This was posted 3 years 11 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Edition Console Delivered $219.98 Amazon AUS


Absolute bargain!

Minecraft XB1S 1TB, comes with extra goodies like a vertical stand, creeper controller and XB game pass for 1 month.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Could this be a price error? Price is very good :O

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      I'd say legit, just clearing out too many SKUs

      I kind of love the design actually.

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        I'm sold, bought one!

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        Didn’t they have a pricing error with some baby wipes?

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    Damn, I bought my original xbox for $260 and thought I'd scored a bargain.

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    Just saw this, thought it was a mistake as Kotaku were saying it was under $299. I guess they were correct :)

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      Instead of what? The game comes in the box. The whole console and Controller is Minecraft themed

      • I didn't want minecraft. My question was if we could replace it. I guess no

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          Maybe select the Zelda ocarina of time limited edition Xbox, if preferred.

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    Great price for a hideous looking console.

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      Not everyone's boring, compliments my camo carpet and lime green walls (shrugs)

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        Your carpet and walls are hideous.

        • +41

          Well that hit deep.

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      I like Minecraft and I think it looks cool. Especially the controller.

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      Mate, don't reveal too much about yourself

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    Edited comment about delivery - Never mind! I selected the wrong option!

    • Or y

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      I just bought one mate and there's a free delivery option at checkout (but of course it takes a few days longer to deliver the item to your address).

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        Thanks mate! First Amazon purchase and didn't see the option.

        • All good mate, this is the first time I've ever bought anything from Amazon Australia as well. This price is quite insane so I couldn't pass the deal haha.

  • Could flip for a quick $50 profit, but maybe not given the skin…

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      Spray paint

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    This is a solid deal. Most people who have wanted an Xbox one already have it… Great deal if you want to upgrade your original black xbox one. This model has 4K bluray playback and HDR support. People have been buying a lot of 4K tvs recently so this might be a worthy consideration for a 4k media player at this price if you want one.

    • Is HDR worth the upgrade price though?

      • I've been asking the same question myself ever since the deal has been posted, 'If you have the original xbox, do you reallllyyy need this and shell extra $219 for 1tb' :P

      • +1
        1. Your TV has to support it (only recent mid/top model 4K TV's support HDR).
        2. The content your viewing has to support it (eg. content with HDR is like 10x as rare as 4k content on Netflix, which itself is rare).

        HDR won't really take off for another couple of years. It's like 4k was a few years ago.

        • I have a HDR TV already have the equipment to watch HDR on Netflix etc, just wondering whether worth going to xb1 HDR or waiting for One X to drop in price (I already have an original xb1)

        • @bdl: If that's the case and if I were in your shoes. I would snag this deal to get the HDR option. HOWEVER if you're a gamer, you're better of waiting for the Xbox One X price drop because it offers upto 4K and 60 FPS gaming (which lets be honest will be a while till the price drops significantly)

        • +1

          @ciyborg: Thankyou. This is also helping work out which of my current titles have HDR support:

        • @bdl:

          Personally I'd grab an xbonex or wait for its price to drop. I've long been tempted by an xbones by it's not enough of an upgrade to justify even a tiny price like this (for gaming).
          However if you don't really care about the 4K gaming aspect and want a good 4K bluray player, then this would definitely be worth the upgrade.

          HDR is a more significant jump in visual quality than 4K, in general.

        • @polk:

          Why wait? This deal is so close to free. It's like a few groceries. Get it and if you buy an X down the track sell ithis for $200. Game away!

        • @fookos: exactly. I bought this for the controller and probably can flog it for more still

        • @fookos:

          Well in my case I'm thinking of grabbing an xbonex on like Thursday. So I don't know if i'll quite have the time to justify the bones. But otherwise very true!
          Shame its such an ugly paint scheme if you aren't 9 years old. If I grabbed this it'd be the first time I'd have ever bought a skin for something.

        • @polk: well, in that case, X1 X! Can't argue with that if you're buying this week!

        • @fookos: can't find a any decent deals at the moment though. :(

      • +1

        Gameswise, HDR is actually very nice. I like it more than the jump to 4K

    • +1

      The color is hideous but the price makes up for it

  • Got one as its a limited edition. I dont have one s too.

  • Maybe they're clearing cause Better Together upgrade offer finished now (, so included Minecraft game is "out of date"

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      If you have a look at the box art, it is bundling the "new" Minecraft and not Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

      • That's great! :)

  • what age group is the game targeted at?

    • All ages, but if the kid is aged between say 5 and maybe 15 or so their friends are playing it.

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    Definitely worth it, was worth it for the $280 I paid for the same thing.

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    AGL customers can get a further $10 off. I was emailed a unique code today.

    • Would love a code if anyone has one and don't intend to use it

    • +2

      You can also grab one here if you have a valid AGL account:

      • Is the AGL website actually generating valid codes for anyone?

        I put in my account/last name but website says:

        We can't seem to find you. Please try again.

        You can find your AGL account number on your latest gas or electricity bill under ‘Your account details’.

        • Yes, worked for me

        • @bdl:

          Says it can take up to 5 business days to get the code if you're not signed up for marketing SMS or emails already.

        • @Graffin: Mine worked instantly and I wasn't signed up. YMMV

        • Not working for me either. I checked my communication preferences and I only had post. I changed to email and tried again but still no go. I guess I'll try again in a few days if I remember.

  • Really tempting but if minecraft isnt your game or the console looks ugly id still hold off for a better deal - xbox one s 1tbs were $330 at jbhifi last year with 4 games fifa 17 , halo wars 2 and 2 assasins creeds that put it the console at a much cheaper price if you sold like 2 of the games .

    • +4

      Selling 2 of those games wouldn't get you anywhere even close to $220

      • This was like 5 months ago so the games were worth more back then but even

        Using current sold listings on ebay - fifa $20

        Halo - $40

        A Creed unity - $15

        A creed black flag - $20

        now fees + postage takes a bit but

        330 - 90 = 220

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    If I was planning on getting a XB1 for Kodi, what options do I have for remote or wireless keyboard?

    • +1

      Gioteck MK1S

      Has a keyboard on the back of the remote

      Buttons are a bit stiff for my liking

      Note I just got this and haven't had a chance to use it properly yet

      I paid way too much on ebay and the price has plummeted

  • Pretty good deal not a mine craft fan but certainly a good buy - good find OP

  • -1

    Great price but please MS just do a simple black version of the console and controller. I'd have bought 2 by now if they had done so.

    Their loss, my saving I guess.

  • +5

    Thanks OP. We were just about to buy a 500GB Xbox One from Ebgames for $288.

  • Thanks, I bought one :-)

  • +20

    Wait, Amazon Australia actually has a good deal??

  • -3

    This has to be a pricing error for sure considering that this console bundle goes for $400 elsewhere. You couldn't even get it direct from Microsoft for this price.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s legit. You gotta be in it to win it!


      So this bundle is also a price error ? 1tb and 4 games worth around $200 for $400

      • Those 4 games are not worth around 200 dollars. Not only are they old games, they are not popular or good like GTA 5 (which still goes for 30+) If you buy the $219 console you can easily get all 4 of those games in under 100 dollars. Less if you're lucky.

      • In case you aren't aware, those 4 games on JB website are digital downloads!

  • bought one, maybe time to sell my original 500gb xbox one.

      • +4

        Pubg on xbox is trash… how people can play such an unpolished game is beyond me.

        • True, plz don't buy it on console atm, wait until they fix the optimization problem.

        • +1

          It's a game preview. It's written on the box. Exactly like when you buy the same thing on Steam.

          It's a work in progress.

        • +1

          @imurgod: Yeah, people seem to overlook that important fact in favour of bagging out the game (which they’ve probably never played) in its current state. The developers said that when it first released in preview on Xbox, the build was effectively 9 months behind PC. I’ve had 20+ hours of fun with it on One X. It’s $35, its not finished, it’s in preview, it’s getting weekly updates and optimisations.

        • @aja12: agree. Not only written on the box but I was flat out told by the salesperson. I reckon it's fun (even though I'm terrible at it) and yes, it's being worked on with lots of updates.

  • -1

    Too good to be true….Seems pricing error
    Hope Amazon does not disappoint

  • +1

    This was 299 a few weeks back when I checked Amazon AU which I was about to purchase. I ending up getting the hot wheels Aldi bundle for 229 as there was one left at my local.
    So really only a $80 discount on their previous price, seems reasonable.

    • Was the hot wheel Aldi bundle 500gb or 1tb?

    • +1

      That was the 512GB version. This one has 1TB, it comes with the vertical stand and 1 month game pass code (I suspect there is a 1 month xbox live code or a 14 day one as well).

      The minecraft game appears to be the digital version, which is easier to sell off on feeBay (no need to post).

      • Much better game on offer with the Aldi pack , Forza Horizon 3 with Hot Wheels pack is absolutely amazing. The fact they are offering 1 tb over 500 gb is no diff really as most of us have a spare external drive to put our extra games on as these games are absolutely HUGE!!

        • Forza Horizon 3 with Hot Wheels pack is around $35 (cheaper with Facebook sign up) and that's the PlayAnywhere version as well:

          You also get Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One key free with that purchase (that game isn't worth much nowadays though).

          The Aldi deal was great, but this deal is better value for money. The extra 500GB is quite handy and the vertical stand is nice to have too. Forza H3 is a great game so the Aldi deal was great.

        • @netsurfer:

          Worth noting the game in the Aldi bundle is PlayAnywhere too.

        • @Ashman247: Yes, I know.. that's why I indicated the $35 deal is PlayAnywhere version as well. It is essentially 500GB (+ vertical stand) vs Forza H3 (with Hot Wheels pack). I like Forza H3. It is one of the games which is stored on both my XB1S internal hard disk and XB1X internal hard disk. Still need to give this deal a slight edge. The Aldi deal was great too.

        • @netsurfer:

          That's true, and I'm glad I picked it up for $199 from my Aldi!

        • @BillyG687: There have been quite a number of great XB1S deals in the past. I got mine for $199 (512GB one though) with 1 game back in Dec 2016. The JB Hi Fi deal with 4 games (if you sold all 4 games, apparently you could end up with a 1TB console cheaper than this deal - but it would have been a bit of a hassle I reckon).

          What sets this deal apart is this deal has plenty of stock and free delivery (unlike all the other great deals previously, which you had to be quick to order it or get it). Also, Forza Horizon 3 is still generally overpriced I reckon. It's been around for a while. I bought a second hand Forza Motosport 7 for $28 (not happy about the price, but I guess at least that's cheaper than $35 for Forza H3). What worries me the most is Microsoft loves putting the games I own in Game Pass, so I fear that Forza H3 and M7 could be in Game Pass soon.

        • @netsurfer:

          I wouldn't be surprised if they do appear in Game Pass! At least we know moving forwards, all first party games will be available on Game Pass from day one. Then the choice is yours whether your purchase or subscribe depending on how much you play.

  • +3

    Can get cheap skins like this for those who don't like MC. Obviously don't order them until it's confirmed to not be a pricing error/shipped.

  • Are there any coupons/vouchers that I should use?

    I've checked OzBargain and there's nothing.

    Surely there's a code like eBay always have available?

    • You’ve upgraded your OzBargain status to platinum.

    • +1

      Only if you/someone you know has an AGL account, see here

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