This was posted 3 years 11 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Factory Seconds] Nespresso DeLonghi Lattissima+ $173.70 (Was $579.00) | Save 70% @ DeLonghi




These machines are Factory Seconds, are in perfect working order, but may have: slight cosmetic imperfections, be a previous year's model, an ex-display item, refurbished etc.. For a full definition please view our FAQ's section on Factory Seconds.

If you are looking for a great pod machine, this is worth a look.

I will have some great deals on fully automatic clearance machines hopefully end of the week if not early next week, but these are $500+ range models.

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    Were you seriously selling factory second old model Latissma coffee machines for $579 yesterday?

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      Haha. That was the price for a brand new unit maybe 4-5 years ago. I got mine in Dec 2016 for $279 plus $80 cashback or $95 coffee credit.

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    $299 at The Good Guys

    Just for reference

  • Just a thought, the word "Refurbished" should be somewhere in the title.

    ps: too late. title updated.

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    The RRP at the Good Guys is $299, so $579 is a bit of a stretch but still an excellent deal IMO

    • Where do you see the RRP at TGG? I only see their promotional price of $299

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        If the promotional price is the same all year round, it's effectively RRP. Manufacturer's nominal RRP has no meaning if no one actually sells it at that price.

  • Lattissima one coming at the end of the month for 399. Wait for a myer 15%off and nespresso mother's day promo and you would get a brand new machine for about 300 or less

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    I've had this for just over a year now and here's my mini review.

    It's quite good, but I would like to see less sharp corners in the pieces that need regular cleaning. It's very hard to clean dried milk stuck in the corners or the carafe. Even a toothbrush has difficulty reaching the corners (The Lattissa Pro has a cylindrical tank which is much easier to clean because there's no sharp corners). Same with the used capsule holder.

    Speaking of that capsule holder. Nespresso made a boneheaded decision to put a cutout at the back of that holder, Which means water will drip out of it and it goes underneath the holder and needs to be cleaned. There's no flow going from that capsule holder into the drip tray below it. It's just poor design. There is no good reason for this cutout. It limits how many capsules it can hold before you must clean it. The capsule holder could easily fit 10 capsules, but you must empty it after 3, or there's going to be a mess to clean up, because the water dripping out of the pods will quickly go over the level of that cutout and drip underneath the holder.

    Reassembling the frother when the parts are dry is actually very hard. Two pieces need to twist in, and if it's dry, the friction makes it impossible. You can just wet it though and it should slide in.

    If you forget to raise the dispenser straw on the milk frother before you press the coffee button, well enjoy the mess you're going to have to clean up. It's going to go all over, and this machine is not well designed to direct spills into the drip tray.

    Those are my gripes. Otherwise it's good. Oh and they want you to clean the parts every 2 days. If you don't, the drops of milk will dry up into solids in the frother's parts and become hard to clean. Even still I do it twice a week as opposed to every 2 days. When I had Aeroccino, it was much simpler. No small parts to disassemble and clean. I did clean it after every coffee, but that is a painless process.

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      I've had one of these for 4+ years, it's effortless to use. Not sure why you find it so hard.

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        It's not "hard". It's just annoying. Could easily have been improved without giving anything up.

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    Neg for misleading advertisement, factory seconds don't have a RRP and this is very misleading

    • I think that's unfair. I know that you're picking up on terminology but if you sell something second hand it doesn't mean to say that it didn't have an rrp at some point.

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        They're calling it 70% off, based on RRP of a First not a Second, and a very outdated RRP at that. It's standard price these days is about half what they're claiming it to be. Which is inflating the % discount to 70%. That's misleading.

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    I bought a refurb latissima+ last December from those guys and it arrived damaged. Delonghi sent another replacement but it again arrived damaged. Im still waiting for them to fix the problem.

    • Hi Bushmen, sorry to hear this, please pm me your full name on the order and I can look into this.

      • Still waiting for the delivery. It seems they can’t get things right. It wasn’t delivered to the address provided and it is somewhere at a Post office. More than 2 months , we have been waiting for our coffee machine

  • How hot does the milk come out? Had an earlier version of this and milk was tepid at best.

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    I bought a fully automatic “Primo” range machine from their seconds store a few years ago. They delivered a cheaper machine and then tried to say it was a better version. I returned it and they didn’t have the one I purchased in stock so I was issued a refund… that took a long time to be processed. A senior manager then got it processed for me and sent me some free coffee (which arrived weeks later). It was coffee in pod form for a machine I don’t have.

    I ended up buy a machine off the Good Guys for not much more with the cash back offer.

    I do have a Latissima+ though and they are good machines. Milk frother is good. You just need to make sure you rinse/clean the milk tube after every use.

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