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TeleChoice - Get 50% off the $35 or $40 plan for up to 24 months when you add a new service to your existing TeleChoice account.


Get 50% off the $35 or $40 plan for up to 24 months when you add a new service to your existing TeleChoice account. For full terms and conditions visit

TeleChoice Range - $16/2GB, $25/5GB, $35/13GB, $40/18GB (12 month plans)

We have a range of plans and international call packs.

All of our plans now have unlimited^ calls, SMS & MMS within Australia and unlimited^ international text to any country in the world as standard. We’ve also introduced a new 2GB data bolt-on for $15.

12 month plans (For more information and to sign up, click here)

$16 LIVE – 2GB
$25 LIVE – 5GB
$35 LIVE – 13GB
$40 LIVE – 18GB

No lock in plans (For more information and to sign up, click here)

$18 LIVE – 2GB
$28 LIVE – 5GB
$38 LIVE – 13GB
$48 LIVE – 18GB

Keep in touch with your friends and family overseas with our new international call packs.

$5/mth – unlimited^ standard international calls from Australia to 10 selected countries

[Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, USA, NZ, Canada, UK, India, Thailand & Malaysia]

$12/mth – unlimited^ standard international calls from Australia to 15 selected counties (available only on the $38 and $48 no lock in plans and $35 and $45 12 month plans)

[Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, USA, NZ, Canada, UK, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, Pakistan & Greece]

$5/mth - $150 of included value to call to call any country*
$9/mth - $300 of included value to call any country*
$15/mth - $600 of included value to call any country*

How to sign-up

Simply follow the link above and click ‘Buy Now’ on the plan you want! Alternatively you can give us a call on 1300 835 324 [Option 1] (Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm AEST). Your SIM will be delivered free, in 3-5 working days. And there is no set-up fee!

The new plans are only available to new customers and eligible recontracting customers.

TeleChoice uses parts of Telstra's 4G and 3G network.

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  • As compared with before?
    Got to say, it's quite tempting because you are with Telstra but then remembered Telstra hogs the best parts of the network for itself.

    unlimited^ international text to any country in the world

    Holy shoot, that's impressive!

    • +2

      Telstra hogs the best parts of the network for itself.

      If you mean the remote areas where there is no other competitor, then yes. I have good coverage with Telechoice, and am struggling to think of an occasion when emergency calls were available but not full coverage.

      • They say it themselves.
        Via live chat:

        there could be areas where we do not have coverage while Telstra does.

        • +1

          We're not disputing that it's true, just that it rarely happens.

          The only time I can think of recently where I didn't have coverage, I also had my work phone (on Telstra) and it didn't have coverage either.

          If you're worried about the getting the full network rather than just the wholesale network, then go with Boost.

        • @macrocephalic: Ok, maybe I'm not making myself entirely clear. I am currently on an Optus MVNO (Ovo to be exact) paying my $9.90 a month for 1gb data + calls/national texts. Everything is adequate. Not particularly amazing, but enough to get by. I'm just seeking advice considering I haven't been on a Telstra reseller when I know Telstra does limit it's coverage to its resellers.

          It seems that Telstra more cap speed though rather than coverage which I can completely deal with. That being said, 12 months is a long time to be unhappy on a plan - but want to save the extra $2 a month :P

          Boost is expensive!!

        • +2

          Telechoice has access to Telstra towers where Optus or Voda has coverage, so their coverage is effectively better than Optus or Vodafone.
          Telstra keep the 4GX fastest speeds for their own customers. MVNO customers have normal 4G.

        • @pennypincher98: Well, you could go for one month off plan, and then switch to a 12 month plan if you're happy. Worst case, you'd go through the trouble of changing providers multiple times.

          Personally, I used to be on an optus mvno and it was always pretty terrible. I didn't realise how much better a decent mvno was until I moved to an area with no optus coverage, and changed to telechoice.

        • +1

          @macrocephalic: Hmm, I might try Telechoice then you've convinced me :D

    • +1

      Hi Pennypincher98,

      It's a full refresh so pretty much everything is different! The most notable differences are our highest and lowest plans, here's a snapshot:

      Was $19 LIVE for $500 calls, unlimited text + 2GB data —> now $16 LIVE for unlimited calls & text + 2GB data [both 12 months]
      Was $48 LIVE for unlimited calls, text +18GB data —> now $40 LIVE for unlimited calls, text +18GB data

      As for the network - as you've pointed out it isn't identical, but we still cover 98.8% of the Australian population which we think is pretty decent!

      For more info about coverage see here

  • Customer Service was pretty crap for me.

    • +2

      Maybe it's just me, but I have yet to find a telco that provides good customer service?
      If you have, do tell :)

      • +1

        Brodenchoice providing 2G Unlimited data for just 59.90 per month

        • +1

          Hahaha yes sign me up!! Can I pay in Kogan Vouchers?

        • @pennypincher98:
          Eneloops ONLY or GTFO.

        • @BrodenIt: hopefully I can get them via COTD sales then

    • +1

      I've actually found them to be pretty good - not at all like dealing with my ISP.

    • Hi Brodenlt,

      We're sorry to hear about the bad experience you've had with our customer service department! We've come a long way in a couple of years in respect to this and we think the service we offer at the moment is pretty great (check out some of our most recent reviews on the product review page attatched to the post).

      If you do still have any issues outstanding please email [email protected] and i'll get someone on to it right away.

  • +1

    I've been with them for ages. You mostly always speak with someone who has English as a second language but generally they're ok. Don't really have to ring customer service at all as nothing goes wrong.

    • You can also do almost every transaction via live chat, although it is very slow…

    • +2

      You'll be amazed to know English is a second language for most of the Aussies forget overseas staff.

    • Hi Khrome,

      Thanks for the positive feedback, we're glad to hear nothing is going wrong :) We'll always have our customer service call queue, but improving self service facilities is definitely something we've been working on too.

  • -1

    Do you get access to Telstra thanks rewards still?

    • No

    • Hi Crackman,

      Unfortunately we don't have access to Telstra rewards.

  • Can existing customers get this plan?

    • eligible recontracting customers

      Whatever that means.

      • +1

        Hi Beast,

        pennypincher98 & PissLUR answered this one for me :)

        It's available to existing customers if they are currently out of contract. Only if you choose one of the 12M plans above would you have to recontract.

    • +1

      you will need to re-contract.

      • I'm not sure but did that include an extra costs? Re-contracting should cost nothing if you're on a no lock-in plan right?

  • just did a yes38u a week ago.. I can I get this changed to a new plan?

    • +1

      Might still be in the cooling off period? Otherwise, might just have to appeal to their customer service and hope you get someone good.

      • Hi wreckedandjealous,

        It's hard to say without looking at your account. Best thing to do would be call our customer service department :) 1300835324, Option 4.

  • +1

    Postpaid? No.

    • Hi Lovbargain,

      We are a post-paid provider but that isn't a bad thing! For starters our billing cycle is always month to month and not 28 days. We also have some system features that might set us apart from some of the others you've dealt with:

      • Usage alerts are in realtime
      • We can block data bolt-ons. Once you reach 100% data it'll stop
      • We can set up spend limits on services to reduce bill shock.

      If you have any questions about any of these services don't hesitate to email [email protected]

  • +2

    Good plans with international packs only $5 per month on top of $16 or $18…. Amaysim or Boost mobile might come up with new plans to stay in competition

    • Hi Koolchamp81,

      We think this is the best part of our new refresh! Our customers are constantly asking for international packs like this so we hope we've delivered.

      • I agree , no doubt it's definitely best deal at the moment for international callers with $5 pack…next one with 5gb plan your plan and amaysim are same $30… Telstra network is a big plus for Telechoice and $18+$5 with 2gb is best at the moment.

  • No good for me, I have their $19/m including $550 calls domestic & international which is essential and more than I need.

    • You aren't wanting to save $3 a month?

    • Hi Jamesx,

      We understand where you're coming from and we won't make you change if you're happy with your old plan :) If you don't use the international calls on your plan however the $16 LIVE could save you a couple of bucks each month (which is what OzBargain is all about!)

      • if we are on prepaid and consume all included data , will data be unavailable until next billing or you guys topup with $10 data plan ? How data is charged ? per kb or mb or something else. Also , the new prepaid plans are for limited time only or they will stay .

        • Hi Koolchamp81,

          All of our plans are post-paid. By default it'll add a 1GB bolt-on for $10. There are other options however:

          • We can switch off excess bolt-ons so it'll stop your data for the rest of the cycle once your reach 100%
          • You can request the 2GB bolt-on for $15 instead.

          Data is metered in KB. These plans are a complete refresh of our offering and so don't have an end date. Hope that helps!

        • @TeleChoice:
          Thanks for your response. so we have the option to switch off the bolt-ons (account management or through tech support), Also, is the data charged per 1kb incremental or 10kb incrementals.. I am with Amaysim atm and the data charged is per 1kb incremental.. makes difference..

        • The easiest way to do it is by calling up our customer service department or using the live chat on our website :) Data metering is per 1kb so it'd be the same as what you get now.

        • @TeleChoice:
          Great .. Cheers

    • This is the plan I was on last year as well. Had to cancel and now I need to subscribe again but cannot find it on the website.

  • Have been a TC customer for 4-5 yrs (as is the rest of the fam), plans just keep getting better value. Never had a problem with service except Longreach where 4GX is, but Longreach didnt even have landline phones in the hotel room! Waiting for the day that telechoice comes of age with international calls/data roaming packs so dont have to use a local sim when OS

  • +1

    Great value for international calls to countries which are not on unlimited plans or included minutes on the other plans.

  • I've been with TC for a number of years and been mostly happy with everything, however, with the more competitive plans coming from Telstra etc. I had been considering a switch - these new plans might actually make me stay.

    @TeleChoice For the long term customers, is there any possibility of letting us switch to the no-lock-in plan at the 12 month plan price? I know this has been done in the past, and would certainly make for a great bargain!

    • Hi Finner,

      At this stage we don't have any sort of offers like that. Sometimes we have deals specific to existing customers (we had one late last year if you brought an additional service), I would say keep an eye on our Ozbargain page ;)

  • same deal for 12 months as 24month contract, well thats silly obviously!

    • Hi Srhardy,

      For the few people who want the security of locking in you can, but otherwise we primarily advertise our M2M and 12M plans :)

      • Obviously but damn, toss in some extra data to ease the pain of a whopping years phone free lock in!

  • Do you need to perform credit checks ?

    • Looks like you do. Skip credit check requirement - and Ill join you.

      • Hi r0nmac,

        We do credit check all of our applications - this is actually a requirement by ACMA for post-paid services

  • Can new customers sign up to your old plan $19 LIVE for $500 calls, unlimited text + 2GB data??

  • I signed up this plan plus the international call pack. The rep told me that it will take a day to activate the international pack. Then I received an email indicating the charge for Mar23 to Apr14 without the charge of international pack. Can anyone explain to me whether the international pack is effective or not?

    P.s it’s 2018 and where’s the telechoice app?

    • I just dial #159# because their website is terrible and as you've mentioned, no app!
      My advise is to use the live chat to ask about the International Pack, I find it faster.

  • Sounds good - I'm still in contract on one of my phone until late July - any indication when this deal expires?

  • Is this deal still available: Get 50% off the $35 or $40 plan for up to 24 months when you add a new service to your existing TeleChoice account.?

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