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HelloFresh 50% off Coupon for Existing Subscribers


Hello Fresh still use multiple use promo codes (I'm guessing). They sent one of those plastic cards with a promo code on it to our household, I assume its multiple use, due to the printing nature of the card sent. apologies in advance if I'm incorrect, we haven't used it.

Have you had a box from Hello Fresh before? Reactivate your subscription with a 50% off code.

T&C 's as stated in the card.
*The voucher is only valid on one box per household. Only valid on classic, veggie and family boxes. When using this card, you will reactivate your weekly subscription. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Only valid withing our delivery areas.

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Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $50 off their first box.

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  • I got a free box (Classic 5 Meals Family) delivered for re-activating my subscription and received my delivery this morning.

    The box was free. Might be worth trying this code:


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    I got the same code in the mail. For me, its not worth it even with 50% off.

  • In case nobody has used hello fresh before.

    50% off gives you similar value to buying the food yourself.

    Problem if they give you a bunch of ingredients you don't want.

    This should be 80% off at least.

    • I've been subscribing to Hello Fresh for about a year now. I thought I was paying waaaay over the price for stuff but was happy with the price for the convenience.

      A while back, I had a break week (plans changed so I didn't get a delivery that week) and I took 5 recipes and went to my local Woolies and bought the ingredients. It cost me $100. Did I have to buy more than I needed? Yes and it was eventually thrown out.

      • So only buy what you need?

        This sounds like poor planning on your part.

        I've done the calculations in the past.

        The only thing you can't buy exactly how much you need is herbs, but this is solved by either

        1. Using herbs in cooking more often
        2. Buying partially dried
        3. Buying normal dried.
        • Only bought exactly what was listed on the recipes. Nothing else.

          No hypothetical calculations. Literally turning up and buying exactly what was listed and seeing the total.

          And yes most of the wastage was spring onions and herbs. But it certainly wasn't $50 worth of herbs and spring onion that's for sure.

        • @SirFlibbled:

          That simply can't be true, I've calculated it myself from my own boxes I've received.

          I can only assume you purchased bulk packs of things when it wasn't necessary.

          The minimum amount of people recipes from Hello Fresh are made for are two.

        • @samfisher5986: It simply is true from my experience. I did it about 4 months ago. 5 meals for 2 people.

          I bought what was required by the recipes. No additional things. I bought comparable items of quality (free range chicken etc).

          Sure you can buy cheaper quality products and get the price down, but then you aren't comparing apples with apples.

          It came to almost $100 (I think it was about $97 or so from memory). So there is a premium, it's just not as big as you think.

        • @SirFlibbled:

          Well I can't say much but you did something wrong.

          If you aren't going to post details then there's nothing I can do to help you.

        • @samfisher5986: Yes. I have great difficulty reading recipes and shopping at a supermarket. Clearly I must have done something wrong. That's obviously the answer.

          And no. I can't post the details because I didn't take detailed notes. I didn't think, months later that I'd need to prove it.

        • @SirFlibbled:

          Well next time you get a box I can help you out.

        • @samfisher5986:
          Are you able to post your details to show that buying the ingredients yourself will give a 50% saving?

        • @Ristretto:

          No, but its been about a year since I've had a delivery.

          People who are receiving deliveries could post details for me to show them.

  • I got this same offer as well. I don’t mind Hellofresh too much. It’s a hit or miss with them. I only purchase the meals when they are on promos like this. Happy I don’t have to do groceries for dinner this week really and think about what to cook.

  • I don't understand something about HelloFresh: for 2 people 3 meals (6 meals in total) cost $70, which is the full price.
    For that amount of money ($11.6 / meal) you can go out and grab some Asian take-away, without you ever spending time with cooking, cleaning up, etc…
    The half price is kind of worth is but not amazing - you still have to actually make the meals.

    So, what am I missing here?

    • People are not smart and think its somehow worth it.

      Even if you wanted the hello fresh experience… just use coles/woolies delivery and save 50%!

    • Sure, 11.60 might buy you a high fat, high salt, high sugar, low nutritional value dinner from your asian takeaway.

      Eat that every night for a week and tell me how your guts feel.

      (I don't use any of these hello fresh etc companies btw, but can see why people do.)

      The worst bit of meals in my books isn't the cleaning or the cooking.. it's the shopping and figuring out what the hell to eat.

      That's what these services offer- charging a 30% premium on ingredients for taking care of the planning and shopping.

      • You say that yet ignore all other information.

        The point is you can have completely cooked food for that price.

        Or, you can pay half the price, and buy the ingredients yourself.

        HelloFresh is terrible and a waste of money.

        • You're not comparing apples and apples.

          You won't find a meal of the same nutritional value as a hello fresh meal for 11.60 cooked fresh for you.

        • @damoo:

          I never said you would. He was comparing convenience for that comment.

          You will however find a meal of the same nutritional value as hello fresh at a supermarket/fresh food place for 50% or less of the price.

    • precisely…the same amount will cost you 1/3 the price in coles.

  • Cheers op, don't think I've ever paid retail for a hello fresh box. Best way to do it is every now and then with 50% off :)

  • I got my box last Saturday for a Vegetarian option (I did know know how they will be shipping meat so..)

    MY box was around $60 and even with the 50% I paid $29.99 (got a cashback for $24 USD)

    Hello Fresh works for people who are some what beginners in cooking. The instructions are idiot proof.. too much details which we will otherwise already know….

    I actually spent more time looking at the recipe than what i would have otherwise done on my own. I also found their pre-prep vege is somewhat annoying. I like to skin my own vege and cut it in a way.

    I hate pre-cut produces.. Something which Aussie Farmer's direct tend NOT to do.


    Title should be “Existing users with an inactive account”

  • I cancelled my subscription and reactivated and got the discount. Saved $45.

    Thanks OP

  • This thread sounds like /r/iamverysmart

    I think a lot of the detractors don’t understand just how difficult it can be for some people to shop, think about what to eat and maintain health. My wife and I both work full time professional jobs. We have money but are time poor. Hellofresh has been very good for us. We order about 2 boxes a month and use the preparation time as a break from our routine to cook together.

  • I have 3x free first box vouchers, if anyone wants one please feel free to message me.

  • Anyone tried combine this 50% off coupon and use a $50 referral credit as payment?

    I asked the online chat and they said that referral credit isn't used if you are using a promo code. Your normal payment method (eg. Cc or paypal) is used.

    Not sure if that is true or not..