expired China Southern EU & US Return - MEL to Rome from $806 / SYD to London from $843 / MEL to NYC from $992 + Many More


China Southern have some amazing sale fares to Europe and the Americas. Most travel dates are in May / June 2018 which is perfect for start of Euro summer. Most flights will be via Guangzhou.

China Southern are a full service airline so luggage and meals are included. All prices quoted are for return fares and include taxes. China Southern are rated as the worlds 6th largest passenger carrying airline.

The best sale fares are listed below, click through to see available travel dates.

Melbourne Deals from $806 Return

Melbourne to Rome - $806.00
Melbourne to Amsterdam - $842.00
Melbourne to Los Angeles - $848.00
Melbourne to Barcelona - $866.00
Melbourne to Frankfurt - $871.00
Melbourne to Paris - $894.00
Melbourne to Vienna - $905.00
Melbourne to Venice - $913.00
Melbourne to London - $917.00
Melbourne to Berlin - $934.00
Melbourne to San Francisco - $936.00
Melbourne to Oslo - $956.00
Melbourne to Toronto - $960.00
Melbourne to Madrid - $976.00
Melbourne to New York - $992.00
Melbourne to Edinburgh - $1024.00
Melbourne to Manchester - $1028.00
Melbourne to Vancouver - $1072.00
Melbourne to Copenhagen - $1077.00

Sydney Deals from $815 Return

Sydney to Rome - $815.00
Sydney to London - $843.00
Sydney to Amsterdam - $853.00
Sydney to Los Angeles - $864.00
Sydney to San Francisco - $872.00
Sydney to Frankfurt - $887.00
Sydney to Oslo - $888.00
Sydney to Copenhagen - $890.00
Sydney to Paris - $892.00
Sydney to Barcelona - $918.00
Sydney to Vienna - $922.00
Sydney to Toronto - $976.00
Sydney to Geneva - $987.00
Sydney to Madrid - $995.00
Sydney to New York - $1010.00
Sydney to Stockholm - $1030.00
Sydney to Edinburgh - $1041.00
Sydney to Manchester - $1045.00

Brisbane Deals from $854 Return

Brisbane to Amsterdam - $854.00
Brisbane to San Francisco - $875.00
Brisbane to Los Angeles - $884.00
Brisbane to Frankfurt - $889.00
Brisbane to Copenhagen - $891.00
Brisbane to Paris - $894.00
Brisbane to Zurich - $900.00
Brisbane to Barcelona - $905.00
Brisbane to Vienna - $923.00
Brisbane to London - $943.00
Brisbane to Vancouver - $959.00
Brisbane to Toronto - $967.00
Brisbane to Madrid - $1024.00
Brisbane to Manchester - $1046.00
Brisbane to Geneva - $1055.00

Perth Deals from $812 Return

Perth to Los Angeles - $738.00
Perth to Rome - $812.00
Perth to Frankfurt - $879.00
Perth to Zurich - $880.00
Perth to Paris - $895.00
Perth to London - $920.00
Perth to Geneva - $958.00
Perth to Munich - $963.00
Perth to New York - $1001.00
Perth to Amsterdam - $1088.00

Adelaide Deals from $942 Return

Adelaide to Paris - $942.00
Adelaide to Los Angeles - $1020.00

Cairns Deals from $1050 Return

Cairns to Paris - $1050.00

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  • +3 votes

    I have flown with three guys for EU, they were fine. First leg to Guangzhou had crappy screens but second leg was a newly refurbished plane, was great. Food is better than typical western airlines if you like Asian food. Only issue was transfer at Guangzhou was a bit confusing, we got told to go shopping for a couple of hours in thte airport and meet back at a fruit shop and someone equally unable to speak English would guide us to the next gate. We got there in the end but there were definitely a few people missing from the group


      Thanks for the feedback, we are hearing lots of good reviews about China Southern recently and the prices are very competitive.


    damn paid 1k with flight centre with china southern for Aug (MELB>AMSTERDAM)

    Also have heard some mixed things about China Southern, fingers crossed :)


      Sorry to hear that, you should to watch Flight Scout closer in future for when the fares drop as we often see it under $900 from MEL to AMS. Whether your preferred travel dates are on sale is always the real question.

  • +1 vote

    China Southern fan here. Four trips recently. All brilliant and every bit as good as Qantas.

    I’m not sure what happened for the dude above at Guangzhou airport. It was the same as any other airport. Gate numbered. You head to your gate. All numbers in English (number and spelt)… so Certainly no curve balls.

    Highly recommend the airline.

  • +1 vote

    I fear that I am odd man out here, but I have flown with many airlines both here, in Europe, and in Asia for more than fifty years, and China Southern is the only one I would never, ever fly with again. For a start, when all the reputable airlines were diverting in 2014 in order to avoid the war zone above the Ukraine, China Southern and Malaysia Airlines decided that their passengers' safety wasn't as important as keeping to the most economical path. It was Malaysian, of course, that paid the price. Secondly, the behaviour of some of the passengers on board was counter to what you and I might consider as compliant with normal safety procedures. They were reclining their seats while the plane was still on the Tarmac; amazingly, for those passengers who didn't know how to do that, the stewards were actually helping them! When I complained to the steward that the guy in front of me had fully reclined his seat even during meal times, making it impossible for me to use my table, the best advice he could offer was that I could always fully-recline mine, too, and thus take back some space by making life hard for the passenger behind me! I didn't, of course, whereupon I think he pegged me as a trouble-maker; when I asked for the western meal, he told me sharply that there were none available. Oh, well, at least I didn't have the experience of another China Southern passenger who wrote in to this site about her two next-seat passengers who cut their toenails in-flight, or the poor lady who watched in horror as two elderly passengers, not trusting the airline toilets, encouraged their grandson to defecate on newspaper they spread out on the seat. China Southern? Well, this was four years ago, so maybe they've improved.


      Agree with you based on my own experience flying with them to Europe a few years ago. First time I've flown with a Chinese carrier and the experience has put me off them ever since. I was unfortunate enough to be seated, on a red eye flight, amongst what must have been a tour group and the people knew each other. I had an aisle seat and was trying to get some sleep after dinner when the lights were dimmed, and this guy came up and stood right next to me, had hands on my seat back and the seat back in front of me, leaned over and started talking very loudly to people around me. I protested (I'm Chinese and speaks fluent Mandarin) and only got a few minutes of relative quiet.

      And as you said, the flight attendants had no interest in ensuring passengers don't disrupt the comfort of others. Maybe times have changed, but now with a toddler I'm reluctant to find out.


        On a recent red-eye flight to China, there was a group of 30 school kids behind me. After meal time they were still hyperactive - I asked the flight attendants for wine or to make the school kids shut-up. They couldn't give me wine, so promptly told the kids play time is over, go to sleep. They all stopped talking and promptly fell asleep.

        I reckon the Chinese ability to fall asleep anywhere can make for much better red-eye flights than flying other airlines. On average they just sleep, no fidgeting or bathroom breaks.

        My only problem is Beijing airport — don't transit there. Immigration and security queues can be over an hour. These non-Beijing options look good. Also, winter transit in Beijing sucks .. -10 degrees.


    flew china southern recently to malaysia. their a330-300 was excellent. beautiful, new plane, very efficient staff, comfortable seats, no fuss service. food was very good.

    guangzhou airport is not great. shops were boring and the prices quite expensive. food was ok.

    importantly, the landing and takeoff of the plane was smooth-as. will fly again.

  • +1 vote

    Did China Southern recently, would do it to Asia for an 8-12 hour journey but definitely not all the way to Europe.
    Food was near-inedible; service hopeless (offered beef or chicken, asked for beef, got the chicken, she had them mixed up and was giving everyone the wrong meal).
    Guangzhou airport is terrible, food expensive and nothing really to do, wifi doesnt work.
    Seatbelt sign is left on the whole flight, attendants seemed confused as to when they could actually start the service as the sign never came off.

    Good luck trying to do online check in and choosing a seat, their website seems to be made by high school students. My brother flew them to Korea and got put in the last row of an A330, he said it was absolute hell. Generally the other passengers being mainlanders are rude and loud, I witnessed two full blown yelling matches on one flight that had to be broken up by an on-board security guard, presumably on the flight because its not uncommon for this to happen.


    Horrible experience with CSA flying to India from Sydney, would never recommend them on any route.

    I've flown many airlines across many countries in Europe, Asia and America. This has to be my worst experience to date.

    My onwards flight from Sydney was delayed by over 2 hours, and I got no intimation from CSA. Thankfully Google alerted me well on time. As has been said before, navigating their website is a nightmare. You're better off using flightaware to track them. Web check-in is a joke, everytime i logged in and selected the option to check in…. the website would just log me out. With no errors /warnings / info as to what i did wrong.

    This meant I had a transit time of only 30 mins at Guangzhou airport, but the airlines made sure I missed my connection. Not only did we land 40 minutes late, the connecting flight took off 15 minutes early !! And guess when the next flight out to India was ? 14 hours later !!

    The flight itself was extremely average, service, food quality and the liquor brands were pathetic.

    Me - Oh well, atleast I could visit Guangzhou in the meantime ?
    Nope said the CSA lady at the airport, she actually discouraged me from getting the transit visa and a hotel lest i miss my flight the next morning.

    Me - But I need a shower !?!
    CSA lady (using all the English words she could muster) - <<Shakes head>> Better stay at the airport. Here's a food coupon !

    Yup stuck at the airport for 14 hours with no YT or Google.

    They did the exact same thing on my return flight as well, thankfully i cancelled the ticket in time and flew Quantas instead. Same price, excellent services


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