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Free Yubikey with WIRED Trial


Free Yubikey with a 3 month trial subscription. Yes you have to give CC details and it ships international

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        • @sav11:

          the 1800 is US number right ?

          need to add 0011 +1 … i guess and not toll free

          i can't get around the website, i've login to customer care website and click suspend subsc. and it says error please contact 1800 or login to customer care website , and click login, and i'm back to the same page again, click suspend, then error .. again…

        • @phunkydude: Yeah it would be a US number and not toll free. I don't know which provider you are using for your phone but some of the deals include some free international minutes. You might have that available depending on the service you are on.

          That sucks about the website. Maybe try a different browser. Or try cleaning cache and/or using incognito/private mode in the browser.

    • Nooo! I hope they honored the one who has signed up using the previous deal

      • It's a shame Ozbargain doesn't screengrab a site when its posted. Would be interesting to see if the wording was changed or whether it was worded this way all along.

        • They changed it. I registered for 2, once with the original wording then by the time I did the second one it had changed. Below are the direct quotes from their subscription confirmation pages. My guess is they won't send any of the YubiKey's until payment is processed, regardless of whether you signed up before or after the wording change. See my post above about refunds etc. for some options to still take advantage of the deal.

          Original wording:

          "Your YubiKey may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive in the post."

          Then changed to:

          "Your YubiKey may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive in the post after your payment has been processed."

        • @sav11: Yep, figured that's what they'd done.

      • Woho!! I've just checked the email from them, it said it'll be delivered in 6-8 weeks:

        Thank you for your order!
        Your order has been received and is being processed.
        If you have not done so already, please create a WIRED login using your Subscription Number listed below in order to take advantage of all of the benefits of your new subscription.
        Order summary
        Subscription # xxxx
        What's included

        • Access to all stories on WIRED.com
        • Ad-free experience on WIRED.com
        • Access the digital edition of WIRED magazine on iPad, Kindle, and Google Play, and Texture
        • A limited-edition WIRED branded YubiKey 4
          Your YubiKey may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive in the post.
          WIRED subscription
          $19.99 Sales tax
          $0.00 Billed after free trial
        • cheaper than the price of a yubikey 4 directly.

    • I was wondering why no-one else noticed this.

  • +3

    I have my doubts that anyone will get a Yubikey out of this. I notice this on the latest email they sent me today. It's a repeat of the original offer but includes this:

    "Offer valid in U.S. only"

    That wasn't there when I took up the offer but the fact they've put it in now is making me nervous.

  • Physical copy of Wired arrived in Brisbane today😀

    • Was there a Yubikey with it?

      • +1

        I would have been excited if there was - no.

        Unlikely to be sent out with the magazine. Often different postage rates, bulkier mail handling may delay magazine, difficulty of processing those magazines differently at time of packaging, probably sent from different location, etc.

        Your YubiKey may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive in the post - expect longer including delivery to Australia. Only been 5 weeks for me.

        I'm not counting on delivery before I cancel (just under 3 months). Some comments question whether if it will ever be sent to Australia.

        Still, I've got the magazine & other benefits for free😀

  • Anyone got the Yubikey?

  • No

  • +3

    Well I was the OP and first to order and mine hasn't arrived yet. I've emailed WIRED and will let you guys know what happens

    • Just got a reply back from WIRED support, they said mine was processed on the 1st of March. It still hasn't arrived…. have you already cancelled?

  • +3

    Weird, I know I cancelled my subscription a while back.

    I got a magazine a while back and today I got my Yubikey.

    • I'm in Brisbane and still haven't received a single magazine.

      • You did subscribe to the more expensive hard copy deal, rather than digital only? (Both free for 3 months.)
        My copy arrived in Brissie 3 weeks ago & I was late to this deal. Lodge a complaint.

  • Anyone else has received the Yubikey yet? It's been 8 weeks since I subscribed and was told it will arrive in 6-8 weeks.

  • +2

    No sign of the hard copy magazine yet, but I received my Yubikey today (evidence)

    Hopefully you will all receive your Yubikeys too!

  • I received magazine. But no Yubikey.

  • Mine just came today :)

  • Got my yubikey today surprisingly!

  • +5

    I received my YubiKey yesterday, unfortunately it didn't work.. it was recognised on my laptop but the button and LED don't work. If you have a similar problem raise a case on their website within the support section. Snippet from email below:

    "We have recently discovered that a small subset of the YubiKeys that were distributed for this promotion were shipped out misconfigured, and therefore will not work. The serial number that you submitted is one of those keys. Because of that, we are providing you with a new branded YubiKey 4. Please send your preferred mailing address and we will get the replacement sent out as quickly as possible."

    • Haha of course this happened to me too. Where was the serial number located?

      • +1

        It's the 7 digit number on the back

        • Under the QR code? Yea I thought that was it just wasn't 100%. thanks.

    • Me too.

  • Today's article on Wired remonded me of this deal..
    I am still yet to see my Yubikey


  • +5

    got mine, but how to cancel sub?

    edit: https://subscriptions.wired.com/ -> Log in -> Under "Magazine|Expire Date|Payment Status|Gift Payment Status" press "WIRED Digital" link, then "cancel my subscription" option is there

  • Thanks OP. I received the Yubikey today in Melbourne.

  • +1

    My Yubikey arrived today. I found that cancelling the subscription takes a small amount of extra effort than most subscriptions. Having to sign up to an additional support channel simply to cancel the subscriptions seems a bit odd in this day and age.

  • +1

    Mine arrived today. Thank you OP and Wired for honouring this deal

  • I was told my Yubikey was dispatched March 1st. So far haven’t arrived yet.

  • I got my Yubikey today - I was actually really surprised, because someone said they wouldn't honour it.

  • Received 2 magazines in the mail in the past 3 weeks. Got the Yubikey today. It was postmarked 27/4.

    • Same here.

  • I finally received my Yubikey yesterday, but still couldn't get it worked. No light indicator whatsoever when I plugged it in any USB port. Anyone got similar issue?

    • Sounds like you got a dud. Mine worked fine (lights on) when plugged in.

    • +1

      Test it here. Then you will know for sure.


    • +2

      Yes, same issue.

      Go here


      Then select WIRED Promotion Yubikey.

      Enter your serial number and it will automatically detect that yours is faulty (seems like a common issue). They'll ask for your address for a replacement unit.

      • Thanks so much for that link! I contacted Wired but had no reply…

  • I didn't get a Yubikey. Did the people who did get one take out a subscription?

    • i didn't either :(

    • You were supposed to sign up for the 3 month trial subscription. You get billed on the 15th May so I cancelled mine today.

      • How did you cancel it?

        • Sorry I doubled up the question. I can't edit it now.

  • +1

    Well that's weird- although it's happened so many times I should expect it by now. When there has been a very long delay in delivery of something- I'm talking months- the day or day after I mention it somewhere or complain to the seller, it arrives in the mail.

    • lol hours after I post a messages asking where it was it arrives facepalm

  • Hey wow, the yubikey actually arrived ( Syd ), good on you wired!
    If anyone that didn't get theirs and wants my 20% off code for an order on yubikey, give me a hoy.

  • I got mine today too!

  • Thanks guys just reminded me to cancel my subscription since I guess my key has been sent out too. Didn't get much out of the magazine they sent me for April, it's very different to the publication they had in the past.

    • How did you cancel it?

  • Now you've got it what are you going to do with it? At the moment the only use I am making of the Yubikey I already had is 2FA for Google. But it only works on Chrome and I use Firefox so I usually use an sms code for 2FA instead. I was using it for 2FA on LastPass but that only works with premium and I've gone back to free.


    Having a look now I see you can use it for Windows login. But you need Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (build 1607)and I don't have it.

    • +1

      You've been awhile to use it on Firefox since last November although you have to turn it on in about:config


      You should really update your windows to the latest build, 1803 came out yesterday so if you aren't even on 1607 yet you're a fair way out of date. They're going to stop releasing updates for the old builds.

      • Thanks. It turns out I was reading the Yubico advice wrong. I thought it said you need Windows Hello for Windows login but it says you can use Windows Hello. It will also work with Yubikey tool- hopefully.

        I've fixed Firefox.

        Do you mean build or version? I have version 1803.

        • Build/version are the same on Windows 10 as they use the build date for the version number. If you are on 1803 you are on the latest and will have all the features of the previous Anniversary Edition, Creators Edition & Fall Creators Edition.

      • Yubikey still does not work with Firefox on Google accounts. Oh well I'll use sms code for 2FA on Google.

  • Got my key woo!

  • Man, this is getting complicated just to use it for Windows login. The Personalisation Tool is telling me I have to configure slot 2 for HMAC-SHA1 Challenge-Response.


    Really? Have I run off into the weeds somehow? This can't be the standard way can it? I think I'll pass until they dumb it down.

    Hang on- I've found a tool to do it.

  • Just an update on this, I finally got my yubikey, and it was DoA.


  • OP got both of mine and they both work.

    Does anyone want my 20% discount codes?

    Can I post the codes separately??

    • What is the 20% off code for? Where is it from?

      • when you receive the yubikey it comes with a little slip with a coupon code

  • I was going to subcribe but they took so long to get the Yubikey here I thought they hadn't sent it so I cancelled.

  • Thanks spudwa - great first post👍

    Received Yubikey, tested ok. Don't know I'll use it.
    Enjoying free Wired subscription, but now time to follow my OzBargain nature & cancel😞

  • Mine is DOA as well. Just tried it in multiple computers without any luck. :(

  • +1

    I still haven't found much use for a Yubikey so far except for Windows login.


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