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DXRacer Gaming Chairs: F-series ($300) and King Series ($380) @ eBay Futu Online


Comparable prices tend to be $350 and $435, respectively.

I know there’s not a lot of OzB love for these sort of gaming chairs.

But I’m thinking of giving them a shot. I’ve gone through a series of cheap office chair types from Aldi, Kmart, etc., and always end up with lumbar and buttock discomfort with long enough use. I’m sure part of that’s attributable to my frame (190cm, 70kg) and poor posture.

At least the ergonomic design should help, and I have faith in the durability of polyurethrane. I think most other non-gaming chairs in this sort of price range tend to use PU (or PVC), and I can’t tell the difference in design (except for the aesthetic obviously).

Reviews and opinions seem to be divided, for both gaming and non-gaming types. Ranging from years of use maintaining impeccable condition, to flattening and shedding of material after mere months. Is it just a matter of YMMV?

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  • I have the F series, its really good. Have used it for over 3 years. Was thinking of getting the K recently as GF was eyeing mine. Thanks you OP for the deal.

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      The K is bigger and wider and reclines so you can lay completely horizontally on it. Very good chair but I fit in the F better as the K was too wide for me

      • Is the K any more comfy? Otherwise I should go with the F since I fit fine in it. No point spending the extra 80$ if I can already fit and the comfort is the same. Plus the blue colour looks nice

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          It's a tad softer padding in my opinion. But if you fit in the F then you may have a bit of side to side movement in the K, which I didn't like. I prefer a snug fit. The only thing I miss from the K is being able to lay down flat in between games.

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          @Ploix: Thanks so much. I guess I'll go with the F then

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          @Ploix: Got the chair yesterday. They made a number of changes compared to the old series F I had. First, the steel base that holds the roller wheels has long narrow coloured plastic strands that go all the way to the back. The older one has short coloured plastic pieces that attach at the ends right above the rollers.

          There are 2 nuts that hold the backrest to the seat in the new one. The older one has 1-2 more I believe, don't wanna remove the plastic cover again lol.

          And comfort wise, the old is way more comfy than the new one. I let my GF take the new since she seems quite happy with it. The new F is quite good but it's a bit firm for me, the older one feels like softer foam. I made sure to check using a few unused areas. I would say about 30% more comfortable. I am 100% sure the old one wasn't this firm when I got mine back in the day

          But one thing stuck me, you mentioned that you miss being able to lie down flat. I didn't understand what you meant at the time since my F series can lie all the way flat to 180 degrees. I bought it at the start of 2015 from DXRacer themselves. They removed this feature from the new F, you can only bend about 120 degrees roughly. That was a bit disappointing but to be honest few people use that.

          For people that like to buy the old, just look at the feet on ebay listings or websites. If there's a bit of coloured plastic 3 inches long, that's the old. If its long and narrow that extends all the way back, then its the new one.

          I got the old for 379$ for a pink colour since they didn't have stock (Lol i just checked and they still have my account) but 300$ for new is a steal!

          Still happy with it, thanks for helping Ploix. Cheers

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    get a good office chair

    aeron, leap, etc

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      Can't find the prices for Leap but Aeron is like 800$+ for base model…

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        and will last you 5x as long

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          I tried to like the areon which I used for a month and then went back to a cheap office chair. Safe to say it simply wasn't for me. The embody on the other hand.. Oh boy

        • I'd hope so for that price.

        • @markebrown93:

          The embody on the other hand.. Oh boy

          Just wish it wasn't 1.8k.

        • @ChillBro: yeah, I can't justify that without having a medical reason or 6 figure salary

  • Thanks, bought the K series. I am 192cm tall, I was looking to buy the Noble icon series chairs, but this saves me around $120!

    • 1.9 dang

      • yep… small cars, planes, chandeliers, not the best friendship.
        Awesome at concerts however.

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    How do these stack up to officeworks chairs? All of those PU Leather ones seem to fall apart after about a year with the leather tearing up and cracking.

    • Probably way more durable than the office works chair. I am using a basic officeworks bathurst racing chair and the foam has gone all flat and it's uncomfortable to sit on for long hours. I bought mine about a year and half ago and none of the PU Leather is tearing. Id imagine these are so much more better if they are this expensive.

      • I've had the bathurst chair since about 2014. What was once red and black has all been stripped to a nasty grey and the foam on the armrests is derailing. Trying to get a new chair but find it hard to decide if i'll like it in the long run!

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      I've had my F series for 2 years and there's no cracking in the PU leather or sagging in the cushion. I sit on it probably more than 8 hours a day everyday (work from home). Mine still looks new.

      I do, however think the lumbar support isn't the greatest so I use a memory foam cushion for my back. I've sat on Aeron chairs for work in the past and still believe they are the best, however the DXRacers are decent and are much better than the Officeworks and Ikea chairs.

    • I've had both. My brother has had the F series for 7 years. The leather is still great and he uses the chair at least 5 hours a day. I had the officeworks Bathurst racer and within 6 months the less there began to show wear. No where near as comfortable as the dxracer for extended periods(1hr+) but if you only use the chair for 10-15 minutes at a time then it'll do. If you want a chair you can use for long sessions and won't wear then I highly recommend the dxracer. I've had mine for 2 years and it seems brand new.

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    Has anyone tried these Markus chairs from Ikea? $349

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      I use one of these and I have never looked back, comfy and well built with a 10 year warranty. I use to have neck problems until I got this chair, now my posture is better and no more head aches.

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      They're good quality and excellent for tall people considering how high the back frame is.

    • yeah i have the grey fabric one, best purchase ever. would never go back to a PU leather gaming chair.

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        Agree with all the above, picked up 2 about 4 years ago when they had then on sale for 250.

        One of the only chairs I have found at this price point that does not cause me discomfort. I work from home often and game from it and no complaints!

    • I have the black leather one, best chair I've ever had.

    • I briefly owned a Markus. They're super soft and I can imagine it being very comfy for most people, but my thighs aren't very long so I wasn't able to really get my back against the backrest. It's excellent for taller folk.


    I recently got the Thunder X3, very comfy chair, they all come with high density foam which is somewhat a hard foam but very comfortable. I assume this would be a similar build, the X3 i believe is discontinued hence the $270 price.

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    I watch quite a few Twitch streamers who have been given these racing chairs for free. They will tell you how great they are, how comfortable, then you see pillow under their butt, another pillow for lumbar support etc. It's comical.

    Good office chairs designed for 8+ hour usage start at $1,000 and even among these chairs are massive differences in how they approach you sitting 8+ hours. Some chairs in this price range will adjust to you (Aeron, Leap), other chairs will try to gently fix your posture (Embody, HAG Capisco).

    I'd consider this racing chair only for $200 max and only if I intend to sit on it no more than 2 hours a day.

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    wow. $380 for a King series is a steal. Good find.

  • +10


    bends 180 degrees on chair

    • iunderstoodthatreference.jpg

    • Lol, I thought about buying that Clutch chair but the shipping was too much along with the price in USD. Only 399$

  • what are these like for folk with a bit of a weight problem from too much gaming, and munchies?
    currently around 125kilo

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    But can you do this? |_ -> __ :DD

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    F series are at msy atm for $299 if your near one then no waiting for post 👍

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    Just be aware that racing chairs (and the general racing bucket seat shape) is designed to push your arms forward. If you want to sit flat against the backrest its not possible and you can end up with a slouch as its always pushing you forward, if you watch twitch streamers you'll notice they don't sit back in them or are slouched forward.

    Gaming chairs are one of the "gaming" products that are marketed as 'performance' with no evidence. The only advantage I see is that they are probably better than the Officeworks chairs for build quality.

    • So you're saying this won't help me stop feeding? I guess it's back to promo code BSJ.

  • I have a cheap unbranded version of one of these (under $199), looks like it's pretty much identical and likely comes from the same factory. The build quality is good (eg foam hasn't compressed like an OW chair) but the comfort is pretty meh. The added pillows are useless really, they stick out way too much and put you in a weird position. They're super heavy too so they can chew up your carpet even with a protector (get a heavy duty one).

    Racing chairs in cars aren't designed for comfort so I'm really not sure why you'd model a computer chair after one. They are much less comfortable than a regular car chair which is obvious if you compare the cushioning (or lack of).

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    These gaming seats aren't ergonomic at all. They're based on bucket seats which are designed to hold your body under high lateral g-forces, not comfort. It's just more dumb 'gaming' crap pushed by steamers, like mouse pads with LEDs and RAM sticks with fake heat sinks. Do yourself a favour and get a decent office chair.

    • I've bought an LED mouspad with a USB hub integrated for about $10, which worked well for me with wireless transmitters (Bluetooth etc doesn't work well from the back of the case).
      I also got RAM with fake heatsinks because it was white and went well with my white case, without costing more.

      So sometimes there is reasons for those other products, but as for these chairs… I can't see any reason to buy them unless you hate your body.

      The gaming marketing has gone too far, there's now a lot of 'gaming' products that the only differences are in price, looks and lack of function.

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