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$20 off First Ride with Taxify


Thanks to charlesli679. Even if you've added a promo code you can still add this one. They both say valid for first ride only so I imagine that is the case.

Still 50% discount on fares in Melbourne and 25% in Sydney. Brisbane will apparently be next.

Code expires 1st Nov 2022.

Price comparison detailed in this deal.

Here are basic steps:
Add credit/debit card as Taxify payment option;
Apply promo code.
Order a ride to your location when you need one ;)
Why do I need to enter my card details?
We have a few reasons for this:
This way we prevent multiple code uses per person;
Your code is for $20, we will charge the difference in case your trip fare goes over that;

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  • Am I missing something or is there no code.

    • AUD20 is the code im guessing? i cant see it either

    • +1

      Code is AUD20 :)

    • +1

      Code is AUD20

    • Ahhhh sorry about that. Posted just before going to sleep.

  • any car available at Melbourne airport?

  • Anyone know when the 50% discount on fares ends in Melbs?

    • It lasted a month in Sydney.

    • next week i believe, unless extended

  • No Gold Coast?? What's wrong with these fools??

  • Also $10 off


    • Are these also first ride only?

  • Thanks OP - worked for me!

  • How do people find the wait time with Taxify compared to Uber?

    • +1

      End of the day, it's still a normal person in a car driving towards you. Uber does no doubt have more drivers, but this will probably change as more and more people hear about taxify, and people start driving for taxify instead of Uber. If you do manage to find a driver, I've found the wait time is similar.

  • Thanks OP! Successfully added both :) Taxi to the airport for a change…

    • Can you use both credits for the same trip? Or one for each trip?

      • +1

        The highest discount for the first trip.

    • Taxi to the airport

      Are these things reliable enough for airport deadlines?

      Seems you might just have no-one available, whereas I can book an actual taxi…

      • +1

        Seriously depends on where you live. Start checking the app at least 30 minutes to an hour before you need to leave to make sure there’s drivers, it’s a bit of hassle but you can save a ton of money over a taxi as i’m sure you’re aware. If you live near-ish to the city you’ll be sweet.

  • Not as good as that last offer by Glorify.

  • +1

    Taxify needs to come to Perth!

  • So how does it work if you apply both HiAustralia and AUD20 codes?

    • +1

      They are all adddd to your account but you’ll need to select which one to apply on the Payments section - only 1 is allowed to be selected

  • Not a lot of Taxify drivers out in my area. Tried on two separate occasions peak and non-peak hours. Ended up catching an Uber. Hope the code lasts for a while.

  • Are there airport extra charges?

    • Standard rates are the same as Uber. See here.

  • Can't even use it because the app keeps crashing for me…

  • Tried to use it last night for the first time and had a pretty crappy experience. I was getting a ride from the Melb CBD to the suburbs late-ish last night and the drivers phone died a few minutes in, he had no charger for his phone and I was stuck. I wasn't able to cancel the trip or contact anyone. The app lets you do 2 things, dial the driver and call for an Emergency. I tried updating the destination on the app to where we were but because his phone was off it wouldn't update that we had arrived.

    Had to wait about 15 minutes while he went to a nearby 7-11 and charged his phone to the point it would turn on, when he turned it on he was able to end my trip. I got charged $5 for this journey and immediately tried to contact support, that was about 10 hours ago and I've not heard back.

    I was willing to overlook the shoddy interface on the app & the fact that while you are on a ride the app shows you where you are and where your destination is, but not how it's going to direct the driver to get you there. I assume they might fix a lot of the visuals and such with updates. The fact that it doesn't show you what route it's telling the driver to take it annoying as for the 5 minutes I was being driven I ended up providing directions to avoid whatever GPS Taxify uses having my driver take me on a stupid route home.

    • That does indeed sound rubbish, but the first part sounds very much like something that could happen on any other ride sharing platform.

      • +1

        Yep, it was the fact that I was completely stuck at that point and zero way to get any help at all and that I contacted support 16 hours ago with no response is frustrating. I mean things go wrong all the time, so it's more about what happens when they go wrong, what your options are and what happens after.

        I've had problems with Uber drivers or UberEats before but their support teams were super quick to reply and assist.

  • Lucky you even found a driver in Melbourne?

  • +2

    I’ve been taking Taxify 5-6 times through the week without issues. As they get more cars on the road, I am sure service will improve for people across Melbourne

  • +2

    +1 for the specific expiry date

    • +2

      1727 days left

  • +1

    I gotta taxify, come up in the spot lookin' extra fly
    For days I don't drive, I'm gon' taxify

  • i am really happy that taxify had growing fast. We could enjoy the cheaper fare than uber

  • -1

    No drivers were available for me in the morning around 8 through 9 o'clock. I was late for work because of this.

  • Did anyone else get charged $25 under "Adyen Recurring" after entering their credit card details? :o

    • I was charged $1 under Adyen. I assume it's a rest that will be refunded.

      Do you have exorbitant foreign transaction fees of $25?

      • Nah it's just that if I don't use Taxify ever again I don't really want them hanging onto my $25!

        • I've got the $25 charge now as well. I think it appeared after my first trip, I hope it disappears.

        • +1

          The $25 hold disappeared.

        • @sween64: Sweet. Mine disappeared too. All good.

  • +2

    Yes I have foreign transaction fees on my account. A Taxify driver alerted me to check as he said his wife took Taxify and she had a foreign transaction charge on her credit card.

    I messaged them to get a refund but no resolution yet.

    A foreign transaction fee will piss a lot of people off I imagine.

  • +2

    Just used it, no issues.
    $13 with AUD20 code to the Melbourne airport(with taxi usually $70-80:)

    • From melb cbd? Not sure where the easiest pick up location would be for them (we are staying on the corner of Collins and Spencer St. Heading to the airport tomorrow

  • What is the minimum spending if known?

    • $7.50 before voucher.

  • App now says 30% off fares.

  • how do you request a ride? i am in perth, wa.

    • I don't think they've launched in Perth yet.
      Nope. https://taxify.eu/en-au/cities/

      • thanks. i hope the voucher doesnt expire til they launch here.

        • Voucher doesn't expire until 2022

  • +2

    Using Uber and Taxify tomorrow, first time on both, 2 free trips :)

    • I imagine it's one journey and you're linking 2 rides together :)

      • It was actually a return trip but I found out taxify isn't in Lake Macquarie (Newcastle) according to the app so I had to pay the return leg with a regular taxi.

  • any codes for rides after the first one?

    • Nope

  • unable to use for pickup in Melbourne airport…that would have been good

  • code doesn't seem to work anymore

    • It should work until 2022.

  • +1

    Had a nice early morning ride to Sydney Airport. Waited 5 minutes. Total cost $8 (from Kings Cross).

  • Yesterday used the code in Melbourne, Taxify wrongly charged me for $25 +$1, saw it on my Amex statement. Asked Taxify support about it - they say that $25 is a preauthorisation amount and it will be released in 5-7 days. Next i asked why do you charge for so much when others usually take only $1 as a preauthorisation? And why you also charge me for addictional $1?
    The answer was that both $25 and $1 are authorisation fees and will returns in a week.
    Well, now have to wait for a week.. If they will not return the money, will initiate a dispute of the transactions and write or call to Amex support.
    Guys, be very careful with them!!

  • Trying to add the code. It just says LOADING forever!!

  • I booked a trip using this app and promo code, then watched my taxi drive further and further away from me for 45 minutes. When I called to find out what was going on, they hung up on me and the driver cancelled my trip. Worst possible experience. Not even worth a free ride. Check the reviews on the app too, they all tell similar stories. Never again.

  • Beware they charge international transaction fee!!

    • It's the bank/cc provider charging this fee because the payment is processed overseas.

      Curious to know if anyone has had luck getting Taxify to refund the fee though, some businesses will if you complain about it.

  • Thanks, just signed up in Melbourne and they also added the 50% off up to $10 for next ten rides as well.

    Made sure to use fee free card with the reports of overseas payment processing.

    They are using Adyen, I would have thought they'd have local processing, gonna be a lot of unhappy eBay buyers if everyone gets hit with extra CC fees when they switch to Adyen.

  • Ok tried to use this last night in Melbourne CBD , driver went to wrong address and then rang me and screamed at me so loud I had to hold the phone away from my ear and ask him to please calm down, he continued to scream at me so I hung up and cancelled the ride. Caught an uber instead. No way of reporting this to taxify , I would avoid.

  • Code is already used - no longer working

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