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Melbourne to Manila $109 One Way / $167 Return - Cebu Pacific


Cebu Pacific are starting flights Melbourne-Manila and have a really great deal to start off.

Round trip should price out as:
MEL-MNL $109
MNL-MEL $57.99

Travel period: 14 August - 31 October 2018
Sale ends 3 March 2018

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  • +1

    Just beat me to it,
    Ok the hard seats and a few delays, but I don't think you can fly anywhere overseas for $167 return.
    Nice even for a weekender
    keep in mind the rainy season around the Aug Sept Oct months

    • -1

      My family will not fly with them. They have a habit of cancelling flights due to bad weather, or anything else. Hence, you miss your connecting flight and have to buy another ticket. Delays are common as well. In short, its another typical Philippines business that is super cheap and gives poor quality service. Philipinos love this airline because it is sooooo cheap. However, for a few more peso, you can fly Philippines airlines which is a bit better.

  • +1

    ….I just flew from Sydney to Melbourne return for $367 with Virgin Australia Craplines

    • +1

      yep, I flew my 3 kids one way from Melbourne to Bris in Jan. it cost more than the 4 return tickets to Beijing i used last year.

      • +4

        One way? Huge savings there if your kids didn't come back…..

        • unfortunately that was their return flight……

        • +1

          @altomic: oh dear :(

  • +4

    Flown Cebu before to Manila. Great Airline considering it's a budget one. No problems. Great price.

  • +1

    Hoping one day they do direct to Cebu.

    Great price.

  • Perfect. Been looking for a deal to Manila. Thx a lot OP 😊

    • What do you do there?

      • +1

        Corona, Palawan should be your first stop :) you'd be surprised how many foreigners go there from all over the world.

        • -2

          and what does foreigners going to a country have anything to do with the quality of the travel experience? You know you're somewhere good when you don't see people like yourself

      • +2

        Look for a wife.

      • +1

        Drug dealer shooting safari.

        • Give out some justice to the former president(s) while you are there. Duterte has started with the drug dealing scum….corrupt officials and politicians next.

        • -1

          @jovialjosie2002: Murdering politicians are the epitomy of corruption.

        • +1

          You obviously have no idea how corrupt the former presidents of the Philippines have been.
          Duterte is the best thing to happen to the Philippines in 100 years.

  • can any one tell me if there is direct Melbourne- Philippines route or just from Sydney? can't find anything from Melbourne any month

  • +4

    be aware of rain / flood season during that time

  • what is the best place to visit in philipines? is it manila or other places? where are the beautiful beaches?

    • +7

      Probably not Manila. Lol.

    • Palawan. Go there.

      Boracay is good but not as pristine as it used to be.

    • +4

      Angeles City is a must if you're going to Philippines.

      • Just don't take your wife or girlfriend :)

        • ;)

    • +1

      Google top 10 Phillipine beaches, do your research for family orientated or if your taking a partber or kid.
      I am living here in Manila for 3 years for AU company. Have enjoyed Bohol Island for two trips, Batanes Island right in the far north, Siquijor and Damaguete are also great. There are thousands of choices and probably a few hundred would be excellent trips.

      Also Manila is good if you know where to go and only for a few days/weekend.

    • +3

      Not Zamboanga or a lot of places in the south of Mindanao.

      I've been to some sketchy places but I never felt safe down there - even though I was heavily armed and so were my relatives.

    • Years ago someone (a foreigner) said that Manila was hell on earth. It caused a huge uproar. Locals were argueing whether or not it was an accurate discription…..most agreed that it was. I have heard Manila called worse names. When locals who live there tell you its horrible….it really is.

    • Just got back from a trip there, Coron in Palawan is incredible, and Boracay is good if you like partying/ night life.

  • -1

    Fk yeah!!! Melbourne to manila from 14th of August!!!

  • Can't find any flights at those prices

  • +1

    So tempting but Manila is a hole (slight offense intended :) )

    Sill gets an upvote from me though!

    • +1

      You don't have to stay in Manila, in fact I recommend leaving it. So many better places to go in the Philippines. Just get a cheap connecting flight to Cebu or something.

  • I can't find any MNL-MEL for $57.99 :(

    • Yeah went through every date not a single one.

      Either they have not loaded them yet or sold out.

  • +1

    Add $80 return with baggage.

    All economy A330. The flying zoo.

  • -2

    Just as well it's a one way ticket to Manila, cause you ain't returning when you go there…

    • +1

      I've been there several times without any issues.

    • +3

      The only protection you'll need is of the rubber variety.

  • Can't find any at the listed price.

    Possibly expired??

  • I think sold out, there were there for a number of dates when I was looking at about 3.45… spend 10mins trying to contact the wife then they were all gone when tried searching again

  • All sold out :(

  • their Anniversary Sale is around Mid April if you missed out on this

  • Still available just booked 18 to 27 Oct 166.99 Ret, this time for Palawan

  • I have travelled to the Philippines about 10 times now and have spent about a year in the country. I don't know why any conventional holiday maker would go there. Sure, its a paradise for older men chasing working girls who are hungry for $$$$. But thats about it.
    Hotels are expensive and the service is woeful. Try and find a hotel with a good, workable, hot shower. I stayed at a 5 star hotel in cebu once and the shower was like a water bubbler at a primary school.
    The food is disgusting, when locals tell you that McDonalds is the best restaurants in town….they arent joking.
    Corruption is insane in this country….good on you Duterte for trying your best to start cleaning up this place….it certainly needs it.
    The reason that i travel here so often is because my in laws live here. Every single one of them (9 kids in the family) is trying to leave as well……why did they all go to university? ?? So that they could get out of the country.

  • I've been to almost every Asian capital city, never Manila though. Lots of people here saying 'Manila is a hole/hell on Earth' etc. Could someone who knows compare it to say Bangkok for me? Bangkok could easily be construed as a dump, but I love it, so just wondering if it's a like-for-like 'hole'.. 😅

    • It is a bit of an exaggeration to say Manila is hell on earth. The main thing that makes it unpleasant is traffic. Because the PT is so inadequate, the only way to get around is by car. The other thing to understand is that what we call Manila is actually 12 cities all grown together, Manila being the name of one of them. As a tourist you can be flexible when to travel and so the traffic situation doesn't impact you as much. But if you're trying to live and work there, you can easily spend 4-5 hours a day stuck in traffic.

      Manila also suffered almost complete destruction in WW2, so unfortunately a lot of it's historical structures (with Intramuros being the main exception) that might otherwise be tourist attractions have gone. Compare that to Bangkok where there's a temple around every second corner. Finally the city governments are somewhat weak compared to the corporate interests which shows up all over PH as overdevelopment and in Manila specifically as a lack of green space.

      With those in mind, is there anything to like? It certainly is a very active city. As you'd expect for a city of 12 million there's plenty of nightlife, and too many bars and restaurants to count. There's lots of shopping, going to the mall is probably the #1 national pastime followed closely by karaoke. Food and alcohol costs maybe 1/3rd to 1/5th of what it costs here. And of course being the capital Manila is the easiest place to catch a plane to one of the many beautiful places in PH. The Philippines has 3 major domestic airlines plus a couple of boutique tourist airlines, so price competition is intense.

  • -1

    Wow I really enjoyed Manilla - we went to Boracay first and stayed in Manilla on the way home. Was really pleasantly surprised actually after a lot of worrying if it was safe to go. We enjoyed shopping at Greenhills and the hotel we stayed at was next a lovely shopping centre and lots of great food choices nearby.
    I can't wait to explore a bit more of the Philippines.
    If I enjoyed Boracay , where else should my family look to stay (2 adults and 2 children 8 + 5) ??

    • Palawan and/or Coron

  • I went to the Philippines a few years back to Coron.

    - The cheapest place I have been to in Asia and one of the cheapest countries in the world. A 700ml bottle of local rum is about $3. Restaurant meals are cheap as anything. You can live like a king for even less than Thailand or Vietnam.
    - Beautiful beaches that look just like the brochure.
    - Nice warm tropical weather
    - This was 3 years ago but they just don’t understand western tourism. They will build a 5 star resort next to a rubbish tip and not think that tourists don’t want to see it.
    - Service at restaurants was well-meaning but absolutely woeful. When you enter a restaurant and sit down you need to then approach a waiter to get a menu and then flag them down when you are ready to order. At the end of the meal they will leave you sitting there all night without bringing the bill unless you specifically flag them down and ask them. They have loads of staff standing around doing nothing because labour is so cheap but they will not use any initiative at all. At one restaurant I tried to order a main course, was told that the 2 options I wanted weren’t available (so ordered a third option that was) and then they brought me all 3 main courses and couldn’t understand why this was a problem.

    It’s a country with HUGE potential because it has hundreds if not thousands of islands with beautiful beaches and the labour costs are next to nothing but until they understand what western tourists want, need and expect I would recommend paying a tiny bit more and going to Thailand or Vietnam who have much better developed tourism industries.

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