Now we just have to wait for an ebay TGG 20% off sale…

    • +1

      I don't the QLD govt rebate will apply if you buy this aircon. It doesn't have 4 stars energy rating.

      • +1

        You're right. Not sure why someone downvoted you.
        I was looking at the 3.5kW (is 4 star) and 5kW (isn't 4 star) at the same time and linked the wrong one. Thanks for pointing that out!

        • Probably downvoted me for my bad English. Lol. May I ask why you would go for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry 3.5kw one over the Panasonic 3.5kw one?

        • @geek001: Just general good feedback on Whirlpool and Ozbargain for the brand. Seems like there's lots of love for them around in general

  • Haha, good ol' daylight saving, this deal still has 12 minutes left. :)

  • If you miss out on this deal, you can sort of get close to this price if you buy the same aircon off TGG ebay store and use PICK5 to get 5% off. The same rebates and the $100 eftpos card still applies, just not the click and collect store credit. 5% off is about $68. If you wait till Wednesday and buy 7 $100 ebay giftcards off Woolies using your discounted Woolies egiftcard, should save you another $35, which would roughly match this deal.

    Plus you get 2000 Woolies points when you buy the ebay giftcards from Woolies, not sure if it is for per $100 giftcard though. Hopefully someone who works for Woolies can confirm this.

  • Bit of a rookie but does anyone know how much air con instllation would cost? My current AC in my room is broken and thought I’d just replace it altogether

    • $1000 plus

  • How do we get the store credit? I see cash back you claim . Picking mine up later today.

    • Did you figure this out? I can't find any information I'm hoping the store might know when I pick up.

  • Store credit is received via email I believe (in about a fortnight).

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