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Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Edition Console Delivered $219.98 Amazon AUS


Absolute bargain!

Minecraft XB1S 1TB, comes with extra goodies like a vertical stand, creeper controller and XB game pass for 1 month.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Went on eBay to see if could purchase it from Amazon store on there with the 4 hour only 10% off code.
    No dice.

  • Do XBOX One warranties work the same way as Apple ones?

    Ie. Warranty period starts the first day you activate on the Internet?

  • Not a big fan of mine craft but this console is very nice. They put a lot of detail into it! Nice price OP.

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    I have resisted buying Xbox and wanted to get PS4, but this is just too hard to re….sists….

  • +1

    Pulled the trigger. Wife will kill me but time to start building my 4K library.

    • Hmmmm, no point trying to hide the thing, the design too colourful. Not exactly low profile. :)
      Your kids will not keep away either……
      I would get one but already have xbox one s. This is a GREAT price for a 1TB version.

  • Hm, upgrade original X1 or wait until X1 X is cheap? Might wait.

    • No, don't wait, have two at home, and then get a third when X1 X is cheap and then perhaps sell one of the others.

      • Good point. I got it. I can sell the original X1 on eBay to make up most of the cost.

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    No idea why I bought a second XBOX OneS … now I need a second TV …

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          You one of those people who likes to ruin it for everyone.. you could just uhm leave it alone?

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        Must be the same guy that contacted Qantas about the $500 Apple computers worth nearly $10,000 last year.

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    Amazon Australia just posted this on FB. This price is legit: "Gamers, this is not a drill:
    The limited edition Xbox One console has just dropped the price. Shop now: http://amzn.to/2Em3ycQ"


    • Nice - thanks for posting that link. Good to see. The more I look at that console's design the more I like it.

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    Used the AGL 10% off voucher too, $209.98! Woo!

    • 10% or $10 off..

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        Well, it's 10% off, up to a maximum of $10 off. :)

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    These are popping up on ebay like crazy since this post. Never knew ozbargainer was a job title.

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    I really want 1tb. I hate external HDDs. But I hate the minecraft look. It's awful.

    • -1

      Yep… there's a battle in my brain as well. 1TB white with Forza H3 would likely see me less torn.

      • +1

        Place it in an entertainment cabinet and you won't see it.

        • +1

          My cabinet has an open front so theres no hiding it really. I dont completely hate it but it looks childish… I am a child though so……

    • Get one of these but that defeats the purpose of buying the Minecraft Edition console I guess!!

      • Won't work for the vent parts so it will still have patches of green and brown… Would probably look worse

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    I have never own PS or XBOX, but the price is so tempting, just bought one….

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    The Broden crew are likely to shoot themselves in the foot. A large percentage of ebayers also frequent OB and are aware of the current amazon pricing…. Hopefully anyways😉

  • amazing offer. I got a 500gb OneS with 3 games for 279 at eb but this is better

  • Will EB price match this offer?

    • No. They told me that "they don't match Amazon and if Amazon has an amazing then buy it".

  • So i got notification of mine being on its way.

    I was impatient and opted for express delivery.

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    The FOMO was too strong, thanks OP.

  • Yep, mines shipped and will be delivered by 8pm tommorow; Brisbane

    • +1

      Express or not?

      Mine says it will ship Feb 16.

      • Yeah express - it’s a bday present and need it by the w/e

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    Hard to pass up but bought one mainly for the UHD bluray player!

  • 7695 clicks… wonder how many people purchased it!

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    I'm sitting here for 30 minutes now, I don't even play console games but wondering if I should buy it! lol

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      Search youTube for Gears of War 4 walkthrough, Halo 5, Gears of War ultimate edition (Gears of war 1 remastered basically), Sunset Overdrive. If some of them interest you (those are the main exclusive games currently available through Game Pass), then this deal is worth considering. It's also the cheapest ultra HD (4K) blu ray player (though it is better to get a remote for it or use Logitech Harmony remote - the controller does work, but a remote works better).

      • For me it showed Gears of War 4 on Game Pass.

        • Of course, the games I mentioned above are ALL in game pass. Basically, he cannot decide whether to buy it or not. Thus, I basically named the well known exclusives currently in Game Pass since this deal comes with 1 month game pass free. 1 month should be enough to enjoy those games.

        • +1


          Yeah the Game Pass is a really good. Just beware that the Halo 5 on Game Pass well it was a 97GB download. Absolutely huge. Luckily my NBN has unlimited downloads and only took a few hours to download.

      • Are the games pass games only playable for the duration of gamepass membership or once you download do you have them forever?

        Edit: To answer my own question, need to maintain membership to continue playing.

        • Not only that.

          1. You need an active membership to be able to play games in Game Pass. You can stop the Game Pass subscription and pick it up again 12 months later and not miss any game except the ones mentioned in the next point.
          2. Microsoft can and have removed games out of Game Pass (one example is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain). MGSV: Ground Zero is still in it. Once they removed a game out of Game Pass, you cannot play that game even if you have an active Game Pass membership (so you need to either own the game or buy it to continue playing). Microsoft do let people know well in advance the games they plan to remove.
          3. Games in Game Pass which are the Play Anywhere version can also be downloaded and played on PCs. Go to Windows 10 App Store, login to your Microsoft/XBox account, type in the game and it lets you install and play (point #1 and #2 still apply). Gears of War 4 is one example of a Play Anywhere game in Game Pass. Microsoft have hinted Sea of Thieves, which will be added to Game Pass once it is available, will be the Play Anywhere version.

          It's different to Xbox Live Gold, where the "free" games are yours as long as you have an active membership.

        • @netsurfer: Interesting to know thanks.

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    Just received mine. Yes it is quite unattractive but its what inside that counts.

    • +14

      is that what you said on valentine's day?

  • Anyone bought this and not want the Minecraft game code?

    My kids have it on 360 and have been bugging me for ages for the Xbox One version.

    • +8

      I won't be using mine. I'll get in contact with you when I've received it.

      • +1

        Thanks @SubSonix, my kids will be stoked. :)

        • +1

          No problem, eta atm is the 26th

    • Same situation here, they play the 360 version all the time. Got them an xbox one for christmas but don't have much in the way of games for kids 5-10.

      Anyone else have a code they don't/won't need? My son has been saving his pocket money, message me what you would want for it please.

  • +1

    Never thought I would buy one. Damn you OZB!!!

  • I would just like to point out the hilarity of items bought from amazon being brodened on ebay, basically putting money in the pockets of their biggest competitor hahaha

  • Currently have games downloaded on my 360. My Xbox live is expired. Can I download them again on Xbox one without renewing my Xbox live?

    • Not sure of they will work expired, but you could get a $5 code for 14 days from cdkeys to rejoin and download them? https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/memberships

    • The console would also come with at least 14 days of Xbox Live Gold trial code (my guess is Microsoft included a 30 days one). Use that and download. The Game Pass library has quite a number of XB360 games as well. Use the included XB Live Gold code first. No need to buy cheap voucher code yet. Remember to grab this month's free XB Live Gold games also.

    • I thought 360 Games with Gold were yours to keep regardless of Xbox Live status?

      • Yes, I can still play games downloaded on my 360 even with expired Xbox live. I'm not sure if this the case if I transfer them to xbox one. Maybe other can confirm

  • Had the same idea as Uzz30, anyone without kids have a Minecraft code they won't use.

    Although that may be then end of my access to the Xbox.. But at least I might get the PC back. :)

  • Woo must have missed this when it was posted, just bought one :)

    Also got an AGL code, which I used to offset the priority delivery cost. "Guaranteed by Saturday 17th Feb" - first time ordering from the AU site, so we shall see if it does indeed arrive at that date…

    • Mine still hasn't shipped from order on Tuesday night, so will be interesting to see if they can manage yours by Sat. Maybe priority is both faster shipping but also priority to get it packed and sent out. Tomorrow is the earliest possible mine was scheduled to arrive - can't see that happening. No rush anyway.

      • Yeah I'm not holding my breath; also wonder what happens with the 'guarantee' if it doesn't arrive then…

        • +1

          Indeed! Good luck!

        • @fookos:

          Did you guys get it on time ?

        • @saweeet: i didn't do priority - mine is scheduled to arrive Monday according to Aussie post.

        • @saweeet: Mine arrived this morning, was actually surprised - less than 2 day post for $10 is pretty dang good.

          Haven't set it up yet, but it doesn't look as ugly in person heh. It will be in a cabinet anyway, so it won't matter :)

  • That's a smashing deal!

  • -1

    Are these modable for backups?

    • Seems not.

    • +2

      Year is not 2008, it is 2018

    • +2

      You upgrading from your PS1 or Dreamcast?

      • or Xbox Classic, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3.

        I think as well as being fairly well tied down, manufacturers are also offering bounties to hackers that find holes so that's probably a big reason why this gen consoles wont see any widely released mods.

        • Except Nintendo. 3DS, Wii, Wii U have been hacked. Switch will be soon.

        • +2

          Games are so cheap these days compared with yesteryear.

          It's usually only a few months from launch and most titles are really good value so I don't see the point in 'backups' and the hassle of trying to keep ahead of firmware updates that plug holes. I've no time for those shenanigans!

          There are a few exceptions - like GTAV - that don't get down to the crazy lows of titles like Deus Ex and Doom, but it's better to support the industry we all love and give them some coin anyway!

  • Got mine delivered today. Nice looking console, love it. Thanks OP.

  • Great Deal and with the AGL discount even better, nearly got this from Big W for $399

  • mine hasn't even been shipped yet..

  • +2

    Microsoft announced a sale for 1TB consoles just recently - coming into place on 18th Feb in Australia (believe it's ~60 AUD price reduction

    • Hmmm. Wonder if the mine craft pack deal will overlap and give us enough time to compare pricing. Still torn.

      • +1

        Standard pricing (RRP) for a 1TB less $60 is still a lot more pricey than this deal.

        It's probably a phase out of the 500GB and 1TB pricing to take the 500GB price point.

    • Hmmm, I reread that article again and there is no mention of Australia (Australia is only mentioned for the PUB game inclusion with Xbox one X.)

  • I have to say get the 1tb, its worth it.

  • +3

    Mine arrived today :)
    Interesting note, i paid priority and someone from Amazon called my usual delivery guy 3 times during the day to checkup on where he was, and how long until he'll deliver :O

  • +1

    My Xbox is apparently going to come on Sunday… via Fastway couriers. I never knew packages could be delivered on sundays.

    • Mine shows the same. Let’s see if they would really deliver on Sunday.

  • Anyone found the pink Minecraft Pig controller for cheap? Never played Minecraft, but may as well go all in! (At least, that is my excuse for wanting a pink controller!) :P

    JB had them for $69 in Nov last year…hopefully they run that again!

  • they must have a massive amount of consoles , probably got help from microsoft to clear them

    • +1

      I would suggest it's actually the other way round.

      • +2

        probably got help from microsoft to clear them , they must have a massive amount of consoles

        • +1

          No, the other way round. Cheers.

  • Sweet deal. Thanks, OP. Time to pack away the ole 360. Bar the odd non BC game that is.

  • I don't play games or have any idea what an xBox is worth, but it's a +1 from me.

    • +1

      The cost of parts that make this console is definitely over the $200 dollar asking price. On top of that, free delivery.

      The market price of an Xbox game pad is roughly $60 to $79 dollars, and this is a limited edition one.

      The bundle of both a 1TB xbox and a game controller normally retails for $399 AUD. So basically, Microsoft is taking a loss for each console sold for $219 but they are hopeful to get profit from the sales of games, Game Passes and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

      common tactic anyway — you sell hardware at a loss, but make your profit from the services, addons and games. Just like cheap printers and expensive ink.