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Wiltshire Classic 6pc Stainless Steel Knife Block Set $16.51 (Was $49.95) @ The Good Guys eBay


Update 515pm: Sold out on the website, changed main link to eBay where some stock still exists.

Couldn't find a lot on this set, it previously sold on Groupon for $39. The previous cheapest price at TGG was $29.

If you are purchasing 2 or combining with other items to reach the $30 spend you can use PICK5 code to get 5% off via eBay. Also cheaper post on eBay if you weren't picking it up.

Click & Collect: Free
Delivery: $8 (Website) or $5.06 (eBay)

  • Type: Knife Block Set
  • Number of Knives: 5
  • Blade Length: Paring 9cm, Utility 13cm, Bread 20cm, Carving 20cm, Cooks 20cm
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Triple Rivets
  • Construction: Storage Box: Black Wood
  • Dishwasher Safe: No
  • Guarantee: 5 Years

Wiltshire website

Credit to Pricehipster where I spotted it.

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  • +2

    Can't complain at $16.51.

    • +10

      Yeah the prices seem to be.. slashed.. on these regularly

      • +4

        It’s true - TGG are known for deep cuts on price!

        • +2

          Cut it out…

  • Got one. Thanks OP

  • Missing a few small knife lately. Getting this for replacement.

  • +5

    Are all knives out with this deal?

    • +6

      This price is definitely cut to the bone.

      • +7

        You have a point

        • +13

          If this pun thread continues I will stab someone.

          That was not a pun.

        • +6


          Jeez you have a sharp tongue don't you

        • +3

          At least he doesn't speak with forked tongue.

        • +11

          These pun threads are getting over seRated

        • +4


          The fact that you replied to the pun thread sounds like you wanted a slice of the cake too?

        • +3

          @montorola: Would you rather that he take a cut of the profits, instead?

        • +4

          @theStinge: time to filet a complaint

        • +1

          @buckster: Sounds like you both have a handle on the situation.

      • +3

        With these in kitchen you will be working on cutting/bleeding edge stuff..

    • +2

      Are all knives out with this deal?


      • Looks like this deals a CUT above the rest……

  • noice

  • +3

    Bought one too! I've been putting off buying new knives for so long because of the cost factor. Thanks OP!

    • +13

      IMHO you really only need two kitchen knives. A paring knife and a chefs knife. If you put your knife 'investment' into only two knives you will have much sharper higher quality knives that will do 95% of your kitchen needs. And you can buy one and then save up and buy the other.

      Just my 2c :)

      • +4

        I find the serrated Bread Knife quite useful too, but they are super cheap.

        • +2

          Lol try find a pastry knife. It's a bread knife but the blade continues past the handle, making it better for slicing as the handles not in the way.

        • Agree. I guess the bread knife falls into the 5% for me :)

        • +3

          Fun Fact: Serrated knives are often better for cutting tomatoes!


        • @Chris Farley: good point
          A quality Steel for Sharpening straight knives is a must as well ,
          and will work for stainless knives too

        • +1

          @Chris Farley: ONLY if all your (other) knives are blunt!

          If you use a serated knife for everything, it eventually becomes blunt too. Sharpening it is far harder than the few seconds it takes with other knives.

      • What's a good brand to buy for knives? Mine really need replacing but I want really sharp ones that will last.

        • +4

          Get the pointy one's

    • I'm a keen home cook and a Victorinox serrated knife will solve 80% of your problems. Remain sharp for years, agile, cost under $10 and available at most knife shops.

  • +2

    Cheers, grabbed one!
    Finally one of these Good Guys deals where my local store actually has stock for click and collect :D

    • same feeling… always out of stock except this time…..

  • +9

    This same set is 16,720pts or 5,000pts + $60.94 @ Qantas Store :)

    • +4

      Should post it as a bargain

      • +1

        I would have, but I didn’t want it to be ozbargained before I’d saved up enough points to get one.

    • Because Qantas

  • +1

    Where is concierge store credit when I need it? Haha

    • +1

      Next week the txt said.

      • +1

        Expiry 14 Feb 6 days left

        That's awfully convenient. It'll probably be out the 15th.

        • Lol

        • @Slippery Fish: save the ' how did we do on you're last purchase survey ' for $20 credit and fill it out when you want.
          Min purchase $50 and 7day expiry on those though.

  • Thanks op, got one.

  • Yeah, why not! Got one too. Ta, hamza23. :)

  • Ordered. Thanks.

  • Thanks op. Got one for my wife. Not sure she'll love it or not. If not, simply refund :)

    • She'd better love it…

      coz theres no refunds for change of mind at TGG.

      • I've received refunds from change of mind at TGG before. May vary from store to store perhaps?

      • But you can return it unopened in its original packing with proof of purchase within 14 (I think?) days.
        At least that's what TGG always tells me, only used it once and no issues.

    • Valentine's day next week ;-)

      • +1

        In case it doesn't work out well?

        • Ahh, have a stab at it.

  • While we're on the point of knives, anyone able to cut the fat from good quality knives?

    I'm looking for a set of 2 or 3 knives that will do the chopping I'm looking for $100, anyone got any recommendations on this kind of bargain?

    Just want to cut vegetables, meat, usual dinner stuff. No breadknives or cheese knives please!

    • +2

      Recently bought these and they're actually really good for meats and vegetables. Just as good as expensive knives I've used before. Not sure if this will get worse over time.

      • U can sharpen them over time and as long as the steel its durable should last a few years

    • +5


    • While we're on the point of knives

      Oh please.
      Judging by the quality of your post, I'd say it was intended.

    • After cooking for 40 years, I guarantee you wont find better value than this as an all round serrated kitchen knife. Available at King of Knives & knife stores.

      If I wanted to spend real money I would get Global.

  • +1

    Got one.

  • -1

    Hmmmm…not dishwasher safe…a deal breaker for me
    …these are also on special https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/wiltshire-staysharp-stainless...
    according to price hipster 48% off

    • +1

      Is that the right one? That's $119 and not discounted.

    • +1
      • Ah nice, good price.

    • +4

      All knives will blunt in a dishwasher over time

      • +1

        And chip as they hang around.

    • +3

      My Wusthof knives are dishwasher safe but no way would I put them in the dishwasher.

      • I've heard gospel truths on both sides of the fence.

        Obviously, hand clean takes 2sec & is guaranteed safer for the knife… but, for some reason, CBF.

    • I'm skeptical that a dishwasher will blunt knives.

      My knives blunt from everyday usage, I haven't seen an accelation of the bluntness due to the dishwasher compared to hand washing.

  • Bought these for $29 two weeks ago. Looks like I'll be going back to get the difference refunded!

    • Are they good as you bought them earlier ?

    • Nice, you get 120% of the difference refunded! 20% back in your pocket must be nice :)

      • I'm concerned because that deal only mentions "competitors" and not own stock. Unless I've missed something??

        • I've been personally assured by a team member if it drops in price even at TGG within 30 days, they will refund 120% of the difference.

          They gave me nothing in writing, but for the sake of customer service and repeat customers, I'm sure it'll be fine.

        • +1

          @pennypincher98: I hope you're right! I'd love to get paid for them!

        • +1


          120% of the difference, not of the purchase price.

        • +1

          @GregRust: I got overexcited =(

        • @pennypincher98: problem 1: I bought from a different store (100km away!)
          problem 2: store wouldn't match price from own range.
          When I nudged a bit, she checked their own system and it's gone back to $29. So couldn't beat that. I left the store then realised the eBay is still cheaper but price with shipping is like $22, so for the sake of $8 and another discussion about problem 1 and 2, I couldn't be bothered.

        • @jjjaar: Oh well, yeah you win some and lose some.

  • Got one, thanks boi

  • cheers…why not :)

  • +4

    Wow just placed my order ~20 mins ago and it's already ready to pickup!

    Great service :P

    • Worth a +vote, i reckon.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered and collected within 15mins!

  • +1

    don't forget cash rewards

  • Ordered 1. Thanks OP

  • ordered one , thank you

  • Thanks, I just ordered mine to pick up instore, the fascinating thing is they match my kettle and toaster perfectly.

    Thank you

    • No offense, but isn't stark black kind of depressing first thing in the morning? Black kettle and black toaster… I need a bit of lightness..

      • +2

        You should have heard what the pot said.

        • +2

          Lol are you saying I'm calling the kettle black ? (some enhanced visuals because I take things literally :P)

  • No stock around Adelaide, bought 2 from ebay, thanks

    • +1

      Sounds like they're all in a mad rush getting ready for the 14th of this month in Adelaide…

    • Damn! It was about 8.5 hours ago when I bought mine as a C&C from Mile End store, and three stores were showing stock (Mile End, Marion, & Gepps Cross). It wast just 2.5 hours after that when you made that comment, so it looks like the Mighty OzBargain soldiers raided all stores. Commiserations, comrade.

  • Thanks OP bought one…can’t go wrong with this price..ready for collection just after 20 mins of order :)

  • In time for Valentine's day. Be careful.

  • +2
    • +1

      Yep.. probably worth the $16 itself

    • Where after you send the knives to them on your own dime, one of their options is to just refund you… I'm not paying $10 to ship some knives away to get $16.50 sent back to me.

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