This was posted 11 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired 30% off 500g Bag of Geronimo Jerky Beef Jerky - $54.50 + Shipping @ Geronimo Jerky


Code word ILUVU
30% off 500g bags, limit of 2 because it takes two to tango.

PICKUP!!! YOU MUST contact us at or contact us on FACEBOOK
if you want to pick up order from our Woolloongabba store. This will save disappointment and time for everyone. We will then confirm when your order is ready.
Post charges calculated by weight.

Here is a list of our flavours with hot flavours separated.
1. Original (Garlic and soy flavour)
2. Buckshot (nice cracked pepper taste)
3. PowWow (really popular (brown sugar and ginger), teriyaki)
4. Spicy Shamin (Curry BBQ flavour-NOT HOT)
5. Stampede (guarana,(Energy) taste like gravy)


Sidewinder (hot with habanero )
Blazin Saddles (mid range hot)
Flamin Arrow (Our hottest)

We havent done a 500g bag deal like this in years so get on to it if you luv us as much as we luv you :-)

If anyone has had a non delivery we are now able to check previous order and access email and computers so please contact us on or via FACEBOOK

Thank you for your loyal support-We have been with Ozbargain since 2009 :-)

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    I think you mean $54.50 shipped or $45.50 plus shipping?

  • +2 votes

    $109 kg does not seem like a deal to me

  • +8 votes

    because it takes two to tango

    And only one to jerky.


    I was actually really disappointed with the jerky from Geronimo.. I had been sitting on the fence for ages until I took the plunge and got some in the last deal.

    I got the Powwow and blazing saddles, both tasted horrible, with the blazing saddles having the consistency similar to that of those pig ears that dogs love. The smell also reminded me of dog food.

    Not fussed enough to ask for a refund just thought i'd share my experience.

  • +1 vote

    Good luck but after the debacle last year, I'm afraid I'm out.

    Damn good jerky though.

  • +1 vote

    Great jerky. Gotta admit though, the batch I received last week isn’t up to their old standard. It was very thin, almost see through and hard. Hopefully it improves to how it was last year.


      It was very thin, almost see through and hard.

      Any veins in it?

      I'm always wary of sausages, and especially jerky, if there's anything that even resembles a vein, artery or blood vessel.

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    My sister-in-law got burnt with an order when Geronimo had their problems over a year ago but I'm happy to report that she made contact a few weeks ago and had her order delivered. I had bought a lot of their jerky in the past and was ready to walk away for good but for them to fill a year old order without any questions was a good move.

    Thanks guys. I'll be sure to keep supporting you in the future.


    They said to email them if you had an order in the past which wasn't fulfilled, which I did but I didn't get a response, a lot of point that was.

    I decided to give them a second chance and put in another order. The original is just how I remember it, before it all went to s**t but the other flavours I tried (blazing saddle and pow wow, just like eptgrant) were so thin and dry they weren't much good, funnily enough the dog got into the blazing saddle and ate the entire bag, we had to banish him to outside for a few days.


    How long does it take for shipping these days? No word since my order on the 31st.


    This deal is good until Valentines day as per their FB page, just orderd and code works fine even though deal says expired. Blazzing Saddles all the way haha, even if some don't appreciate it's fine qualities :-)

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    Hello All, All orders have been sent but if you have any drama's please contact I have set that up for both myself and my production manager to monitor. The dryness we believe was due to the weather in Brisbane with the heatwave. It is the only thing we can think of as everything else has remained the same….

    We will continuously work on it though as I would prefer everyone to be happy :-)

    Big Chief….

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