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  • Ok, doing my bit, I was at Aldi in Mt Ommaney in Brisbane last weekend. They had about 3 3.3kw Stirling air con for $599. Not sure how many now. I had it installed on Wednesday, and it is more powerful than my 3.5kw Fujitsu aircon. Overall impression of the air con is positive. Just be aware that the indicator light is on all the time on the unit, may annoy some people sleeping if installed in the bedroom.

    • Put in the ALDI Thread :)

      • Done. :) Copy and pasted.

  • Merged from $3.50 Decor Tote Insulated Lunch Bag @ Woolworths Chester Hill (NSW)

    Found at Woolies Chester Hill clearance section. Not sure if nation wide. Original price $15 down to $3.50. 3 left in stock at time of purchase.

    • +2

      Was there a Loch Ness monster hiding behind the clearance section?

      Edit: Allow me to clarify. The last time I was at the Chester Hill Woolworths clearance section, there's this cute little girl scout and she asked me if I wanted to buy some cookies. I told her I'll buy some graham crunch and asked how much that would be. She looked at me and she said "…Uh I need about tree-fitty." Well, it was about that time that I noticed that girl scout was about eight stories tall and was a crustacean from the Paleolithic era. I said, "Dammit monster! Get out of my Woolworths! I ain't giving you no tree-fitty!" It said, "How about just two-fitty?" I said, "Oh, now it's only two-fitty!! What?! Is there a sale on Loch Ness munchies or something?!" Lawd I was angry.

  • Merged from Steelcraft Fast Fold Stroller $139 @ Big W (Box Hill, VIC)

    Big w

    Teal only (granite is $299)

    2 left at Box Hill
    Reduced from $299

    Travel system compatible
    Newborn to 22kg
    3 wheel
    Linked brakes
    Peekaboo window

    I've got the related Steelcraft Agile and it's been a fantastic pram for those who aren't worried about bugaboos

    Here is the link for the granite version ($299)

  • Merged from Linksys Smart Switch, POE, Gigabit, 26-Port LGS326P-AU $301.30 Delivered @ Amazon AU

    Linksys Smart Switch, POE, Gigabit, 26-port LGS326P-AU @ $301 - guess its a price error. other seller @ $700 and ebay @ $600


    Linksys Smart Switch, POE, Gigabit, 26-port LGS326P-AU @ $301 - guess its a price error $450 +

    • 25watts power usage. Costs up to ~$100 a year in power if you are thinking of getting it make sure you are going to use it.

  • Merged from Bose QC35 II $399 @ Harris Technology

    Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II - Black

    $399 (normally $499)

    5 remaining

  • +1
    Merged from Wii U Twilight Princess Plus Amibo $9.87 costso Auburn

    Costco Auburn clearing out above title. Looks like 5 left. Would have grabbed one about already have it. Worth it for the amibo alone, can be used with breath of the wild.

    • +1

      Does anyone know if they available in other Costco stores?

      • +1

        I got one a few months back for about $25 at Adelaide Costco. They replaced it and was there a few weeks.

  • Merged from Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology, 4 Vol. Set Hardcove @ $46 - PRICE ERROR - other sellers @ 3700 $ + only one in stock

    Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology, 4 Vol. Set Hardcove @ $46 - PRICE ERROR - other sellers @ 3700 $ + only one in stock


    ebay @ $5000+

    amazon US @ $1000+

      • Only one in stock, way short of the required 10.
      • Probably won't get honoured
      • New seller which has no real reputation

      Bargain? Perhaps, to those who would normally pay $5000 for this book?

    • +1

      other sellers @ 3700 $ +

      LOL !!!

      • ebay @ $5000+


        • +1

          I wasn't even aware the Kurt cobain could read, let alone know anything about Biology…

    • +2

      There don't seem to be any good reviews on this book.

      • +2

        or any good reviews on the seller.

      • +2

        I think it's a grand opportunity for you to buy it, review and give us the full run down. Yes.

        • +3

          I'll wait for the movie

    • Lel

    • +3

      Bought it. Bargain 😀

    • Have they updated the price, the link shows one in stock at $4,005.46 ?

      • That includes GST…

      • Click "new from $46"

        • Nup, cheapest I can see in the new is $3,769.27

    • I think it would be honoured - there are lot of books am unable to post - so picked the best one

      • If that's the best one, don't bother posting the rest.

        • might be helpful for someone else…

    • @benny has taken the risk…

    • That's not a book. It's a tree!

      Hardcover: 2878 pages
      Boxed-product Weight: 8.3 Kg

  • +3
    Merged from Home & Co DAB Radio - Clearance $9 @ Kmart

    Photo Upload

    Was at Kmart Indooroopilly and found this Radio on clearance for $9, normally $39.

    They still had 3 left on the shelf.

    • Probs gonna get taken down for insufficient stock..

      • +1

        It’s nationwide so there’s still stock elsewhere.

        • +1

          Ahhh ok then it's a very good deal.

    • +1

      Good if true

    • Great bargain but I'll stick to my google home :) Plus from me because it's a steal

      • But your Google Home doesn't play digital radio (DAB)?

        • Of course not! But I'm starting to go so tight I think I'd be happier with the $9 :) (Reminds me of Mr. Burns and 'Happydude')

    • +1

      I own one, nice sounding little radio. Good build quality. For 9 bucks it's a no-brainer

    • +2

      Excellent price!

    • +1

      Tuggeranong/ACT K-mart has 5 more, I grabbed one, it is just great for the money!

    • There were 6 left at Castle Hill, NSW last week. Was wondering whether I should get it but it doesn't have AM (only for the cricket just in case or is ABC on DAB now?)

    • reported stock in region WA stores Albany, Mandurah, and I think Kalgoorlie.

      I also noticed a DAB+ wood and cloth 2 speaker radio for $19.


    • There were 6 left @ Parramatta, NSW on Tuesday night.

  • +2

    Hey everyone, this isn't strictly insufficient but probably wouldn't last very long on the deals page as there's only 37 in stock.

    ATM you can get the Blitzwolf BW-S7 from the AU warehouse for $16.73 USD with "rmn7off" This is the cheapest it has been, hope someone sees this.


  • Merged from Factor One Road Bike size 54cm $7999 (Was $14799) @ Park Bikes
    Go to Deal

    Saw the deal on Facebook. Comes with Dura Ace 9150 di2.
    More info here: https://factorbikes.com/product/factor-one/

    • +5

      Great deal. If only I had a spare $8K lying around!

      • +1

        I know right, shame I only have 7.5k laying around

    • Bargin

    • +3

      Now I can buy 2 of them…

      • 2 of what?

    • +3

      I'm gonna take it over some sick jumps

    • only 1 available I think

    • +1

      What's the engine like. Good?
      How fast does it go?

    • TIL people spend 15K on bikes lol.

    • +1

      At $8K I still have to pedal…!?!

      • +7

        Nope, the pedals are extra. so for $8k all you can do is roll down a hill!

    • +4

      Inb4 i had cars costing way less than this.

      • My first car cost $500. Even adjusting for inflation I could have bought about 7 of those s*it boxes for 1 of these bikes. Or maybe 1 decent car. Or 3 bikes for over $2k each (which will get you a damn good bike).

        • $2K wont get you a good roadbike. It might get you last year's runout model or an entry level but you would be looking at $3500 + for a reasonable enthusiast level bike. That bike wont have things like Di2 gears or carbon wheels like this bike does. Good wheels cost upwards of $2500 on their own.

        • +1

          @2ndeffort: I guess a good roadbike would differ from a new rider, enthusiast or racer. A lot of times last year (2017) models are very similar to the 2018 except for livery. You could get a new 2017 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 2 (with full 105 gruppo) for $2k or a little less. Not too bad for someone new who wants a carbon frame.

        • +1


          Do you need any of those things for an entry level road bike? What did people do before carbon fibre? Refuse to ride?

        • @syousef: simply pointing out that $2K doesnt get you a damn good road bike. Before Carbon Fibrtre people rode aluminium or steel bikes, maybe Titanium if you could afford it. You can still buy those bikes today if you like them but Carbon Fibre is better. There arent any of the big Grand Tour pro teams that ride anything other than carbon fibre bikes anymore. Sometime obsolete stuff has a historical charm or aesthetic pleasing to traditionalists but, like the horse and cart those wanting performance normally go for the latest up to date stuff.

        • +1


          I doubt many Ozbargainers are serious athletes. I'd bet there are some weekend warriors and fitness freaks though. Or blokes that just want to ride with the family without their bike falling apart. I'm sure they'd be fine on aluminium or steel. Even $2K would be a stretch for many.

        • @syousef: I'm an overweight 51 year old MAMIL! Agree $2K is a stretch for most. There are loads of MAMILs on bikes at least as expensive as this one. I know at least 15 or more retired guys that have spent part of their super to buy expensive bikes. Horses for courses. I am sure there are retired guys that bought themselves an old car or an overseas holiday or a vintage motorbike. Expensive bike no different. Just like hero cars, bike companies make hero bikes. The original bike in this post is one of those. In the same way a person just looking for cheap transport might get a KIA and laugh at expensive cars, somebody that loves driving might find it totally understandable to spend $80K on a Ford Mustang etc. This bike is like that. The person wanting to ride with their kids doesnt need this bike, overkill. The person riding 200 km a week and chasing Strava KOMs would love this bike.

        • @2ndeffort:

          Sometime obsolete stuff has a historical charm or aesthetic pleasing to traditionalists but, like the horse and cart those wanting performance normally go for the latest up to date stuff.

          Like cameras, there's the danger of falling for gear acquisition syndrome. Last year's runout model doesn't necessarily perform worse than the current model that costs maybe $1.5k more - the groupset would stay the same for years, the frameset geometry would be the same, and apart from new stickers there may be virtually no change between model years that actually results in a reliably measurable performance increase.

          Sometimes people just want the latest up to date stuff even though it doesn't really help them. That's fine, as long as they're aware of that.

          For weight weenies, the money might be better spent on healthier food which could result in a 1kg weight reduction over the course of six months - that could be a greater weight reduction than would be possible by spending the same amount on parts, with the benefit of being healthier. But where's the fun in that? heh heh.

      • Can't compare used vehicles to new vehicles.

    • Why? Just, why?

      • +2

        For the same reasons people buy waterski boats, holiday houses, jetskis, sports cars etc etc etc. If you love cycling and love bikes this is a pretty good deal. I have a similar bike worth a similar value (Trek Madone 9 with Di2 and Reynolds Asssault wheelset). I get it that people who last rode a bike when they were at school will find this expensive but I see people on vintage motorbikes and think 'why?', I see people spending tens of thousands on old Holdens and think 'why?', I see people spending a fortune to renovate a holiday house they spend 3 weeks a year at and think 'why?', I see people spending thousands on the latest fishing rods, golf clubs, snowboards etc etc etc. A good bike is the same thing for those of us into cycling. If you know what you are looking at you will realise a bike like this is literally a ferrari compared to a Reid or some other bog standard bike. The Di2 groupset alone is literally state of the art pro level gearing. Electronic gears are unbelievable for those of us that know the difference.

        • +1

          So are these better than the ones in Kmart?

        • +1

          .. recently upgraded from mechanical to Di2 and I do love it. Works a treat on climbs

        • @Shuey: Yep, my newest bike was my 1st with Di2, I'm never going back. Perfect shifts every time, shifting under full load on a steep climb and I never miss a gear. Nothing wrong with cable gears but Di2 is noticeably better

  • Merged from [Instore] GoPro Battery Bacpac $10 @ Officeworks
    Go to Deal

    This GoPro Battery Bacpac will extend the life of your battery, making it perfect for all day events and time lapse shots. The small pack attaches to the back of your GoPro and is lightweight so you will hardly notice that it is there.

    • +3

      Where is there stock for this?

      • Just tried 5 stores across all of NSW, all out of stock.

    • +6

      Compatibility: HERO3+, HERO3, HD HERO 2.

      • And hero 4 black

    • I'm assuming once this is on it won't fit into the waterproof housing any more?

      I don't actually have a GoPro but my brother uses them with karting and he's always complaining about battery life so I'm just asking. Be gentle.

      • It comes with a larger rear housing that clips on to the back of the waterproof case

  • Merged from PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console - Black $399 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Via Ruth Morse)
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    Just found this seller on Amazon AU. Not sure why it is so cheap. Anyone?

    • +1

      Haha, have a look at https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/366154 - it's the same seller, I hope this Ruth Morse is legitimate…

    • Good price but not good enough to run the very likely risk of being scammed. I'll continue to wait for a proper sale.

    • thx op, snagged one. only time will tell if its legit it or not. will report back

  • +3

    Wish I could post it as a deal but not enough stock, you can get a $5 Golf Umbrella shipped to your local store by officeworks eBay at the moment, only a new listing. Great deal on a good umbrella I reckon. But only about 15 in stock.

    It's on their website but in store only.

    • Picked mine up today great umbrella, thanks for posting.

      • +1

        That's awesome to hear, I just ordered one because of your review lol! Thank you!

      • +1

        Got mine today, it's so damn light!

  • Merged from Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality Headset $305.99 USD ($397.95 AUD) @ Amazon
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    Only 6 left but a ripping price

    Didn't want anyone to miss out

    EDIT - Looks like the 2016 Model that comes with the Xbox One controller

    And all gone - was 15 when I first came across it and down to 6 by the time I got the post up


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