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Digital Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight / Data Hold US $6.50 (AU $8.16) Delivered @ Joybuy


Great to Broden, price jack and flog on eBay.

A massive 30 cent cheaper than the previous deal, Go donate your money to the unfortunate

Copy Paste from my previous post, from which I copied from hamza23

The price is US $6.50 shipped = ~AU $8.16 using my brain. However if you want to be a idiot you can pay in AUD on the site which comes to AU $8.37, their rates are slightly worst than the current market rates. So pay in USD and save yourself 21 cents.

Quite a few reviews/videos on Gearbest and Banggood. Some past deals.

Main Features:

  • Precise non-contact IR thermometer, safe and easy to use
  • Simply point to an object and read its temperature
  • Laser sight allows accurate targeting
  • Consist of optics, temperature sensor, signal amplifier, processing circuit and LCD display
  • Laser on / off switch, auto power off, temperature data hold
  • 20 seconds auto power off
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit switchable
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Temperature range: -50 to 360 Deg.C ( -58 - 680 Deg.F )
  • Accuracy: 1.5 Deg.C
  • Resolution: 0.1 Deg.C or 0.1 Deg.F
  • Repeatability: 1 Deg.C
  • Response time: 500ms
  • Spectral response: 8 - 14um
  • Emissivity: 0.95 preset
  • Distance to spot size: 12 : 1
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 40 Deg.C ( 32 - 104 Deg.F )
  • Storage temperature: -20 - 60 Deg.C ( -4 - 140 Deg.F )
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries ( not included )
  • Temperature Type: Celsius,Fahrenheit

Even if this deal gets brodened, you can get it at a similar price down below:
eBay AU $8.65 delivered
AliExpress US $6.67 / ~AU $8.60 delivered
Alternative link:
AliExpress US $6.71 / ~AU $8.65 delivered

Tables Are Cool (Lowest to highest)
AliExpress US $6.67 / ~AU $8.60 delivered
eBay AU $8.65 delivered
AliExpress US $6.71 / ~AU $8.65 delivered

Full credit of this goes to this comment here

Don't Sleep tight.

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    I want to sleep tight but never will now ;(

  • +2 votes

    Before anyone asks, they are not really designed for use as a medical thermometer. Mine reads 39 on me when healthy, water boils at 102. I'm going to assume it is out by 2 degs. So when using on myself, I allow -2 degs. Really handy for cooking (I love hot chocolate at 80 degs, just right when the mug cools it slightly).

    Get 2, the kids keep stealing them to use the laser for playing with the cats, each other or the tv screen. Stock AAA's is a bonus, no silly button batts.

    • +3 votes

      You are so hot

    • +5 votes

      Mine reads 39

      They're far more accurate if used rectally, just bend over and point the laser at your arsehole.

      Doesn't work on Tightarse though as the laser isn't powerful enough to penetrate his tightness.

    • +2 votes

      They claim to be “1.5° accurate” which in English is +- 1.5° or in reality more likely +- 2-3° which is a variation of up to 6°.

      So as handy as these are (I use mine all the time, mainly to see if food is sufficiently heated) they are NOT accurate to a degree.

      • +1 vote

        Well it depends what you measuring as to what % it is out by. At 100 it's only off by 2%. At 360 it's top of scale its only 0.5% out. What you need to understand is the range of a device. The medical thermometers usually have a range of say 34-45 degs and are accurate to that scale. This sucker does -50 to +360. WAAAAAAAAAY more than anything for measuring your body temp. It's all about the right tool for the job. A chisel and a screwdriver can sometimes do the same job, but they are specialist tools for their job. This is just the same. This is not designed for body temp scale, but does a great job for what it is designed for.

  • +2 votes

    Got 3 thanks OP


    OP, can I use this when cooking meat on the bbq?

    • +3 votes

      I don't think the outside temp of the meat is the major concern. Get yourself a good instant read probe thermometer.

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    Pro Tip: Point it at your cat's butt to see how hot they are.

  • +1 vote

    Still waiting on mine from last deal. I'll be using it for preheating steel for welding, will post feedback on a deal after it arrives and I need to use it. Generally I just estimate the heat by putting my hand over the steel and guessing it's "hot enough". Will be a nice add to the toolbox.


    Price is now 6.50USD


    $8.79 AUD now.

    Love the delivery window. 3 to 45 days. Who's delivering this? Telstra technicians?

    I'm kidding! Geez!


    So if I point it at myself it will tell me if I am hot or not.


    Don't expect accuracy for these. I have one and you don't get accuracy greater than maybe 10-15cm (worse the further away you are!)

    I hoped to test temperatures of electronic components, but it's just not accurate enough to target them.


    Just arrived - am enjoying playing with it🌡

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