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The Crew: Wild Run Edition (PC) $4 from EB Games


Hi bargainers!

Stumbled across this cheap as chips deal while searching on EB games website. 4 dollars for BOTH The Crew (original game) and The Crew: Wild Run (DLC) in 1 package!

Have fun driving!

Additional note: by playing The Crew, you can unlock the Ferrari 458 Speciale when The Crew 2 launches. All you need to do is just log in at least once before it launches.

Also by completing tasks/achievements in The Crew, you will unlock more vehicles for free (up to 18) when the game launches. So this 4 dollars has already bought you 19 vehicles in the upcoming sequel.

For more info: https://thecrew-game.ubisoft.com/the-crew-2/en-au/rewards-pr...

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  • Didn’t Ubisoft give the base game away some months ago?

  • Hopefully pick it up tomorrow if it's not cancelled……

  • Worth it alone for the unlockables for the crew 2

  • Closest is a billion light years from me………curses!

  • Almost never like car games, but grabbed this when it was free and loved it. It is "Ubisoft Game", accept instead as playing a hacker (watch dogs) or an assassin ('s Creed) or a.. douche (Far Cry), you play a car. I enjoyed it so much I purchased the "Calling all units" and the "season pass" DLCs, which gets you all the content the game has to offer.

    Only ever came across two jerks trollin in the whole time we played. Most people (especially the max level players) were either quietly doing their own thing, or were courteous and patient if they decided to join in whatever we were doing. That said, there was a fair amount of impatience on display during the open world Wild Run events. When that became a nuisance we just went off and did something else for a while.

    Only real negative I can think of is the in-game chat is mostly broken. We could never get it to work reliably, so just deactivated it and used Skype instead. There is also a chance the syncing between team members is dodgy. The two of us often disappeared from each others game. This may be our terrible remote internet connections and not the game.

    I still jump in and drive around occasionally. If you see me, invite me to your crew.

  • This game was a dud at launch. Ubi fixed it and now it is very good. Just like The Division.

  • Great game, cant wait for CREW 2

    • Same here. The Crew 2 looks awesome too! Can't wait for it to be released. As qwerty mentioned, you unlock the Ferrari 458 Speciale just by logging into The Crew only once anytime before the release. Definitely a sweet deal if you ask me!

  • Vaguely interesting.. Only has 6/10 on steam though. People get stuck on missions, can't abort. What's it like off line? I don't have a reliable network connection for playing sadly.

    • I don't believe you can play offline. It's one of those need to be online all the time game.

      I drive alone 99% of the time and I find it enjoyable. I've completed the main story, and there is quite a lot more to do still - bounties, faction, the festive etc.

      I've tried the PVP a handful of times and it is great too! But like I've mentioned earlier, I usually drive alone. I just log in, jump into my favourite car(s), and just drive.

    • The extra DLC's make it much more enjoyable. Totally worth it at this price. I've got this game on PS4 with probably around 200+ hours into the game. There's so much to do.

  • I wish it was this price on the XB1.

  • OK, so my order wasn't cancelled as it usually is NICE..
    but it comes with a booklet with 1 code.. and a flyer with another code…
    is one for the base game and one for the expansion? They both say 'Wild run edition' …

    I already have the base game.. So can i re sell the base game if this is the case?