expired Up to 15% off The Base Rate on Your Next Flight with Qatar Airways


Seems to work, but only off the 'base rate' and not to taxes and fuel surchages etc…

Enjoy up to 15% off* your next Qatar Airways flight

Qatar Airways is pleased to offer PayPal members a fantastic discount valid for leisure travel to some of our most exciting destinations worldwide, including Paris, Dublin, London, Rome, Zagreb, plus many more. Simply enter the promotional code PAYPALAU when booking your next journey.

Offer valid from 12 February until 12 March 2018, for travel from 12 February 2018 until 31 January 2019.
How to book and receive your PayPal special discount:
1. Type in the destination you wish to travel to.
2. Choose your departing and returning date.
3. Type the promo code PAYPALAU in the box promo code.
4. Click search.
5. Check out using your PayPal account.

*The discount applies to base fare only and does not apply to taxes and all other standard market surcharges. See below for full terms and conditions.

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    Looks like they increased the prices for the times I was looking at the other day. Nov/Dec


      The few flights I was monitoring have stayed the same. But half the fare is taxes, so it's really a 7% saving.

  • +7 votes

    Good if you can find cheap flights. Flew to Europe with Qatar and really enjoyed it. Even splashed out on business class for one leg (second flight on the way there) which cost $300 each. It was amazing, got to access the business lounge in Doha, with cocktails, food, showers etc. Then had amazing service on the flight itself with really nice drinks, smoothies and food, and slept ~7 hours before watching a move in the last two hours of the flight.

    • +3 votes

      $300 seems really cheap , did you do this at the airport or online beforehand


        Yeah keen to know what you did to get it for $300 pp.

        • +5 votes

          Ok - so what happened was I went to check out our flights on the Qatar website very soon prior to embarking on the first leg of our trip (maybe the morning or afternoon when our first flight was the evening flight from Adelaide - Doha).

          I just tried to log in then to see if I could retrace exactly where I found the link, but the website is playing up so I can't be precise.

          I logged into the member area, and looked at our flights (maybe a link like 'my bookings'). It wasn't a 'bid system', rather it just said something along the lines of 'upgrade your flight now for $xxx'.

          I noticed that this amount was much lower than the email we received ~1 week before our flight which had an 'offer to upgrade'. All other legs where this was offered via the website were cheaper than the 'offer to upgrade' email we were sent.

          The amount was much higher for all other legs of the journey, even via the website. It could have been that they had a few seats left in business and were hoping to fill them up so offered them for a lower price. It was also a small plane (Doha to Prague) and only had maybe 9 business class seats? I'm not sure of the exact factors that influenced this cheap price.

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        Just replied to the comment below yours :)


    My credit card gives me travel insurance if I purchase airline tickets with it - as this is via PayPal not sure I would qualify for the travel insurance that comes with my credit card.


      It should, you are still purchasing the tickets with your credit card via PayPal.

      PayPal is just the payment processor.


        You may indeed be right but I would hate to believe I am insured and then find out I'm not.


          Call your bank and ask, I think you'll find they say yes.

          The only difference between PayPal and typing your credit card into a website is that you know the payment processor PayPal but you don't know who who/see is processing it when you type it in.

          You are still buying a product on your credit card.


      Can't you just use your credit card through PayPal?

      EDIT: spaceflight beat me to the same comment


    I bought a return ticket on Friday for $1213.77 today it's $1175.97. I lost $37.80 :(

    Base fare shown on the ticket is $520 so 15% discount would be $78. It's still something but definitely not 15% (for my destination).

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    At first I thought it was a code for flights to Palau



  • +1 vote

    Code didn't work for me ! Same price with code and without code


    First search yielded $760.
    Left my computer for 20 minutes.
    ~Logged out of session~
    Re entered departure/location.
    Second search yielded $840.

    Lol, the (profanity)?


    Been using Qatar for a while now (happy returning customer). However, the last two times I've had to book a flight I had this same experience.

    It gives you a suspicious feeling that they track you by IP and jack up the price if you come back looking for the same flight a second time. The first time search result the fare was approx $100 cheaper.


      I too enjoyed Qatar until they broke my suitcase handle. They refused to pay claiming "normal wear and tear" even though their policy defines that as cosmetic damage. After 2 months of going back and forth I have given up.


      Pretty sure this is normal for most flight booking sites, use Incognito mode and you should be good.


    Booked last week so I have missed out on this, but the Qatar app has cheaper rates than the website. So use the app and this code to get an even cheaper deal.


    Unfortunately, for me flights for 2 adult 1 child is only $115 cheaper = 4.28% off. Good luck to those who can avail the full 15% offer.


    Btw - only works on return flights it seems. Tried using the code for one way and the price actually went up!

    Return only offers up to a year so i can't book my desired return leg (Aug18 - Aug19). Anyone know how to overcome this?


    Getting service unavailable here..


    Funny, www.qatarairways.com seems to have blacklisted Firefox, but Chrome works fine.

    Also can confirm that app has cheaper prices than the website.

    They seem to have introduced flights from Canberra, which are actually cheaper than from Sydney, one itinerary was $60 to $70 cheaper, even though including a "technical stop" whatever that means. Good if you live in CBR, but it's not worth the wear and tear to me to try to save that money.


    I was able to apply the coupon code and then just paid directly with my credit card - no PayPal.


    Doesn't appear to do anything for the flights i am looking at at the end of the year, the price with and without the discount is the same.

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