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SCA Torque Wrench - $25 @ Supercheap Auto


Found this in the clearance section of the SCA site today, looks like it would suit an at home mechanic looking to get into doing some slightly more serious jobs without paying too much. I'm sure the quality isn't up to professional standards but i'm not sure I've seen one this cheap before.

Hopefully it helps someone!

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    Excellent thanks, ordered 2, they will come in handy.

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    just some warning, it doesn't say what its made of, which is troubling, at least to me

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      The box is definitely made by PVC so it is a huge relief

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      chinesium alloy

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    no mention of torque range?

    • same question here….can anyone who owns one confirm?

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      it's 1/2 drive …. so probably the torque range will be too high for bicycles, I own 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" torque wrenches and they have a "sweet spot" in different ranges.

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      Looks like generic one I have.
      Made in Taiwan, 28- 210 Nm.
      Don't use it a lot, but for $25, reasonable for amateur use, especially wheels & other suspension parts.

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        Zooming in on the handle looks like 42-210NM, hard to be sure though.

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          Yes that's what it says on the packet.

  • What's the physical size of the wrench?

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      It looks like the one I got from Aldi a few years ago which is around 50cm long.

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      About 45cm. Bigger than I was expecting.

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        That's what she said

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          45cm? You'd never be able to wear shorts

        • @Agret: If you coil it up like I do, you can wear shorts

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    What is the normal price?

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      I think these used to be around $60? I know the toolpro ones are about $100 but go on sale for half price. So it's a pretty good deal if you need a torque wrench for non-critical things and you didn't get one from Aldi

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    Sounds like torque really is cheap

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      This is true but this one will hold your nuts and give them a good twist

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      today's internet winner!

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    That's cheaper than their breaker bar!

    • Which is what they do best.
      This size is for the big high torque stuff like suspension bolts. Not suitable for the engine.

  • I wish the 1500-3000NM torque wrench i bought last week was this price!

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      You could have just used a regular wrench. When your wrist bones go "click" and dislocate, you've gone too far. Just back it down a quarter turn.

    • Shittt what are you using that for Fincky?

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        Torquing up electric motors. Even with a 3 metre handle it takes 2 blokes to have it click and dislocate my wrists.

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          Why aren't you using a torque multiplier or a Hytorc?

        • Its just testing the torque level & boss likes the click haha.

        • Serious stuff. Do you use electric or air tools for fastening ?

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          @DannyBoy: Hand mostly, electric and air tools cant fit in most places.
          If it fits Air tools tho

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    None in stock locally and not worth the extra $10 to ship it.

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    None around me but if you happen to be in Alice Springs…

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    This looks ok for this price now, but Aldi has these for similar quality for $25 once a year.

  • Would this be okay for general car maintenance doing up sump/transmission bolts, etc?

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      Not if the tools lowest torque setting is 42Nm. These kinds of torque wrenches are most accurate in the middle of their ranges, and that's too high for many of the fasteners you'll be torquing.

      I have one of these and a 3/4" torque wrench. Together they cover most of the torque settings I need for my car.

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        Do you mean 1/4"?

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        • lol. I was thinking, WTF are you torquing up with a 3/4” on a car!

    • .. would this be handy for installing / replacing brake callipers, etc on a bicycle / road bike.. usually needs a certain tension ..

      • Almost certainly not suitable. What are the torque settings for the fasteners?

      • Never touch a bicycle with a wrench this size.

    • No, you will destroy the sump bolt with this it is way too big.

  • Thanks Op, grabbed one.

  • Thank you!
    Ordered one.

  • I picked a similar OEM one from Repco at "half price" for $50 back 4 years ago. I don't know how people work on their car without one!

    • because ugga duggas are close enough

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    These are the same as the Kingchrome torque wrenches that are normally $100 or so.Only difference is that they don't have the sticker on them that says 'kingchrome' or a box. So a good buy at $25.

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      I've had both. They look similar but are definitely not the same. Currently using an digital Snap on.

  • Looks the same as the one Aldi sell - pro's will say they're crap etc but if your choice is no torque wrench and doing up blindly vs this - it's the latter everyday.

    I bought one and sure it' might be 5-10% off on most readings BUT it's allowing me to be far more accurate with the pretty basic stuff I use it for - and thats $25 (Aldi was about the same price) well spent IMHO.

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    Worth remembering you can torque something up using a fish/luggage scale and a ruler.
    Torque is force by distance.
    An example is 20Nm - that's a force of 20 Newtons at a distance of 1 metre from the pivot point.
    There is 9.8 Newtons in a kilogram.
    20 divided by 9.8 = 2.04kg
    2.04kg at 1 metre = 4.08kg at 0.5m = 8.16kg at 25cm
    If I hook a scales onto my wrench at 25cm from centre of the nut and pull on the scales with 8.16kg then I tighten to 20Nm.

    This got me out of a hole when my torque wrench was out of range.

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      This got me out of a hole when my torque wrench was out of range.

      What, nobody had a ladder around? It would have been much easier than using a ruler.

      ok ok sorry i'll leave now!

    • If I hook a scales onto my wrench at 25cm from centre of the nut and pull on the scales with 8.16kg then I tighten to 20Nm

      I understand your logic here, but how exactly do you 'pull on the scales with 8.16kg'?

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        HAHA! Go to a fish shop and buy a fish that weights 8.16 Kg

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        You hook the scale around the shaft of the wrench at the designated distance from the centre of the nut (25cm in this case) and pull on the scale in a direction that is perpendicular to the shaft and will simultaneously tighten the nut at the same time until the scale reads 8.16kg - then you stop. Clear as mud?

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          you can also use a luggage scale. Who doesnt have one of these ? .

          does your kg for kg/cm and lbs for ft/lbs. can convert either to Nm using online calcs, but use kg/cm to keep it all metric.

          i use a luggage scale to torque my cars accessory belts and small torque values in lbs/in. Problems is i can never find it when I'm about to catch a plane.

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          But that doesn't add the weight of the scales which are also pulling downward adding to the torque.
          It may work more precisely pulling upwards or to the side when perpendicular to the torque wrench.

        • @chyawala: Only the hook would be added to the weight.

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          if you're into micro calculations, you would also need to add the weight of the scale ( negligible ) plus the weight of the torque wrench or a percentage of its weight based on the vector when the force is applied. 70% would be a good starting point.

        • @chyawala: The scale is generally calibrated to account for that. In either case the weight would be negligible.

    • I use this method. Works well when using Allen keys on the push bike. No need to buy in-hex sockets to adapt to the torque wrench.

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    Looks the same as my Aldi one I bought for $20 a few years ago I believe. Waiting for one of those to go on sale again.

    Mine has been great, but have started using it as a breakerbar and probably ruined the accuracy.

  • Blah, as always my local doesn't have stock. $14 postage busts it too.

    Good deal though

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    Cheap nut buster

    Definitely cheaper than a wife

  • I've been meaning to replace my Forester's steering wheel, hopefully this would help!

    Well, can't pick up near me, add another $9.95 delivery, not so good!

  • Bought one last week but local stores had no stock so had to get it shipped… It arrived but had a fair amount of grease. For wheels it's fine, but I'm not sure about using it for a head gasket.

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    Can confirm it is 42-210Nm. Increments of 1Nm. Kg.m as readouts as well.
    According to the box. It does not include any sockets beside the extension socket. It does however have 3 cavities for you to fill with your own sockets.

    • do you have 3 cavities for me to fill with my sockets ? ;) ;) ;)

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