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$0 Joining Fee + 10% Off Monthly Membership Fee @ Anytime Fitness (for REST Super Members)


Apply the code if you're signing up online or show them the promotion flyer when joining in store.

Membership must be for a minimum of 12 months.

I wasn't asked for my REST member number, but there's nothing stopping you from opening a super account and leaving it empty just to have a member number if they ask.

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  • +8

    Anytime Fitness for REST

    Why would you join a fitness club for rest ?????

  • what if you're already with anytime fitness? and rest

    • +11

      then you'll get fat.

      • haha, yeah still in christmas eating mode

  • Gonna call tomorrow and ask if I can get 10% off for existing member

    • +1

      Gonna call tomorrow

      Why not call them now?

      "We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."


      • +3

        Because their contact methods are not open 24/7. Just their buildings. And only if you have an access tag.

        • -1

          That's not clear on their website.

  • i think u cn walk into a gym and negotiate a better deal.

    • +2

      Maybe you could just walk in do your exercises and leave. Best kind of price negotiation lol

      • Best kind of price negotiation is no price negotiation at all.

  • Heaps of 'deals' on gumtree from people who've signed up and then presumably found they aren't using their membership trying to sell what's left of their memberships if you happen to be in the same area.

    • +1

      Problem with that is they seem to want you to pay the full price (ie. $14.95/week).

      • But from past experience, many are willing to consider offers if they don't feel like they're getting value anyway.

  • Has anyone managed to get a good deal at Anytime previously by simply walking in and offering to pay for the full year upfront? Not sure if it'd be cheaper to take this deal as I'm a REST member already or to try and negotiate a better one.

    • never. management in AF is very greedy about money.

      • +1

        It's a franchise. Individual managers have whatever flexibility their owners give them, so your statement is super over-generalised.

        • +1

          'super over generalized' hemm…:) ok then

  • +1

    You're far better off in an industry super fund, so why not use it for more than a gym membership? Retail funds make profits for shareholders, not members.

    • +2

      But isn't REST an industry super? It's just not part of that Industry Super campaign.

    • REST is probably the Super I'd be using if I didn't have access to CBA's private former / staff super fund.

  • Joining fee is lame, they will always waived it regardless as long as you ask for it. For anytime fitness, better to use refer a friend program (which anytime always have) and get the same monthly fee as your friend with no joining fees. And also the cost of the overpriced fob key. I got a friend to refer me for $50 per month during the promotion, simple 5 mins to get everything going.

    • Does this friend have to be at the same gym at you?

      • +1


        • Thoughts so. Cheers.

      • Only the first month under anytime policy you will be locked to the first gym u initially signed with. Once passed, you can access any branch. I got referred and signed with Pennant Hills anytime, my friend whom referred me signed up at carlingford anytime. Not sure if they are under the same franchiser, but it works for me.

        • If you frequent a gym that isn't your home gyn they have the right to change your membership fees as they transfer your membership.

    • What if you dont have friends?

      • +1

        Stand outside the gym and offer people going in $10 to refer you?

      • Or create an anytime referral register on ozbargain.

  • So I am genuinely interested in joining an Anytime Fitness, and this post made me look via their website to see rates for different gyms.

    Now I know joining at one gym than transferring doesn't work, because they change your rate (or what happens if you prepay 12 months).

    However, does anyone know what justification they have for charging different fees for the entrance pass (first two I looked at, one was $72.95 while the other was $64.95).

    • +1

      The amount charged for joining fee and access keys is negotiated between Anytime Fitness corporate and the individual club operator, and they're free to negotiate it with individual members or run promotions waiving it entirely.

      • You are being really helpful today :)

        So, in saying that those fees are negotiated between Corporate and Operators, that would suggest that the operators with the higher fees are the worse negotiators, so they would be the easier ones to negotiate with. Haha. We'll see :)

        • Or the ones with the higher fees are the better negotiators and using the standard 'high ball' technique to maximise their profit?

    • +1
      • Thanks for that, going to look into it.

        Just to clarify (if you know), the $400 discount is separate to the activity system, correct? As in, at a bare minimum I can join and get the $400 off - I do not have to track my activity etc, to get that discount?

        • +1

          Im not using it myself .. but like you, i've been looking into it and wanting to join.
          Im not 100% sure, but sounds like u get a "special" rate through the AIA membership. Then if you go often enough, you'd get $100 back per quarter


        • @SmiTTy: Cool. Even though you don't have it yet, the fact we seem to be on the same wavelength makes me think that's correct.

  • Can you access all the Anytime Fitness gyms globally after? Also does your keycard work with all of them?

    • +1

      Yes to the first question - after 30 Days.

      I would assume yes to the second question as well.

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