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Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Edition Console Delivered $219.98 Amazon AUS


Absolute bargain!

Minecraft XB1S 1TB, comes with extra goodies like a vertical stand, creeper controller and XB game pass for 1 month.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      • I wonder how many we'll see on ebay in a couple of weeks?

  • -1

    Bought just for the controller. Will flog for the same price hehe

  • If it wasn't so ugly Id buy it…

    • Wonder if there are any D Brand skins for it?

  • +5

    That must have been the longest purchase decision I ever made on here… seems I overcame my fear of blocky grass and just ordered one.

    • +1

      Yeah bigger hdd and console stand for a cheaper price with the game pass is a good price the only negative for me was the dam design of the console.

      Im sure when ive had the console for awhile I will get used to it.

  • Order placed 13 Feb, delivered yesterday 19 Feb. My daughter already has the game itself, how much can I get for it on ebay/gumtree?

    • I hate it when I post a question and someone says to look it up on google, but I am afraid this is one of those times. Did you sell it yet?

  • Mine says it was shipped at 6pm yesterday and it's arrived this afternoon in country Vic. Very quick shipping, kudos to Amazon.

  • Gone back up to $298… Deal closed.

    • Still showing as available for $219.98

      • Odd, it's showing up as $298.99 for me

        • Even stranger, I just went back to the page and it's showing the full price -_-

    • +1

      Feeling less buyer's remorse already and it hasnt even arrived yet.

      • ordered mine on the 17th and it hasn't been shipped yet

  • $298.99 now

  • I had mine in my cart and paid earlier now it has jumped up. Good bargain whilst it lasted Would prefer a white console but this price is too good, im sure at some chance in the future I can flip it for a white console or trade at EB games for a white or Maybe I just role with this grassy blocky console, did see the BF1 edition console looked nice but was very limited.

  • They could not deliver mine to Parcel Locker :(

    • Mine did so just fine!

      • now that pi$$es me off. really?

        • Yes - mine shipped with Australia Post (Parcel Post) and was smooth sailing. Sorry to hear yours did not. Maybe they didn't look at the shipping address and sent it by a third party courier, which doesn't play nicely with parcel lockers.

        • @fookos: You are right! They used Fastway to ship mine.

        • +1

          @dealspider: That's a shame - hope it gets to you soon.

        • @dealspider: fast away are the frigging worst, they don't even provide a service.

  • Damn, missed it…
    Any Amazon Australia Coupon Codes we can use now? o.O

    • Haven't seen any. That has to be one of the longest running super deals we've had - lasted for a full week and never depleted stock. Sorry you missed it.

      • Well. To be honest my gf missed out… So I'm trying to even the score. So I don't end up missing out o.O

  • +2

    unpack mine today - actually looks pretty cool

    • I opened the Amazon packaging tonight - the actual box for this bundle is actually great too. Awesome matte finish and cool design.

      Haven't unpacked what's inside yet. Is the minecraft (game) card hard to reach. I'm thinking of getting it out and keeping the rest packaged until I can surprise wifey with another Xbox purchase ;)

      • nope super easy to get to = packaging is also very nice. i'm impressed with how much of an upgrade this machine is oer the og xbone (not that i had one) - no annoying power brick, compact body, wifi - very nice machine.

        the minecraft card is in a little sleeve with the instruction manual - easily removableable after opening the main box.

        • Surely the OG had WiFi

  • If anyone has buyer remorse in Perth and wants to flog it for $20 profit I'll take it!

  • Mine hasn't shipped yet maybe they have some stock issues, probably beat console deal over seen for awhile.

  • Arrived today. Interestingly the package was marked as "Leave in a safe place" and no signature was required. Bit strange I thought but luckily I was home.

    Is this common practice by Amazon? Perhaps it only applies to certain delivery areas that they consider low risk.

    • Same thing happened with some Bose qc35's that they delivered this week - found them sitting at the side door

  • Mine arrived on Thursday last week :)

    • -1


      • -1

        Why downvote? I was just letting people know that it arrived on a certain date…

        • +1

          I was wondering the same thing, yes it's a useless comment but wasn't sure why anyone bothers down voting it. It wasn't me at any rate

  • -2

    Does anyone have one they don't want/need anymore in Sydney? Got a new TV and need a Xbox One S to play Ultra HD's….

    Happy to pay an extra $10 for your troubles.

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