expired Brussels from $918 Flying Thai Airways (Feb-Nov). PER- $918, MEL- $938, SYD- $956, BNE- $957


Destination: Brussels

Airline: Thai Airways

Departure Dates: 1 February to 19 June 2018, 16 August to 30 November 2018

Valid Till: On sale till sold out

  • Perth – $918
  • Melbourne – $938
  • Sydney – $956
  • Brisbane – $957

Frequent Flyer:

Royal Orchid Plus (Star Alliance).

This fare books itself in “W” class and accrues 25% of the mileage flown.

Interesting facts about Brussels

  • The best time to visit is during the shoulder seasons of March and May and September and October. This is when room rates are cheaper and the crowds are fewer.
  • Australian passport holders do not require a visa to enter Belgium and the maximum stay allowed is 90 days.
  • Try some frites. A Belgian institution with the very best frites come deep-fried in beef dripping and are served fresh and hot in a paper tray. Top with mayonnaise for that true Belgian taste.
    Belgians are obsessed with chocolates. The airport in Brussels is the largest chocolate selling point in the world.
    Top 3 places to see –
  • Manneken Pis – People travel to this city from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of this little boy urinating. The legend about attraction varies widely depending on who you ask.
  • Grand-Palace – This square marks the heart of Brussels’ Lower Town district. Flanked by ornate Gothic and Baroque-style buildings, the Grand-Place is probably the best place to begin your tour of historic Brussels.
  • St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral – Constructed in the 13th century, with its clean stone exterior and intricate stained-glass windows, this cathedral makes for an impressive sight. The venue has played host to royal weddings and funerals.

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    great price!

  • +1 vote

    Thank you. For Thai airways, can I stay over at Bangkok for 2-3 days on the way back to Sydney?


      Some airlines charge for a stop over fee
      not sure if its the same thing with Thai!

    • +2 votes

      Always depends on the fare class that you buy - lower booking classes might be a small fee ($100) or free, but as you move up fare classes they become free (generally) - this ticket probably has a 3 month validity. Also, you might be able to open-jaw the ticket e.g. fly into Brussels and out of Paris (or other European cities). The Taxes will increase, but that will be cheaper if you are travelling around and don't want to do a round trip back.


      Yes you can, but as mentioned below it won't be free. Additional $80.


      Flew with them once, even if you come out of the airport then check in again, they'll charge you a fee. Apparently I was supposed to stay in the airport for my 14 hours overnight stayover.


    Man and I booked on the China Southern deal, could have flown with a better carrier.


    Not far to (profanity) Bruges or Battle of the Bulge sites if either takes your fancy.


    The flight from Melbourne to Bangkok is on the new 350 Airbus and according to this reviewer is very good.


    It would be good to know if the Sydney route and the Bangkok to Brussels routes are the same new planes.

  • +3 votes

    Some food tips cause im craving for chips right now:
    Dont put mayo on your chips in Belgium, put Andalouse sauce, akin to a spicy big mac sauce
    Eat freshly made waffles, most places just reheat pre made ones. If you have to wait for a fresh one, just do it.
    Everything on Rue des bouchers is shit. Except Chez Leon which is ok


    Solid price, great carrier. Good deal, OP.


    Id be all over this if i were going to belgium. Combine with aopover in bkk and u got one hell of a holiday. As a comparison i got return 1.2k on Qatar to western europe in april.


    Bummer. I'm looking for flights from July and August. PER to LON and thought this might work but the dates are just outside.

    I'll be going to check out TOMORROWLAND, so if there's any deals during that time let me know!

    And good info on places to see and things to do. Will be exploring Europe :)


    Has anyone booked through Bestjet? Are they good to deal with?

    • +1 vote

      dont think they have very good reviews from memory

    • +1 vote

      I have referred people to bestjet on several occasions, haven't had issues. They are good for straight forward bookings. If you want to change flights/dates after booking, they can be a pain. Just like most travel agents (not all)

    • +1 vote

      I booked a trip to Europe which I just completed over the Christmas/ New Year with Bestjet. I had no problems with them. But as OP said changing flights is painful with them


    Can't see any availability for this fare in August/September


    Flew with Thai 2 years ago to FRA - a couple of days before leaving I got told my flights were now rerouted so instead of going SYD - BKK - FRA I now had to go SYD - BKK - HKT - FRA. So added a few hours to my travel time which was a bit annoying.


    Damn it, I saw these prices but the wife didn't have any experience with Thai and preferred to fly Etihad. Paid almost double. Now I hear it's a decent airline… and it's not like there are more stops, and it's even faster (~24 vs ~25 hours)



    Not Brussels but I just booked return flight PERTH TO PARIS with Thai airways for $955.75 (3rd to 17th of September)

    Is this a good price?


    Great price! Was looking at some dates yesterday and best I could find to Brussels from Melb was around $980 leaving TOMORROW! Ended up instead booking with Thai one way to Milan, and coming back on China Southern out of Oslo. That was I can work my way north and not have to hurry back for the return journey. Didn't cost too much more either.


    There's a $994 deal with Qatar airways when I clicked on the link if anyone is interested

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